Boss What's up Well, I have little bit of an idea: here. Boss, What's the idea But you're the boss man, so I just want to run it by you.. I think we need to stack a little bit of pay over here, Boss Yeah., so we can have a hoe feedin'. This conveyor. Boss, Yeah. That's, also gettin', fed from that conveyor. Boss, Yeah., So it'll feed this conveyor to feed the splint. Boss Yeah up to the I like that., Then we can shake it and clean it.. How full is that pawn? Do we know We'll have to check it out., Because if we've been missing any gold it's, definitely in those tailings. You've got about a quarter. In there I think. Boss, A quarter eh Yeah we've got a ways to go. Yet. Boss, We're gon na, have to re wash that. Joe. I like the idea. I like how it goes. Together., Mikal, Hi. Boss, Welcome back man., Yup., Boss, Kev. Hey. Boss, You ready for another day of gold. Oh hell, yeah. Boss Looks like we're gon na finally get a little color out here, if not a little bit of rain, so let's get some pay. Movin'. We'll get the plants fired up and move some dirt yeah Joe Awesome. Boss, Mikal. Your job today is to take one of the dozers, maybe with Kevin come down. I need a new road cut into the side of this to go down here, to the cut that we want to start.

Once it dries out. We want to start gettin' all the pay. Outta here. Make sense Right, on., Boss Rooks. Can you use this colander strainer for the pump Yeah.? Maybe we can have spaghetti later, too., Boss, laughs Everybody likes pasta., Um Boss, We can put it in here.. We'Ve got a problem though.. Why? How do we hook the hose up Boss? Oh yeah., Just hold it tight. Does Gem know you robbed her kitchen though. Boss, Shh we're gold, miners. Okay. Boss. I need there's no battery in this saw.. Oh there's, no battery at all. In that. Boss, Oh that's, not gon na work.. Okay, now, like I said just say, still. I could use a smaller blade. Yeah you could. Boss Right. Do you need a vasectomy, That's, loud. laughs, It's, a little loud. Boss, grunts All right. Hit it 5050.. Boss, 5050 done That's, good. Boss, Good luck to us., Good luck. Boss, Three two. That's good.. It was a little terrifying, but hey we did it. Boss, See anyone can do gold, mining. Absolutely., I didn't say it. Boss. Oh, you should., I did not say it. Boss, It's true., We're, just gon na tape. The pump down there. Boss Not brought to you by Gorilla Tape, the most powerful tape in the world.. My opinion only. machine running machine, running overpowering speech, What connector, Uh, yellow big. Boss, Hey wait. A second come here. Turn around.. Your hard hat is cracked.. How are you supposed to be safe with a cracked, hard hat It's, just the condom on top.

Boss, Better tape that up. Make sure you're safe., Yup. Boss, Full load of pay from the cut. We've got two guys in the cut right now, ripping it up with The dozers. He's got ta, get all the way up to the top. machines running Good luck. That's, a nice Volvo.. Oh nice, Risking pay all day. machines running The rocker crusher is very heavy.. Hey who left the hoe in the way Krazy Joe Aww come on Boss Track hoe, come on., Careful, dude., Don't tip the pay. Whoa whoa whoa, be careful man, Rookie You're, not gettin' around that hoe. Krazy Joe You watch me. machines, running Boss, We're gettin', our pay Out because we're down to bedrock pretty much right, here. Alberta bedrock for us. New tracks. Check out these tracks.. I did a video on these installing these the other day on the channel.. These are actually steel tracks cast steel with they're a little bit wider than the original tracks that are there. Plus they have those clearance holes in them. This one over here you can see no clearance holes in the tracks.. What he's doing right now is starting to cut a line down the side, so we can get a road in down the side of that hill. Krazy Joe. Do you think I should just park this crusher right here in the way for now Boss, Yeah there's fine.? I don't really see it in the way., Not like the track.

Hoe was in your way. Krazy Joe. Well, you know. Boss. You know one good favor deserves another. Krazy, Joe That's right. That's. Just what I was thinking. Boss, Wait: aren't you, the guy loading So you're in your own way.. I think I'll have enough room. machines running Boss; First scoop of pay, comin' up. Joe's on the loader.. Oh man be careful. You don't want to dent the hopper. We're, not pullin' enough gold to even repair it.. You never know you could be diggin' dirt all day for months and then just three inches over. You could hit a new streak, a gold vein and be payin'. All your bills. That's, what we're lookin' to do here. You'll, see we've moved the hopper up now so we're, not gettin' any pay. Lost. machines running Getting to the end of the conveyor through the grizzly bars down to the auger. dirt falling on metal And to the screener. machines, running It's, sorting it out and spittin' it down, here., Crazy. And, of course, down to our final catch., Any gold that We missed goes into this container and underneath there is a pipe that goes down and feeds up our pond feeds our pond down. There. Looks like I need to give it a bit more water., We're gettin' a little low right, now. Everything's movin', though all the pipes are full, so it's, not a surprise. machines, running Mikal, gettin' down deep there. Amazing in what he's doing.

You know, we've been about 14 days accident three hey., Oh great job, Rookie, Hey., Boss, Great job., Rookie, Whoa., Boss, Great job., Were you lookin'? I was but not fully. Boss. Look at this Kevin grunts Rookie. What happened? Boss She's in the mud. There's, no way., It's straight down. Rookie. How do we get that out? Krazy Joe Hey, I think you can sling a chain around it and pull it. Back. Boss, No way., Rookie, No chance. Boss, No way. Nope. Shut her down. Rookie Shut her down. Boss, Great job Kev. Thank you. Boss. Did you just thank me, I'm being sarcastic. Yeah., Yeah, I'm being sarcastic too. Krazy Joe You're fired. I'm fired., Boss, You're fired., You know what Demoted. Go and watch the pump. Give me this. Go watch the water pump.. Do you think you can get this out? I'Ll giver' a try. Boss. I need you to take a second and come out of the cut. Shut. Her down. Shut her down. Rookie, Not you! You were supposed to Boss, Not you You're supposed to watch the pump. Rookie Stare at it. machines, running Boss. I was hoping to get some gold today.. I just want you to hop on the controls for this one, lift the blade and try to drive it out across the soft stuff here. I know.. I thought we were gon na get gold today.. You know can't run with this kinda stuff, goin' on., Boss, K, he's gon na try and lift that blade.

See. If you can push forward at all. Mikal, Oh he's, buried in there good. Boss, You can't move forward eh Mikal, Nope. Rookie, But then the dozer operator Kevin Let's. Do that chain. That's, a good idea. Let's do the chain and then, as maybe I can pull you back far enough Mikal. So the blade comes up., The blade will come. Up. We'll wrap them around the rippers yeah. Good.. Do you wan na chain it up there bud Sorry about the mud there Joe. Yeah? Well, it is what it is. Boss In three two. Go forward. There you go. Now go backward. Yeah. I can't believe we're pulling it Krazy, Joe Crap it's workin'. Boss. This is amazing, Come on Krazy, Joe Yeah Boss. Yes, sir Krazy Joe machines, drowning out speech, eh Thank you.. You just saved Kevin's job.. It weighs 63 pounds just by itself. Krazy Joe Good job, bud. Boss, Yeah, good job. Uh, so dozer number, two back to the cut.. Actually let's switch you guys, up. Let's get you on the road. Kevin bro, it happens. Back up on the cut. Thank you. Boss. Oh it's beautiful. machines, running Rich soil., Straight down, genius. machines, running Mikal, kickin', butt on the road here, comin' down. Looks like he might have a hydro, problem. Might've just been a fuel problem.. You guys can't see it, but this incline is impressive. machines. Running Building a road right into it., I love it. machines. Running Keep up the pace.

Boys YouTube, Gold, baby, cheers Yeah, more pay, all day. machines, running It's, a nice pace, we're goin', at. Nothin', but dirt today. Beautiful., Look at this. Round and round. She goes.. How much gold, Nobody knows. machines, running machines running Okay, so we used to have a conveyor right here that would convey all these heavier tailings, but instead what we're gon na do is just collect it up and then we'll just run it through the table. Later. machines running Krazy Joe, I frickin' love these toys. Boss, It's an amazing hobby, eh Krazy Joe. This is so much horn, honking, fun., Boss, It's, an amazing hobby. Krazy Joe Once you get good at it, like Boss, You're, actually running a mine site right, now., laughs, Krazy, Joe Conveyor, down. Boss, Where Over there. Main one. Boss, Aww. Krazy Joe Who's, watchin' it Boss. How much pay I've got ta change the battery. Boss Kevin. I thought you were also watchin', the conveyors, Not today. That's, the two guys loading., Not me., That's, the cause. Krazy Joe. I have my three four mumbles Boss. Well, what would you do if you were foreman? What would you do? He'D get written, up., It's okay.. It was just a battery. Boss, Just a battery Back to work., I think maybe he's overreacting.. It was just a battery.. Nobody needs to get written up. Here., Hey hey., That's down time. Krazy, Joe It's, one conveyor. It'S one conveyor. We didn't lose any pay.

, They got, it figured out., We're, running. Kevin, And yet you gave me horn honks for a motor blowin', the other day. Krazy, Joe Hey, who put the dozer where Hey hey.. I already got my butt chewed. Boss. Are you gon na? Let him talk to you like that? Listen! Do you want to get demoted back to runnin' the pump again Boss, You don't wan na be written up. Kevin No. Krazy, Joe That's true.. You may get written up. Boss. This is amazing. machines, running Okay., Let's shut, her down. Shut, her down. Krazy Joe Shut her down. Shut. Her down the boss, says boys. Boss. You got one last load. Wrap up what we're doin'. Good day's work, today. Whoo. Krazy Joe Come on. I don't want to wait for the Boss: Hey, hey, hey hey., Krazy Joe. I just need one scoop to keep going. Boss. We'Ll get you pay we'll get you pay.. You can't take his. Krazy Joe Come on. I just need one scoop. Boss. You got ta play nice. Come on now, don't damage the equipment. Hey, Who sprinkled pay all over the road Krazy Joe Wasn't me. Kevin Wasn't, me. Boss, Who put pay up and down the road laughs; It's, not pay it's, just gravel. Boss. This is pay.. You put it on the road. No, that came from the sand. Pile. Kevin He's been throwing away the pay. Boss That's the pay pile.. I thought that was the sand pile.

I could've swore that was the sand. Pile.. Are you sure, Boss Kevin having a redemption moment? Here. Except he doesn't, understand that he had to back in here with this truck. Ahh. Kevin. I think we needed a longer trailer. Boss, Yeah you needed to back in. Krazy Joe Yeah. You need to back it on Kev. Kevin Yup., Krazy Joe. I guess we should've told you that at the beginning. machines running Boss, Now Kevin's gon na find out that this is not the trailer for this truck. That's, not gon na work. machines running You got some tires to put under there, Boss, What's goin' on. Oh, we ran through a lot of mod today. Boss Lot of lipo Lot of lipo. Rookie. We burned up a lot of fuel. Boss, Yeah Gens Ace, always up to the challenge, though man. I'll be able to recharge these no problem.. All of these goin' through batteries. There's Gens Ace over there. Rookie That one's dead, too. Boss, Yeah of course. Rookie, The digger actually killed a battery today. Boss. For the whole time we were runnin' pay, guys., Rookie, Yup. Krazy, Joe Awesome. Boss, Epic day. Krazy, Joe Awesome. Boss. Are we ready to go see how much we made Krazy Joe Team Gold Boss, Bring it in Kev.? You too, Mike. Let's, go see how much we made. Boss Shut her down. Krazy Joe It's, much quieter, isn't it Boy, oh boy., Boss By a decibel., laughs, Kevin It's, much quieter.

, Boss, laughs, Rookie how's, it look in the mats. It looks awesome, today. Boss! Oh, I like hearing that., Look at this., Look at this., Just everywhere. Kevin, Oh wow., Boss, Oh it's, speckled, eh. Rookie, This one too. Boss, Oh nice.! Well, we were just movin' pay like it was a well oiled machine, today., Anything up there There's one speck, eh Rookie Yeah, not much in this one. Boss, That's disappointing., But this is the secondary one. Rookie. This is the secondary one. So this is the primary Boss. Look at that. Rookie And you can see all of it. Boss, It's just beautiful., So we got the new screeners in here just so. We can classify the aggregate a little bit better while we're washing the mats.. This goes in here. We'll bring the mats in wash it right in there., So each one has a different mesh size, all the way down. You can see the mesh gets smaller and smaller before the finds hit. The bottom.. That way, when we use the shaker table that we got from we'll be able to have it go across the table and separate properly, and then we should have more gold or an easier time getting it than we were.. So let's wash it out. Boys. cheers. Come on. Get that mat done and let's go.. We got three boxes here to get done. Boss, Rookie come over here. Krazy Joe Come on hurry. Up.. Are you done yet Boss? There, you go.

Krazy Joe Here let's go., Okay. So this is the shaker that I'm talking about.. We should've run this just a little bit longer to get all these other heavy's down here.. It all gets washed up here and comes down. Now. Last time we had a conveyor that took it out to a small dump truck., But now that we have the table and the ability to run all this stuff across in case we're missing anything now we can wash this.. Do you see That's the way it should be done. Krazy Joe Get this stuff through on the table. Boss? Hey, hey hey., You don't have to be so hard on them. Man., You're, gon na scare them away. Hey, come on.. We got ta get this gold goin'.. Come on. We've got lots of work to do. Rookie Last season. This is where Joe found the biggest nugget.. Ah, this is the tailings Rookie Was in that. Off the shaker. Rookie. It had fell off the shaker.. I don't know how we've been not doing that, but we just didn't have the ability to run it., And now we do. Rookie. We do now. Boss, Yeah there. You go. Rookie, Start to peel it on the side. Can't. Let these rookies do anything. That's it. water flowing Go right across it. Water flowing stones, swishing around Boss, Keep'er goin' yup. stones, swishing around That's right., Spread it out.. Rookie Whoa. cheers Krazy Joe, Oh my god, Boss.

Look at that Rookie Whoa. Boss. I guess it's Rookie! I'M scared. Boss Go ahead, take it buddy. laughing Boss, Holy cow, laughing Kevin Yeah Boss, Oh my god, that is the is that bigger than last years Rookie We just made our season Boss, No way., Krazy Joe. Oh, I don't know if we did but that's huge. Rookie, But that's amazing., Krazy Joe, That is bigger than last time. Boss Holy cow. Rookie, Oh I'm, so glad you got these. Boss. We are gon na have to put that Rookie And that was in the gravel at the end. Boss. And how long have we been throwing Rookie Again. Again. Wow Boss, So we should've been processing that the entire time. Krazy Joe Yup. Boss, Uh, oh laughs, Rookie? Well, we're startin' over. Boss, At least we have a lot more to go. Krazy Joe We're catching all the tailings. Now at least. At least now we're gon na get all of the gold right Boss. We were making road out of this. Krazy Joe, Hey we're processing. This now. Boss, Nice. Rookie Yeah Joe, was makin' road out of it. Krazy, Joe Okay golden roads. I guess. Boss, Nice job., Rookie. Well, they say the road is paved with gold. Boss. There we go. Rookie, Not lyin' here. Boss, Nice. Rookie. I thought I saw something. Shiny., Boss, Wow it's heavy man. Krazy Joe. Maybe I screwed up there. Oh that's, awesome. That's, bigger than last year's, I think.

Boss. Is it Krazy, Joe, Oh I'm, sure it is., Boss We'll have to compare. Krazy Joe I'm sure it is., Boss, That's beautiful dude.. Rookie, Are we done with this? One then move onto the next? Is that how this works? Krazy Joe mumbles is behind the wheel. plastic rubbing against cement Boss, So the gold is in the bucket for the final count. Wheel of fortune is ready to rock and roll. Our buckets right. There. Three buckets full. Rookie That's, good that's, good., Boss, Yup fire. It up. Rookie Plugged it in. Boss: Oh not plugged in. Rookie, Now it's plugged, in. Boss, Now it's plugged in. Firing it up. Yup. machine, running Beautiful., Rookie, Whoo., Boss, Okay, so up and running with the table here from Pay stone. Creations.. This huge shaker table helps us separate the gold from anything.. You shouldn't really need to hold this here.. It should just go into the shoots., But for the finer stuff, if he sees it. Rookie. Just if you see any gold. cheers Boss, Aww nice, Krazy Joe, And you got a pan full of rocks. Boss. Don'T touch the table. Don'T touch the table, You're not supposed to touch the table. Man., You get the oil from your finger on there. Rookie Where's, that where are those paintbrushes Boss Right there right there. Nice. Holy cow. Rookie. This is ridiculous. Boss, We've lost so much gold. Rookie. We need to go pick up every piece of rock in the yard and wash it.

laughs, Oh. Boss groans. Look at this. Kevin. What is that Boss, Oh. Kevin? Look at that that's weird.? What is it Rookie? It'S, not gold. Boss, Get it get it. Rookie Where's. The paintbrush Kevin Get it. Boss, That is gold. Kevin, That is gold. Rookie, That is gold. Here's, just push it over to the side. Boss. Holy cow hold on., Good eye. Right, there. Rookie There. It is yeah. Boss, Holy cow., Rookie, Perfect. Krazy, Joe It's, okay, it's okay. Boss. There we got it., It would go in there, anyway. Krazy Joe. I got it. Boss Holy cow. Krazy, Joe Okay. We got that mumbles Boss, Okay, wheel of gold. Should've rinsed. All that out, first. Krazy Joe Bunch of rookies. Boss Here this is the stuff that we just had from the first wash. Let's have a look. Krazy Joe Right, away., Boss, Aww there, it is. Krazy Joe That looks like gold. water flowing and machine running Boss, Big Gold. That's what I like to see. Come on: let's see. This'll, be where the nice stuff is. Yeah, there's a piece., Good, call., Okay, Joe get ready to be busy. Krazy Joe, Oh I'm, ready, bud., Boss, Oh see that might be mica, though too. Krazy, Joe No Dude. Rookie That's not. Krazy Joe That's gold, goddammit. Boss, No go ahead, sorry., My bad. Krazy Joe Gosh dang, it that's gold, Boss Yup. If it's there put it in. Krazy Joe Plain and simple. Rookie I'm, seeing them as I scoop it.

. I see gold inside there. Already. Boss, We all want to comment on how much we love your shirt. Krazy Joe., Ah. That's from when me, and you went to the concert. Boss, laughs Epic., Look at all the black sand in there.. That is amazing how it filtered everything down through those categorizers. Kevin. We moved a lot of dirt today. Boss. We did yeah. water flowing Rookie. Well, the proof's in the puddin'. Boss, Yeah we'll, see eh, I think there's a piece of gold workin' its way over here. Rookie. This is just gon na, be the super fine stuff. Boss, Yeah true. Rookie, Which is going to make it much harder to see. Boss. Sand. Rookie, It all adds up. Boss, Yeah exactly. Kevin, It will all add up. Boss laughs. They say that black sand can actually be gold it's. Just the black sand has wrapped itself around it. So you can smelt it and break it. Down., Look at all the gold in there guys. Kevin That's, all flour. Boss, That's got ta, be fine gold yeah.! Oh look it three pieces. Kevin, Oh., laughs Boss. This is gon na, be a good one. Kevin Another one. Boss. I will wow look at that picture. Guys. That's amazing., Two more just popped, out. Kevin One, two, three four five. Boss, I don't know what to say: boys. Rookie, I think we're doin' it a little more right. This time. Boss, Yeah we're nailin' it today.

water flowing Wow.. This is a much better result than last time. Kevin Yeah., Boss, All this. Rookie. This is fantastic. Boss, Rippling over running off.. Look at all the gold guys. Rookie! Oh my god. Boss, One two, three, four five six. cheers: Krazy Joe You guys don't even know. I'm. Catching insane amounts of gold. Boss, Wow. Krazy Joe I've, caught at least 40 little flakes already. Boss Wow.. This is a change. Krazy. Joe Here comes another one. Boss, We're dialin' it in. That's. All I can say. Krazy Joe Yeah. Boss, There's, like five right there. Kevin. Do not touch the table. Boss, No I'm, not touchin'. It don't, worry., Kevin laughs, Boss, Wow, look how sparkly that is! Man. That's amazing. water flowing Wow. Kevin See that Boss Yeah, it just appears it's like Kevin Yeah, there's, another one and another., And some right there. Boss, Yup. Man, you guys are gon na make me rich. Rookie. You meant us right Us Boss. Well, right, we go back to that work called mine. Krazy, Joe Hey I'm. Just gon na try and pay my bills. Boss, laughs, Okay, wheel of fortune let's get her on.. We got the nugs in the back, bucket. Good luck, man.! This is where everything Joe collected at the end of the table. water flowing. Oh there right, away. Krazy, Joe It's, crazy. Boss, Right away. Look at that. It's up there and gone. Krazy Joe Oh yeah, tons of gold goin' up already.

. I seen five six flakes. Rookie It's hard for these guys to see it. That one was better. Boss, Boys, Rookie, Yup. Boss. I think we should re wash it. Rookie Okay. Boss, There's a lot of black sand in there. Rookie There we go. Try to get it. All. Boss, Bucket back. Krazy Joe Look at all that gold. Boss Ready three two one. Krazy Joe Whoo. Come on gold. Rookie. Here it goes.. Oh my cheers: Boss! Oh nice, look at that. Hefty chunk right in the middle.. All you guys that say: that's fake, fake doesn't rise to the middle and go to the bucket in the back.. That was awesome Joe. You do the honors. I'll take the camera Mike. Thank you. Rookie. Can you see the pan Joe Krazy Joe Hold on don't? Do anything.? Okay? Are you ready, Boss, Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah. Kevin Let's, see what we got boys.? Oh nice Rookie Holy cannoli Kevin. Look at that Krazy Joe. We need a little more water, here. Boss, Dude. Okay, so we put Jet Dry in there. Still little ones. Love to float not too much. Dudes, look at that., Rookie, we're gon na need your magic magnet.. We need Rookie's one more pass when he's done there.. Look at that. Kevin, Holy., Boss, Best clean out yet gentleman. Kevin Yeah. Boss, Holy cow., Rookie, Mind my hand. Boss, Yeah here I'll gettin' out that black sand. Kevin. I may have horn honks drivin', but damn we got a lot of gold.

Rookie Wow. Krazy Joe Wow. Boss, Wow. Wow guys.. We need the scale. Krazy Joe Come on Mike, say wow. Boss. We need the scale. Mikal, I didn't say wow. I said holy Boss. Oh, my god, you guys need to do this., laughs, Rookie, Sweet wow., Boss, That ain't no fake gold., Kevin Wow., Boss, That's, real gold., Joe Rookie Awesome. Boss. Have a look at that.. Rookie! Have a look at that.! You ever seen gold like that before Nope. Boss. You ever seen gold super close. No, I have not. Boss, Joe put it right outside the lens. There, you go. Rookie, That is freakin' awesome., Whoa., Boss, Yeah., Here give it to Mikal.. Here you go buddy.. You worked hard for it today.. You should at least see it. blower running Krazy, Joe It's, your gold. You can steal it if you want to. Boss. No, I don't need to steal. Anything. I've got tons of stuff to pay for., Okay, grams.. Okay. Last time we had let's just zero that out. Last time we had 2.2 grams.. It was ET so that's where we were .07, so that's 2.2 grams right In Troy, ounces. That's, where we're at there.. So if that makes more sense to you guys right Here is the nug. Rookie Here's, the big one. Boss. We might actually we might see the scale move. Today. Kevin, Bum, bum bum. cheers Boss 1.3 That's. Almost the whole season, like that I've worked so far.

1.6. Krazy Joe, Oh, my god. Kevin. Oh, my god. Boss Come on baby, come on baby. Rookie We're gon na double the season; today. Boss, 2.0 Kevin. Oh my god. Krazy Joe, Oh, my god. Boss, 2.0. Oh my gosh.: Here it is comin' in. Aww I put a little bit it just bounced: off. It's okay. Rookie We're, already ahead of the season. Boss, 2.4 yeah that's it right there. I've got some on the scale: it's fine, it's, counting it.. Sorry I got excited. 2.5. And then just a little bit more. Krazy Joe, Oh, my god.. What a freakin' awesome, clean, out., Boss, Yeah, what an amazing day. Kevin Some on the screen of the scale. Rookie Yeah. I can see it right! There. Boss, That's! Okay! I got it. It's okay. Every little bit counts boys. I get it., Look at that., Rookie, Wow., Boss, 2.6., So let's take this off. Here we go. Total gold count for this season.. 2.1. 4.3. 4.4. Boys 4.5 cheers. This is my gold dance.. This is my gold dance. Rookie. Oh, we got some gold here, boys. Boss, We did it buddy.. We did it. cheers Boss To you guys: boom. Krazy Joe Boom. Holy cow, Rookie, That's, awesome., Boss, YouTube Gold, baby. Krazy, Joe YouTube, Gold., Boss, Yeah.. It actually came up. Rookie, It came up to 4.6. Boss, 4.6 off camera., But still like we still have to get to 20 X. Kevin We've still got a bit of Boss, Yeah.

Rookie There's, still a bunch of flour in that., Krazy Joe, But hey Boss. You guys are goin' gold, crazy, man., Krazy, Joe That's, only 16 grams away. Boss. Do you think anybody watches to the end of these films Rookie? Well, I hope so. Boss Do you think so Kevin I hope, so. Boss? They can mention it in the comments section. If they're, even watching. Rookie, Do you guys watch to the end Kevin Yeah. Rookie? I do. Kevin, Oh of course., Boss, Well we're in it., We're, kinda Krazy, Joe That's right. I read all the comments. Boss, Guys who forgot the hose running Krazy Joe, Hey Rookie. Did you forget to turn the water off Rookie? I didn't even know it was on. Who turned it on Boss Dude. This is huge. Kevin. I didn't. Krazy Joe I didn't. Rookie, I didn't. Krazy Joe, I didn't. Boss, laughs, Rookie, Oh that's, a lot of quotI didn't's.quot, Boss, laughs, Rookie, laughs, Wow, that's, a lot of water. Boss. I turned it on., But I told Kevin to watch the pump. Rookie Oh. Krazy Joe Oh. Rookie That's two in one day, Kevin. Boss, Oh.