The head with some common sense that doesn't seem to be so common anymore. I don't know why. But i've had so many people write to me and say: listen i've, seen your family being used in an advertisement on tick tock on facebook on another website like instagram or just a web domain, that you've never heard before and they're using our images to sell radio Control hobby products, my friends, i have never done anything outside of youtube uh to the date of this filming. I don't endorse products in ads. I don't go and pay for these instagram ads or whatever i never have. Everything i did was organic and i earned every single spot but i'm telling you right now. I didn't do that by being stupid. Yes, i made some mistakes, but i learned from those mistakes and one of those mistakes being is not listening to other people i'm telling you right now that there are some bad ass scams going on. Look at this. This is on my facebook, okay and i'm. Only bringing this up because i brought this up before and people have missed it look. I found this on facebook and i know uh. It is a scam and they're using my kid to make it look good, that's. True, look at this. It looks like it's from overseas, but that could be complete bs. This could be just from a website. That'S that's made to look like that. Let'S keep going here, here's another one here.

What what is this a complete waterproof and fireproof rc tank? Are you kidding me full metal this? What are they offering for like 69.99 here's, one here, i'm, not sure what you can do, but someone is stealing your again and using it to get people into buying products. Well, here's. What happens? Okay, you're gon na get that product i've argued with people in the comment section i've tried to go out and warn people when people share this stuff with me, there's literally nothing i can do. I can take the 10 minutes. It takes to go through facebook. Copyright complaint and do that whole process yeah i do but there's only so many i can do in a day and when it gets past a point there's nothing i can do except make an alert for you guys because i'm, not the only youtuber. This is happening to. There are other industries that are being affected and tons of other people being uh uh, ripped off by whomever it is behind the secret curtain. Right it's, like the wizard of oz, whoever's behind the curtain, is pulling the strings and you guys are falling for it. If something is too good to be true, if somebody is offering you something, that is a amazing deal, guess what a cliche is a cliche for. A reason it probably is too good to be true, you're going to get ripped off, you're going to say i'm going to send it back.

Okay, i'm, going to send it back. If i get it, i argued with people in the in the comments section: yeah i'm, going to order it anyway and just see what happens. That'S, your fault that's, your fault, that's, totally on you, and i warned you and then you're just perpetuating it by sharing this ad or putting it on my facebook, like you're, alerting me to something that's: new, no it's, not new and yeah. Thank you to the people. Trying to help out my family and look out for me, but there's literally nothing. I can do except make another video that will get low views unless you help me share it, to alert people to the fact that i don't endorse any of these companies trying to rip you off. Can you get that in your head? Get the word out to other people. Thank you very much and i'm. Sorry to be this way, but it's, just starting to piss me off that people are so stupid.