How i set my build up we’re going to talk about the manual. There was a couple things that i did notice so we’re, going to give a couple of complaints about that and we’re also going to compare the 21 to last year’s 20.. So give you a little bit better idea versus just talking about it. We want to show you the differences and how it’s going to either affect or not affect you, depending on what kind of eraser you are so first things. First we’ll get some glamour shots. This was painted by designs by hicks here in town, so crushed it. As per usual, some blue pearl in the front end and some extra dots and things like that, so let’s get right into the build. So i used the saddle pack configuration so in this kit. You do get the dual 2s saddle pack shorties or you do get the other option, which is your just standard 4s. Everything that you see now on the new 21. Everyone does talk about how this really changes the car really makes it handle a lot better. So i decided to try it so we’re going to run it and the furthest back location for the battery themselves. You do also have the option, however, to run them uh, more forward mast and get them up in the middle of the car. So these inserts just unscrew so there’s, two bolts on the bottom of the chassis and you can see the nut – is still there and there’s one on the back side of the battery.

So one two one two so those two screws and then two screws on the bottom of those mounts so they’re super easy to move around and change uh. We use the hobbywing xr8 sct, speed control and a 1900 kv. T8 g2 kicking around uh. We use the the high tech d946 tw all aluminum case, titanium geared servo. This will probably get changed out sometime to the new s25. Eventually, the power hd but we’ll work on that after and then we have the futaba r334 sbse, so the antenna less, even though it has a teeny tiny little antenna there, so it’s closest to intentless, as you can get for the e cars um, but yeah. That was the build, it went pretty smooth um it didn’t really change a whole heck of a lot other than we bought the huddy servo arm. Everything else, however, is pretty much bone stock kit, so nothing really crazy there so getting into the build honestly it’s a typical x ray, build like 10 out of 10 quality the fit and finish on everything, it’s, absolutely flawless. The one thing i do want to mention, though – and this is just one that i noticed was in the manual they do always give you pill options right. So here we want the pill to the inside in the shock tower, but they never checked off if it’s, a 1 degree or a 0.5 degree, so you’re kind of guessing a little bit.

So it kind of sucks, because the other thing this leads me into is most other kits, do give you at least a box stock kit set up or this one it just doesn’t. So you really have to go online uh to the team x ray page to get that box stock kit set up to just figure out if you needed to use the 0.5 or the one. This kit does require the one. So, if you’re watching this video following along building your car, it does require the one all the way down to the inside, not the 0.5. So that was my one complaint there. Other than that, i would say the build was absolutely phenomenal. It was one of those builds where you start building and you get halfway through and you just look at the watch and it’s like oh i’ve, been here for two and a half hours, it’s, just an enjoyable, build everything makes sense, it’s, not frustrating all the parts You need are in the bag, you’re not searching for nothing, you’re, not hunting for nothing. Super super straightforward super easy. So i would recommend this kit to anybody. That manual is absolutely phenomenal, but now let’s get into the really big differences. So first things, first body again like we talked about in the unboxing videos, the bodies do change. So this is the new easy body looks very similar to some of the j concept shells. So it has kind of this nice swoop down the side to get air flow and get it to be a little bit more easy to drive a little bit easier to jump.

So, instead of having the channels down the front a pillars and over the roof, it has a singular vein down the middle, not quite as swooped in the back section. So if you look at this here, it has a lot of swoop. The easy body is actually quite flat, it’s much flat down, but it has that big nice chin on the back to get it up and on the wing to get your down force back that way. So, a little bit different windows look really sleek how they like tear drop back. So pretty neat i like it. This body was also done by designs by hicks, as well kind of a very similar design with the pearl and the underlays and stuff like that. But pretty sweet, so this is last year’s 20.. He actually did a saddle pack conversion on this car as well. This is what ty testament was running last year. All you have to do to make it work. Is there is a 3d printed block in here, as essentially like a brick holder? You do have to drill out the bottom of that uh plate, essentially countersink it and dalton the guy that 3d printed. This gave us two holes. I do believe to countersink into there. So it was pretty snug hasn’t moved around hasn’t, given them any grief, but this gets it a little bit closer to the weight of the nitro, which is the exact same option that this gives us as well.

So, moving on to the comparison now uh with doing the dual saddle pack, it is a new servo mount that only comes with this setup. You do get this setup as well in the box, so the bigger carbon fiber, radio, box, holder and servo holder all in one. The one thing i did notice is we both have the same honey, servo horn, but they do recommend using the second hole. I found it really had a high angle and it wasn’t completely square and parallel like i would want it to be, so i did move it out to the outside hole. So if you do have a shorter servo horn, i would highly recommend to maybe look at a longer one just to get that linkage a little bit more square. Keeping in the front end of the car, though the biggest change also is the upper deck. So you can see the center drive line is kind of on an angle on the 20.. It isn’t quite moved over as far and that servo brace is really really close to hitting the drive shaft on the new 21. They do move that over and they do actually square up the drivetrain. So the front shaft is actually much more square in the car for a little bit more efficient drivetrain. They also flip the motor around so instead of the motor being back on the back, half of the car is actually way up front and is using those two batteries to really offset its weight and keep that car balance.

50 50 left to right really. The other thing that changes – and this is a big one for some of the nitro – they kind of – were a little mad at this i’ve heard some mixed reviews, but mostly it’s a little bit angry on the new electric car. This is 100 electric only chassis. There is no swapping to a nitro. There is no nothing like that. You do get two center diff holes, so this hole that it’s currently in is obviously for the saddle pack design. This other orientation is going to be for the regular 4s design like this car would be. The other difference, though, is this car. It gives you the option if you ever did bend a chassis and you’re at a big race. You could swap chassis over to your nitro to your electric or slow clips over or whatever you want to do, and you could get by on a weekend on a big race using the same chassis in 20.. 21. Not so much so like. I said mixed reviews on that, but other than that there was very little changes um in the suspension stuff. The one notable change i will make is on the inside of the pillow balls. Here there is going to be the graphite i’m going to call them top hats um, i don’t think that’s what they’re called. I think they call them. Pillow ball bushings that are actually graphite on the 21.

. So, a little bit more longevity in that part plus it’s, not gon na like tear rip or it’s, not gon na, like groove up as quick as what the standard plastics would be other than that not really a whole heck of a lot has changed. The one thing i will say about any x ray build though easy super easy everything fits there’s, no filing there’s, no reaming there’s. Nothing like that. The arms for the pillow balls do come. Pre threaded, which is a huge win. I’Ve built some mugen’s and some team associated cars in my day and the upper and lower arms are not threaded and for anybody that has not threaded those. You have no idea how much of a struggle, but if you have threaded them, you know how much of a struggle it is all the rod ends are also pre threaded which again x, ray luxury, definitely there’s a reason for that price increase and it’s quality materials Fit and finish of the kit, but little things like that that just again make your kit build, go so much easier other than that that’s. What all i got so now next step, we are gon na go test. These out of the track race season is just around the corner, and we’re gon na see is the 21 actually better than the 20.. Everyone said the 20 was awesome, no need to update, but like we’re, going to lay it down on the track and we’re going to tell you the consumer, what we think is better and why so, if you like this video, you want to see more action.

You don’t miss it don’t forget to hit that subscribe. Button hit the bell to get notifications, so you don’t, miss it there’s, also going to be a 20 versus 21 nitro kit review, as well as a kind of head to head challenge. So we look forward to that yeah thanks everyone, so much for tuning in. We really do appreciate it.