I think these showed up yesterday and i didn’t have time because i went to new york today, um for a dentist thing, and i met my family and i’m. Like hey my brother’s like okay. Do you want our childhood rc cars and i’m like yes, so these will go down the basement, but i figured – and i haven’t opened this up previous. I saw to the side, but i haven’t opened it up. This is the first time so let’s look, oh okay! So we got a remote for the fast tracks. We’Ve got a remote for the fast and the furious car. So, oh my god, i almost poked my eye out pasta, link to the fast and furious remote control car because i know you’re going to do it because she’s the best we’ve got the niko rc system, full function, 49.860 megahertz that has backwards, stop low and then High and that’s for this antenna, not removable. This is one. This is what rc cars were. We’Ve got the uh typhoon 2 mini hovercraft that’s you, which um i’ve, never driven a hovercraft you’re missing out. This had a removable antenna and it is removed permanently nine volt battery. I just bought nine volt batteries, so we have five remotes let’s see if we have five things. This is an awesome, remote control, car it’s, a cnc, storymaker, pasta, see, pasta is from canada and they see speak sort of english up there, but do they speak that literally tried to make noise? Oh a fat, a fat.

I remember that the cat doesn’t like a fat bug on the grass what batteries take this takes the i give me a second. I have to know because if it made sound that means there’s a battery in here, which means it’s, probably destroyed oof yeah, no that’s a that did bad. Someone did bad. These energizers are bad. Oh, i guess i could use my unboxing knife would be nice oof. These are ooft oofaris, oh, that one’s literally jammed in there. Oh pasta knows i’m making filming and unboxing made in singapore 1.5 volts e9707, so these might be from either 97 or 07.. Take your pick, i’m sure someone’s doing the research did that keep in there let’s go process to say please be titties, please be titties i’ll! Take throwing away this whole unboxing for titties nope. She got her own links there. We go all right. Moving along i’ll put fresh batteries in that and see how it makes the go um that’s right there was a way. Is this remote control? No, this is just a echo turn on great room lights. Echo turn on great room lights, okay, so this is a little motorcycle, it’s harley davidson and it’s a friction when you pull it back and it just goes ooh. But this do oh, never mind. Oh yeah, okay, that was lame. Keep going um you’re, the cockpit for this um. This is probably the most interesting one of the whole group, because this is custom painted by a famous painter.

His name is zio spinter um and like here’s the thing there’s this little there’s literally this cockpit. I think there was a head on that dude, but, like you could barely see through this, it was hardly opaque, but it was a driver and yeah look at the flame job and i just recently i’m using a windshield markers to put a paint job, a flame Job on my tractor so i’m, the same person um. I didn’t make it colorful just black on the orange, because you can’t put an orange flame on on an orange tractor, but yeah look at this look at the the f! Oh, my god. I abused the out of this oh it’s, my sister’s hair that’s, my definitely my young sister’s hair, because she’s a dirty blonde, um, no batteries, look how many batteries it takes. How many is that eight double a’s that takes eight double a’s? Okay, great it’s got a steering alignment adjustment for the steering axis, which turns better to one side than the other. I remember that, and i believe yes there’s, a high load uh gearing switch, which get a lot more torque, and this thing was the ballerist of baller uh. I took off the spoiler because it wasn’t helping in the aerodynamics – oh yeah, so that’s for that um. The typhoon, too, my uncle got a pool, and i remember this was the greatest thing ever but uh age, just this. So there was some styrofoam in here.

I wonder if i could repair any of this it’s pretty bad, so yeah. You know how hovercrafts work. It’S got the fans i was like. The flag has descended, put the flag back up, baller baller. Actually, you know what i don’t have any other batteries for this i’d have to build my own battery packs. These are 9.6 volts. They still smell like button like they did when i was a kid, so you could probably figure out how old i was by all these things, because i was older than my brother. My brother was too young for these. When they came out, they were like nah. So i don’t know if that thing still works, but this was my baby. Like holy my fast tracks, i’m gon na, i actually used to rotate these to keep it safe, so it would stretch – and i don’t know if they make like a tracked race vehicle. I took of all these stickers. This also has a hi lo uh gearing in the back, but i think i broke the high one and my cousin justin had one jay cooks. Oh my god. This was sitting on the headboard for so many years. Yeah 9.6 volt rc battery, not in here thankfully off on switch. I my greatest achievement in school was not winning the big football game or banging the hottest cheerleader or you know getting straight a’s. It was i snuck this into school in fourth grade um.

I snuck this in my backpack and i was like the coolest kid for one day because i’m, like yo, guys check this out, and i had this in my backpack and this fucker’s fast, like when you’re in high mode and you’re in the playground. I could have killed somebody with it because i mean it’s called the fast tracks, so i would, if i could own a remote control car that was real, made real it’d, be a fast tracks, no suspension by the way. I don’t know how the front of this didn’t just shatter, because every time you hit anything it just hit the plastic wheel. The back has a suspension that did whatever the back did to try to protect the motors a little bit. I guess, but you know that’s that’s the ultimate. I will get the least that one and probably that one running what the out so here’s the fast and the furious cars. These are much later on, my god they’re disgusting. What even is this, did someone puke on hair Music steering alignment’s all up as it would be because it’s, an old mustang? These are on my brother’s shelf, that’s, a it’s, a green, fast and furious mustang, and i think was that one of my brothers and this one was mine. Look at the racing stripe added with masking tape. You know what’s, not in here canned heat. Those were the those were some much cheaper than the good um.

What were those taiko, taiko ones? So let me okay, the file errored and i have to re re unbox these last two things. So this one that i pulled out is the touch and tell, and it opens and like i said in the video like what am i gon na, do i can’t donate this no one’s gon na use this old touch and tell uh i’m, probably not gon na Use it my kids, probably aren’t, gon na use it, but before you had tablets, you had these things that had little pegs that told the computer, which one it was, and you had the costa concordia and you would put it down you’d press it. It would say what it is: colors we had costa concordia in colors. We had spaceships nasa back when the space shuttle was a thing colored stars we got and and and a red cart, and i i have to buy one of those. So i can bring my groceries from the garage into the house without parking in front, because when it’s raining, that sucks um balls too and then we’ve got oh bus, stop that’s a shitty bench wherever the artist was on this one. They shouldn’t have been paid very much boat dock off and on and then fire station and my brother really liked trains. We probably smashed train a bunch, but now he’s a firefighter, so we should have asked firefighter and this douchebag the is he doing so.

Yeah that’s the touch and tell, and now lastly i’ll go over this again. This was the greatest invention in hot wheels history, because this is a portable drag strip, because i mean what the else you do with the hot wheels car. Like you put it down, you go and you put it in a shelf to collect it like, like some truck driver, but this you unlocked it and that lock is broken and you had six lengths of track three for each side. And then you unlocked this. That opened up – and you would put it together like this, so you had your three lengths and you could buy more lengths. I think, and at the very end of the track you put the flag and whichever car went past first would point the flag in this direction. So i would bring this to my cousins and he had his hot wheels or matchbox uh. Obviously, you would want to run the best one, it didn’t matter and you just hit this button and it would release both cars simultaneously and they go and really shitty cars wouldn’t even make the length and sometimes would hit the exact same moment as bounce was great. I got many many childhood hours of enjoyment out of this thing and uh. This is when toys didn’t require an app like it was just like what are you playing with toys? This is a toy. This is what toys r us was for, so i can go to an island, be like what’s.

This thing ma ma you give me this thing and it folded up. Wow, okay, see it’s, got this it’s designed for a child, so i must have this. Let me go get my six length track. Let’S! Try it this way. Why am i so bad at everything? What is this doing? Yeah you like that you close it. You had a handle boom, so yeah on pasta. I can just link whatever the she wants in the description of this video uh if she could find some hot wheels stuff or some taiko stuff or just vibrators it doesn’t matter. This is my childhood we’re. Looking at and uh now that we’re done reminiscing. Oh, i have to talk about the box. I ended the video time of the box, so this is the kontiko multi purpose. 12 gallon. This is almost as old as all that, and this is back when those boxes were like man boxes. Look at the scratches and scrapes and like some of these boxes would get a little brittle, but these original ones were like tanks and you just couldn’t kill them um. I moved in a bunch of boxes. It actually worked out pretty well, but nothing was like these 45.6 uh, st louis missouri. I don’t know what it is. I don’t know why making plastic cheaper like just it’s plastic. By the way, these are like seven dollars a piece when we got them back in 2002 or some anyway, i’m, going to put all this stuff into a cheaper box.

It isn’t that in case i need a good box and that would i don’t know i could use that box. I know what i can use that box, for you put it as like a i could drill a hole in it and use it as a suction. From a vacuum, so it dumps like like stuff in it anyway, we’re gon na go back to real unboxings.