My name is Aaron Baraka for those that are new to the channel. I am the creator and host of rcadventures. My show focuses on the radio control, hobby and all of the fun and Wonder and excitement that we've discovered that it has to offer with more than 900 videos a hundred of those videos being viewed more than a million times each I've picked out. Some highlights to make a short demo reel to see if you would like to become a subscriber, follow along and come along and rcadventures. Hopefully, you enjoy these clips. Okay, I'm working on my traxxas summit, just doing a little maintenance here and I was using some cow, RC, Moo clean or forming Lee, formerly known as mooder cleaner, the DJI inspire 1, such an amazing looking machine and my son. This is my son Morris Takimoto. It felt I wouldn't mind a little bit more flex from my driveway of the day, how's that going wide surface area on those 2.