Oh that’s, cool that’s, like what you see out of the armor commercials, so it was like for the great nadas for reveal wow Music, Music. There. It is there, it is there. It is that was epic that’s, the most air we’ve ever gotten here. Oh my god, oh my gosh. I am here with the brand new arm italian yesterday we did a speed test to see how fast this would go so make sure you go check out that video, but today is the most anticipated video of the year. The arm italian tally on i’ve got some. This thing, i think, is gon na get some crazy air today and we’re definitely gon na test to see how durable it is. If it can survive bash mountain, it can survive almost anything for sure. Oh, and did you guys see the arma race car this past weekend? That thing looked awesome and i’m, just gon na say it for everybody arma uh? Why isn’t this out already where’s this race car? We all want it so just go ahead and make it all right, let’s go. We all get to kind of make fun of nate this week because he doesn’t really get to touch the rc’s because it’s my week it is abby week i’m jealous Applause, Applause. It’S, awesome thing is a power sliding beast: oh man, i’m jealous this thing is crazy. You ready to hit bash mountain waterproof, nice there’s, a butterfly it won’t leave me alone.

It landed on the camera. You guys can’t, even see it look out there. It is there’s a little butterfly it’s landing on the camera. All right, let’s hit bash mountain. Look at this like crevice, whoa, whoa, nice, nice, nice – that was cool. A couple kids on dirt bikes were here a couple nights ago: wow that’s the first vehicle to make it up this section. You did it i’m, not going all the way up, yeah. That was amazing. That was honestly amazing. That was like so easy, perfect. No, no vehicle we’ve had has ever made it up here. Yeah. That is sliding away bad it’s cool though okay let’s do bash mountain. Well, it made it up there. I guess we’re done! No! No, no, no, the new arm italian up bash mountain. I just saw tree destruction. I wish i was up there too. That was amazing. Oh it’s, still in one piece, yeah whoa, i just saw my live splash before that was insane Music had to join abby. You guys were missing all the good angles. I think steep yeah bash mountain this place is nuts. I cannot be held liable if this hits you in the face. Okay, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, Music wow. You did not need to hit the brakes, but you still landed it. This is a beast it’s crazy. So i love the vortex. The armored vortex because it’s a 3s beast, but this is like it’s double power, kicking the pants off the vortex.

There you go. You almost hit the brakes in time, man i was gon na pick for my week. I think i was leaning toward the creighton 6s really well. This is better than the crane 6s. I think so and so i’m really glad this came out just in time. For my week, oh this thing kicks up guys. This is wild. Whoa, come on flip over flip over well you’re, going down the hill now well. This is a lot higher up the hill than abby thought. Unfortunately, she’s got it happy week, Music hold on to it. Ride it down the hill. Oh, hey: hey, hey whoa! Oh there it is yeah! Oh Music. No, oh man scares me. Oh, that was bad wow when i say v right at the last. Second, i don’t mean that my face. I can’t tell you how scary that is into the giant tree. Can you spot the rc check it out there? It is in its natural habitat, at least when abby drives it. No, that was inches away nice man every time you land upside down. She can’t see it geez. That thing is crazy, wow you’re still upside down, though you’re coming up here. I i think i’ve broken our rule of three about 20 times now. Oh my gosh, i didn’t know that was coming it’s abby week. Did i let you drive yesterday so what’d? I drive speed test yeah. You already forgot it’s like the drift king it’s fun.

Oh it’s, powerful, yeah wow! Look at that like a scene out of a movie it’s awesome. Okay, all right! Okay! I don’t want to die Applause. Oh first, try in the bushes took it easy on the throttle at the top. All right you showed me, it can be done. You can land it. It can be done. I am not good at landing, but you got better air. I do get better air sometimes go, go, go, go, go that’s, not bad wow! You like kicked off the back. That was crazy, nice very, very nice, all right one more here and then we’ll hit the big part wipe out. You still landed it yeah. This thing likes you, it might be mine, even though it’s happy week. I might inherit this one as my own well just because i didn’t make it all the way to the top. I want to see you get air at the top you’re, just like bouncing you’re like bunny hoppy. Here we go, i can do it i’m gon na throw you in front of me no see when you throttle up too hard. Please tell me he didn’t break my Applause vehicle isn’t that fun look, how much? Where did it go? Where did it go for a second, oh, my gosh fire. This is awesome. This is so awesome. Look at that that’s, like i think my camera is just a blur now i think you broke my camera. Look at that! Look at it.

Oh that’s, cool that’s, like what you see out of the armor commercials. It was like for the great nadas for reveal that was pretty cool. Do it again, that’s fun, man, that’s cool, sorry, wow, go go, go so weird to just drop it, but so cool too watch out watch out in the tree. Oh, i think i got more air than you said. It went up off the trees. I just got a mouthful you’re dangerously wild with us. I like it it’s, never a good ramp unless you end up in the tree up here, yeah happy week’s. Turning out to be pretty fun, okay, don’t die. Please don’t, kill me. Oh sorry, too much tree. I meant to go right. You guys see all this dust. Oh the poison, ivy. Oh there, it is it’s on the ground right in poison, ivy! Oh, look! You guys! These are blackberries not ready. Yet right. Okay got ta, get my lines down Music there. It is there. It is that was epic that’s, the most air we’ve ever gotten here, so you guys went all the way over there it’s right there. Oh my gosh! Well, that was cool. I was a little bit intimidated on that one just because of our last ramp Music, the dust every time that kicks up with it wow was it doing that when i was ramping, yeah that’s wild, you ready. Oh, my god, you went higher than that. What kind of tree is that maple sycamore, you went like all the way up here.

It’S in the woods, yeah have fun with that thou. Who does that retrieves that ist and tons of poison ivy everywhere? I don’t even know how you fit back there. I don’t know how it got so far back in there. It looks like it’s in one piece: yeah not broken slammed into a tree. You got, you got a leaf on your head. Let’S. Do this again! Oh my gosh, oh, i thought that would be fun. Looks like you’re going back in the jungle last one. Oh, my gosh did that go over my head. I felt like it went over my head. I can do better than that for a last one right. You still have a leaf on your head. Okay, this is the last one here we go all right: don’t break don’t, break don’t, break that’s, okay, that’s, okay, i’ll! Take that the air is crazy. Someone come trim these trees for us. Please well. I’M. Honestly, just tired of pulling this thing out of the woods look at the new edition. Now, that is a good sign of a good rc guys. The brand new arma talion, i just want to say italian, like a horse, is a stallion that’s. What i want to say, but you know maybe it’s the talion i don’t know 6s. This thing looks mean aggressive. It is awesome. It gets 53 miles an hour right out of the box. If you don’t believe me, go watch our speed test with an upgraded speed.

Pinion gear, you can hit 70 miles an hour, that’s what it says and that’s quick, and i would not want to go any faster than this looks like our body took a little bit of damage right there, not too bad that’s, probably from hitting the tree, but Other than that and we’ve had some fun. I hope you guys are enjoying happy week i’m wrapping this up just because i’m, the one that launched it into the trees. I guess i have dirt in my eyes right now: yeah you have protective eyewear sure this will be linked in the description box below if you want to pre order, one of these or, if you’re, watching this months after it’s been out and you can buy them. If they’re in stock, good luck, we’ll have a link in the description box below. If you use our link, you help support our family and our channel and we are forever grateful we’re, also massively thanks to god for giving us a beautiful day to drive. This awesome beast of an rc on and a huge thanks to our patreon supporters, because you know we couldn’t do our channel without you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, we’re a little behind on stickers. Those will be coming out your way very soon. Super sorry. For being behind, but uh we’ve prioritized content like this, while we’re getting those stickers out so i’m. Sorry but i’m. Also, not sorry. In a way, we love our patreon supporters.

You guys are the best we’ll. Have the speed test.