I finally get to start YouTube. Gold here are four long. I beams two smaller I beams and then these two little stubbies right here got a picture up where I can see the base plate. I can almost see that the the I beams fit right over the holes on all four corners. They'Re gon na have two levels to it. This is the motor mounting plate right here, which is going to go up on that second level, and you can even see I've got some cross, brace straps right here so enough, chitchat, I'm gon na start bolting it together. Music Applause, Music – all right here it is the next day my buddy Steve, had to come by what's up dude have a look at the new shaker for our gold mining plant, and I finally got everything together. Everything is hooked up. The cover plate is on the motor the belt is aligned. The only thing I noticed is that the springs are kind of bending under the weight a little bit just on one side which isn't too bad this whole unit now, of course, just resting on these springs. Coming down the wire the motor here on to the back right into the side into the control box here, I'm gon na, I can turn it on for you guys, we're gon na use it in a few minutes. Take it outside and see what it really does. As a variable controller – and here it is – you can't see it very well, I'll turn it down, so you can see it shaking as much as we can very difficult to see, but you guys will see it when we get some dirt into it.

In a few minutes Steve you worked with sheet metal before. Can you tell me a little bit about what you see in this unit like what's it made out of how is it welded together, you know yeah, it does look to be powder coated like the paint on it's, exceptionally good. I can see in some areas the welds don't look super strong, but as you're saying, if you over welded this material, it would make it more weak. Yes, so three three shoots for the separated dirt come out and a slot at the bottom for the pay dirt to come out. I'Ve got a small sluice box that I'm gon na be setting up here for the water tray but Steve. I think we should take it outside and put a bucket of dirt in it and see what it does yeah as it shakes it's gon na start getting more okay, so I know that every shaker is gon na be attached to a wash plant so I'm, taking Apart my old highbanker and getting the sluice box ready, we're, just shortening it up right now, okay, so what should happen now is I'm gon na fire up the excavator we're going to after we hook up the power box. Of course turn it on. We should be able to see the dirt shaking and actually separating as it comes out with what we call you know, pay dirt coming out through the bottom again, no watering system set up right now.

This is only like a mock set up. We still have to build in the piping system, but I'm thinking a PVC setup should be pretty simple, cost effective and easy to hook up to a hose Music Music, Music Music. What do you think that's? Pretty amazing machine? Okay always find the cool stuff to put on rcadventures to you. It works so well. It starts the four different sizes it's amazing. How find this is here, this pay dirt. Look at this! Look at that. So if I had a washer that was springing down here, moving all this dirt over the riffles over the separators into the miner's moss underneath, I think this this could definitely be a part of YouTube. Gold has very high potential to actually grab gold mmm. Next, we get to look at what was, in the other box there's a giant snake at the mine he's trying to go back home holy cow. He wants out of the heat right now. I think we should help him out, since we have all this different anger. Good, hey just go ahead and put it right back on him.