But this is the yamaha viper sr, snowmobile rc, just uh doing a test right now and um. Yes, im gon na flip around the camera and were just gon na do a little track from right there. So here you get the power and then well go outside and test. It lets snap okay. So, as i said, this is an old christmas present that i got from two years ago: anyways heres a little drag Music that did not stop. Oh okay, okay, see right here, you like when im pinning it. You think it goes right away right, but when youre on it just spins, let me just take a closer look at this grip right now. Yeah it look its okay, its not bad. I feel like if i would get a modification, definitely modify the battery im. Just going to get into here to figure out if its a direct drive system, so yeah yeah, okay, it is its just a a geared sir, and inside of here you can see theres notches and it its just taking its a gear thing. It goes out straight and it catches the notches and catches onto them and turns it and yeah um. So this is a 24 gigahertz pro system, um and yeah. I really like the design of this because im a really big snowmobile fan ive written ive written some snowmobiles, but i really wish i hadnt, because i read one once and i loved it so yeah, but this is this looks like uh.

Look at that that doesnt really! Actually, that is a lawn track. You can see the ground clearance right there. So um yeah, oh well, test the back suspension, youre down the suspension, a lot youre, not gon na get grip at all front suspension test. Now. Oh thats! Really weird, like takes a doesnt retract, immediately Music. So when youre going on flat surfaces like this it, you can feel ive. I like yeah and its modeled off of a yamaha viper, which is cool because ive, because theyre really pricey sleds and theyre really cool. I, like them, theres a little dry fur too anyways um lets get outside with this, but first of all, im just going to um look at the dial right here. Ill show you that all right so were just running 959. Let me just read that, because you might not be able to see 959 with a good 7 000 rpm going zero kilometers route, yeah thats, how we ride anyways lets go test out the snow so its it rain its snow that rains so the snow isnt. 100. Good quality right now, its crusty, so uh crusty snow. I dont know how this is gon na go. I hope, because i havent driven this thing. Well, i drove it um two days ago that was before it rained so yeah all righty um ill see you guys outside see you guys outside sorry, okay, so were outside right now, and i just want to point this out – i was carrying it by the thumb Thing and it snapped off easy fix it, just pops back in comes over easily again.

This is three years old, so i can probably yeah. I can work with that alrighty now for some um this is gon na be really hard. One handed so just give me a second all righty. I figured out a system for me to be able to do this. Real, quick and, as you see this snow is crusty like you can hear that crunch too anyways yeah. Let them turn around and roll on. Sled on just float up, yeah, okay, here, okay, so im just gon na start out with the sidewalks – are actually really icy. So im gon na start out with this all right so far, its just floating on us, so yeah lets go okay. Turning on the snow seems to be kind of hard, but maybe let me get better weather a little bit better, all right, but well turn all right. I hear a snowmobile experiment right here: um rest in peace to my front skis because they are going to get probably demolished with this but yeah. Now my idea was: am i gon na go slow mo of course? Of course, im gon na go slow mo all righty put that on there. Okay, slow mo right now tell me what you think of these outdoor vlogs ive been just really bored in 14, so yeah anyways um. It performs fairly well.