Everything is really weird and very complicated in covet 19 times and so i’m happy to be here today and i’m, really happy that i can show you something very special because, as you all know, i’m a great fan of german companies like scalar th aside and all These companies they’re doing these great stuff. These straight arc attract action, stuff that i’m playing with, and today i did something i did for the first time so see what i got here. This is a parcel from very far away and, as you can see, this is not german at all. This is not a european company. This is a skid loader coming from china and i’m really excited to open this box. Together with you and let’s see what quality says, how good they, the people from chinese are today in building these little machines and i’m really excited to do this with you together. So i hope that you will enjoy the video have fun so now, let’s open the box, let’s get the knife and it’s really it’s, really weird. This package took over a whole week to come to germany and now let’s see if everything is well packed. So first impression looks good, oh my gosh, can you see it just? Let me check if you see everything in the best way so see isn’t this nice i’m really excited. This looks pretty good. As you can see, i ordered the already painted version and this rc model, this rc loader, is really a small one.

I don’t know if you know these bobcats they’re well known all over the world and now let’s get it out of the box it’s, not that easy. It fits in there very, very well, looks quite safe and now see this isn’t, this a beauty it’s really astonishing. It is really really well made um everything i have in my hands now is out of metal it’s really heavy. I don’t know how much it is, but it is, it is really heavy and you can see the hoses, the hydraulic hoses, the cylinders and it is for sure, a four wheel drive. You can open yeah, you can open the cabin there’s a lot space for the battery. It is by the way it is fully electric electric and there is a hydraulic system installed, as you know, from all the other rc trucks um and there’s a hydraulic pump in there, and we can – i guess, it’s right under this door here, the valves, hydraulic walls And the small tank, so this is really really nice. This is, i can’t believe it. It is so well done exciting. It is really exciting and, as you can see, i i ordered an almost uh fully installed model there’s, not a lot to do anymore. Just put the electronic parts in there and then after installing the remote control you can start playing with it. So what else is in the package so it’s the skid loader? Okay, the tires they look pretty awesome and very soft that’s good.

Can you see it they’re? Really soft, so you get a lot of traction. I guess great number one number two number three. The way this is the name of the company that builds this machine. I guess you can’t see it. It is the name. Is l x y, slash rc, but i will put the link in the description box below and the fourth tire yes, so let’s go on. There are the rims um, as you could easily imagine, out of metal, really nice good job, good painting by the way, really good, painting Applause and some more of these number three and number four so screws. Oh, my gosh look. Can you see these small screws? They are so small, i guess they are for the rims really cool some glasses. I guess they get. They come in here these glasses. Yes, some more screws, some bars um. I think they come on the on the rims they get on the rims some other stuff. I don’t know at the moment this is the this is the exhaust right. Let us check if i’m right or wrong – oh my god. Yes, this is the exhaust and it’s coming somewhere there somewhere here, okay, so what else is there some screws, some more screws, even tinier screws and, last but not least, some of it’s, true so what’s in here what’s behind here? Yes, what? What does a skid loader need? Yeah, it’s, a loader, so it needs a bucket.

This is nice and it is also out of metal, really cool, and this belongs somewhere like this, and you see it so in the end, we’ll be like this. This is really really cool. This is really cool. If i do, if i knew not better, i would never say that this is something not from a german production company well known company. This looks so good. This is the controller. These are the oh, my god, look at this detail at this level of beetle. These are the wipers, but they are not out of plastic. They are fully, they are fully out of metal. Can you see this with springs in there there’s springs in there. This is exciting, really really great i’ve, never expected it to be so great, so screwdrivers and some windows, some windshields, yes and a fork let’s check it Applause by the way. This is the name of the company l x y r c and everybody who is asking by the way i’m not getting any money for this video i’m, not getting any any uh payoffs or whatever. I just paid the normal price for it and by the way, when you check the price, this is another thing. When you check the price of this rc truck, you will not believe it, because it is so much cheaper that anything you know have known from my other videos. You must check it by yourself. This is just amazing, so this is a forklift, so you can use the skid loader.

Also, no, this is wrong. I’M. Just going this way, you can use it as a forklift. This is great. This is really great. So this was the unboxing of this little friend and i guess this will be my little friend. It is. I hope that you got a good impression. It is. It is really so nice and it seems to be so well built. It is amazing, i’ve, never expected being it so good. It looks pretty awesome and i’m excited looking forward to building in the electronic components so that in the end we can have a test run in front of the camera so that you get an impression. Does it work that well, as it looks, does it already looks so i’m really excited um yeah? This is the again. This is the forklift, and this is the bucket and yeah. I hope, my friend that you liked this short video. This was only the unboxing and there’s. Coming more just give me a few days to build in the electronics. I already have them uh on my table lying on my tail. I will show you what will be built in there and for sure i will operate this little ashley truck with my scale out commander remote control. So i will show you what is the best setup for this little guy. So, in the end, i hope that you had a lot of fun. Looking the unboxing, please all stay healthy, have a good time, have a good christmas time and hope to see you soon soon.