Some of the features here – uh 1 10th scale, ready to run electric that’s four wheel, drive and 2.4 gig radio we’ll just have a look on this side here, a few specifications here, if you want to have a look at those and i’ve, got the troggy version Here and um – oh hang on, it comes with that’s a new radio that’s, actually not the radio. I was expecting it looks like a dumbo rc style, rebadged um. Maybe the 2021 versions of this now have an updated radio which is good um, the other radio that i saw in the ad. It was uh kind of like an older style, um radio that’s a bonus so let’s open the box. Oh yeah, there we go, it’s got the uh. The new radio, which is good dumbo rc, just rebadged, looks like an x4 um manual. It’S got some cable ties here and i don’t know what these are got. Some double sided tape. We’Ve got a balance: charger b3 imax, i got another manual yep for the uh dumbo rc transmitter and radio it’s got in chinese it’s also got english on the back. I presume yeah, like the other um, the recent zd racing cars they’re, mostly coming with the um dumbo rc, so it makes sense that they update the older models, which is this has been out for a few years, maybe maybe three or four years already so let’s. Take this out: okay, guys there we have it: we’ve got it out of the box it’s a fairly decent size, uh truggy! It looks really good.

It feels good um. The tyres they’re massive, pretty big, just quickly measure this quite surprised about 100. I bet 100 mil nice. They should be able to uh drive okay with this uh 3650 motor um. The tyre is a nice rubber compound, really good. Tread really rubbery tread it’s got those uh, spiky spiky treads on it. This is all plastic, of course, just want to see what the hex um is on the wheel. 12 mil all right, let’s have a look at this decals already stuck on there. You don’t have to do that yourself. This little spoiler here, spoiler wing yeah let’s, have a that’s, pretty good suspension too. Let’S have a look underneath nice, uh, durable, lexan, shell, Music and just looking at this looks like we’ve got a 3650 motor in here it’s a kv brushless motor uh 3.5 kilogram servo. I don’t know if i’ve got uh any metal gearings in here it’s got this nice waterproofed uh shell for the receiver, it’s rubber, sealed yeah x6f awesome. We got a 60 amp esc power button or switch now the battery. This is not one of the parts that i like about these zidi racing cars kind of like the fs racing you’ve got to pull these pins out and then pull this tray out so it’s a 2 400 milliamp hour battery that comes in the box, 25c discharge. Ah it’s one of these ones, so you’re gon na plug out. I don’t like that i’m gon na plug out this to be able to get it in and out.

This is a very light battery it’s like there’s, nothing! Well, i can actually compress it and Music 168 grams. I mean i’ll, probably use my 4 000 milliamp hour 3s battery um from the from the jlb cheater yeah, so put the battery in you got to put the the negative cable into there. So i’ve got a plastic second level: oh that’s, pretty soft. I wonder how well that’ll hold up plastic shock towers, oil field, shocks, aluminium caps, independent suspension, anti roll bars on the back in the front, servo saver right there. If you can see in there, i’ve got a slipper clutch right there, it’s a metal center drive shaft right there, we’ve got metal dog bones in the rear in that front, metal, diff cups, metal, wheel, cups, plastic steering rods, they’re, not adjustable the a arms just plastic. Hopefully, uh not too flexible, but not brittle, which is good. I don’t like that bit those grooves in there they’re gon na get a lot of dirt in there. Okay, the chassis is all plastic, got an air vent here for the motor a bit of play there. Okay, let’s test this out decent speed on the steering i’m excited to give this a test drive um tomorrow morning, it’s a bit late at the moment i can’t wait to take this out. I’Ll be looks like it’ll, be a fun car to drive. That was the unboxing and overview of the zd racing 1 10th scale, uh triggy it’s, the ztx, 10 and i’ll see you soon in the next video i’m going to take it out for a drive, so uh, please be sure to subscribe and hit the notification bell.

So you don’t miss out on the upcoming video that i have on this and i’ll take it for a bash on the ramp as well, so um yeah.