Remember: banggood sell items from household goods to outdoor garden equipment, rc cars, you name it they’ve, got heaps of stuff, so check out the link in the description and see if you can grab yourself a bargain during this mega sale. All right guys see you in the video hey guys, welcome back to the channel. This is the zd racing, dtk16 it’s, a 1 16 scale, triggy or desert buggy and i’m going to do an unboxing and overview right now stay tuned. Thank you, banggood! For sending this to me to review looks like a really nice little buggy reminds me of the zillow hong q902. It says it’s a 116 scale ready to run electric a four wheel, drive car and it runs on 2.4 gigahertz gigahertz. Radio claims to have a speed of 40ks an hour on brushed and 55k is an hour on uh um brushless. So what we’ve got here on the side mentions about the um, the four versions you can get green and the red and i’ve got the green uh brushed version. Here it comes in a pretty thin box. Let’S take a look. We’Ve got the uh owner’s manual. A couple of 3m double sided, sided tape, thingies two of these cable ties, metal, wrench, a couple of uh spare clips, or just one actually and i’m, not sure what this casing piece is all your parts: how to charge a battery? No exploded diagram. Oh there we go wow it’s, just one big ass exploded, diagram of every single part in the car.

Okay, so it requires a bit of assembly, not to worry. It makes a bit more fun. You got your v3 pro balance charger, one of the better ones and you’ve got this style plug here. You’Ll need a adapter. If you want to use this charger, the charger supports uh. Oh i’ve got an adapter here, um it charges 2s and 3s batteries with the remote control. There you go, it’s pretty light, looks like it takes two double a batteries and has your steering steering, trim and speed control. It’S got the steering, reverse switch there and the on off switch there’s a little button here, it says auxiliary, which i don’t know what that is for maybe it’s for the lights. I don’t know we’ll find out and you’ve got a couple of drivers in there which looks cool there. You go hits turn now. Installing these uh wheels are pretty straightforward. You just have to remove the nut and the little rubber protection sleeve put the wheel on make sure it goes into the hex and screw the nut back on it’s pretty easy. Okay, you can start to feel the uh, the lock on the end of that nut. Don’T, do it too tight that’s it see here it is looks nice rocket, 4×4. Okay, number 24, a nice plastic front bumper here, a little bit flexible, foam filled rubber compound tires. It’S got a fifth tyre on the back, a real one: the chassis at the bottom it’s, all plastic, independent suspension, uh metal, drive, shafts here, dog, bones, i’m, not sure.

If it’s cbd, it’s all plastic cups, there looks like oil filled shocks which is good, so let’s have a look inside and it flips up like that 30 amp, esc, combined with the receiver here and three wire servo tiny. I think it’s a 20 24 something motor and your power switches here and a 1500 milliamp hour, 15c 2s lipo it’s got a metal metal drive, shaft center drive, shaft metal, gearing 2.2 kilogram servo. This actually says it’s all metal gear. That is a really small motor got sort of like a plate here that acts like a heatsink as well to the motor and that’s it guys just doing a quick uh size. Comparison between the q902 made by zingler hung here’s the zd racing here, they’re. Basically, exactly the same size, but the zinger hong does have a larger motor compared to the um zd racing. The good thing about this one you can fit a bigger battery. The zinglehog did not come stock with these oil sharks um they both came with led lights. At the top wow they’re, pretty damn right, that’s cool compared to the lights in this it’s, not as bright. In fact, you can barely see them, though i’ve got some aftermarket lights and on the bumpers, which are pretty cool all right guys, thanks for watching uh. Please subscribe if you haven’t already done so and hit the notification bell, so you don’t miss out on the uh upcoming running video of this of this cute little buggy um.

I think there’s it’s got a bit of juice in this, so i’ll be excited to see. Well, i’m excited to see how this runs.