Well, as you can see in front of me, i have another zd racing product here. This is the pirates: 2 bx, 8 buggy it’s a 1 8 scale buggy, and it also goes under the model number 9072 here. This is another read a run package, as always with zd racing you get everything included. All you have to do is charge the batteries and uh off you go and just add some batteries to the transmitter. Obviously, um this one runs a dumbo rc there’s a bit of glare on the screen there, the dumbbell rc controller once again and uh yeah wait. Skull reader run electric full drive, buggy, so um. This came in from banggood guys for review uh. I believe this model’s been around for a while, because it is the pirates too. I believe they’ve got the new uh pirates three out uh. Besides, you know the body shell and i think they it’s got different tyres. I don’t think there’s much difference between the two um, but i think the prices differ quite a bit between the pirates three and this one, but uh yeah let’s have a look at some of the specifications. I’Ll bring it closer to the camera. Here we have independent oil filled shocks, they’re fairly, big bore size, shocks here all aluminum chassis here, so it’s going to be pretty durable. It’S got a 25 c is saying: 11.1 volt, which is a 3s lipo here, 3 000 milliamp hour, programmable 80 amp esc.

Just there now, i believe these esc’s can handle up to 4s. I actually bought one uh recently for one of my uh projects from ebay and it did state it’s the same esc as this. It did state 2 to 4s, capable the motor here is another brushless motor it’s, a 3660 can, with a 2400 kv motor, okay and uh yeah guys you can get it in a couple of colors, as you can see here here is the other one. I believe that’s a pirate’s three though um yeah, it is there’s an advertisement here, pirates three bx 8e. So this is the newer model there they’ve advertised on this box as well. Okay, so, as you can see, he’s got different uh different wheels here: um different tyres and uh different body, styling; okay, all right guys so let’s take it out of the box. Have a quick look and uh see what we got. You guys got everything out of the box so first off we get the user manual now i’m. Not going to open this guys, but it’s going to have all the information you need to know. I’Ll have exploded diagrams all the parts lists at the back with the part numbers um. We also got two zip ties here, a couple of 3m pads here, just in case the esc becomes loose with sand and grit. When you go bashing with it, you’ve got a fresh set of sticky pads there, and these are little servo adapters.

So if you decide to change to a servo later on down the track, you’ve got different adapters to suit the stock steering servo horn. Okay also get a quick start guide leaflet for the dumbo rc controller as well just folds out it’s in english and chinese quick start guide the controller. Now the controller is a dumbbell rc controller uh it’s, not dumbo rc branded. It has got the zd racing labeling, but, as you can see, it’s pretty much a dumbo rc tx. Now, these are awesome, guys zd racing uh props to them for including them with all their ready to run cars now and trucks they’ve been doing for the last couple of years and uh it’s a huge upgrade to the transmitters that they used to have okay, uh It’S, a basically a fourth or five channel remote here, um got different switches on the side, cut a button here for auxiliaries. On and off you got a nice plastic wheel, even though it doesn’t have any foam. It is a very responsive, uh control. Here, good grip with these indentations anyway uh and underneath this lid here we’ve got all our steering trim, steering dual rate throttle, trim, throttle durate and reverse switches. Okay, it’s even got a usb or micro, usb input, input here and a three millimeter jack. So you could probably use this on your computer as well, and it takes you standard four double a batteries as well. Okay range on this is about 500 meters for 500 meters.

Okay comes with this imax rc uh b3 charger here, guys uh great little charger; i’m. Not going to open this up, i’ve covered it in many other zd racing, rc videos that i’ve done. I highly recommend that you use a hobby grade charge if you’ve got one laying around. I personally don’t use these anymore, but i used to – and these ones do do a great job of balancing your batteries, as you can see here also has a 2s and 3s balance port there and yeah. These do charge your batteries pretty good, so uh yeah. I love how they always include these chargers within their rc read to run kits. Lastly, in this bag, we have the large 1 8 scale wing here. It’S got a couple of spaces there: okay and the screws and bolts to uh put the wing on the back. As you can see the wing isn’t on at the moment, okay guys, i went and put the rear wing on you just have to put a couple of these uh screws in there and on the underside. You’Ve got some little nylock nuts, just there. Okay, so you’re gon na need, like your tool, wrench for the wheels to put on the underside as you screw in those top uh screws for the the spoiler. As you can see, it’s a rather large spoiler, there um very nice shockies on this one guys, as you can see, nice oil filled shocks.

This has big bore shocks all around okay, you can adjust the preload as well. Okay, we’ve got sway, bars on the front here, just there the front and on the rear. This has got the anti roll sway, bars. Okay, and what i like on this one too, just at first glance, look how thick these uh turnbuckles are. These tie rod ends guys they’re fully adjustable as well. Uh we’ve got a nice thick shock tower here as well. Let me just take the body shell off retaking, the pins off okay, so we’ve got the nice pirates. 2. 1 8 scale. Rtr pose 2bx8 body. Shell. Okay, nice lexan shell. There see, as i was saying, guys, got some thick rather thick, uh shock, towers, front and rear it’s, a real one. All right i’ve got some reinforcement, uh chassis, braces. They go from the body post down on the front and the rear as well. You can see on this second level uh plate here, i’ve got another brace that goes down and bolts on to the actual aluminum chassis it’s, a two piece: towel shaft. Just there two pieces and it’s uh in the center we’ve got a center diff in the middle. There we integrated spur and there is the motor. Now this motor is a 3660 and it said on the box, 2400 kv all right got the brushless esc just here as well, dean’s plug, as always with zd racing with the dean’s plug, but yeah guys pretty heavy duty.

Looking rc car he’s got some good weight to it. Underneath got the all aluminum chassis plate and no phillips heads to be seen. It’S all hex heads or allen key head screws, so that’s really good. Okay got some nice tires here as well. Very soft compound and very grippy 1a scale buggy tyres. I really do like these wheels too. They look like a 12 spoke 10 or 12 spoke white wheel with the large hexes there locking nuts. On this side we have the receiver box it’s above the servo. Here i don’t know what kilogram servo this is, but it’s really quiet i’ll put that up on the screen uh what kilogram servo this is, and we have the 3s lipo batteries. So let’s have a look at that got some three velcro tabs here: okay and the battery that we get with. It is a 3 000 milliamp hour 11.1 volt it’s, a 3s 35c discharge, lipo actually said 25c on the box. So there you go 35c lipo, pretty decent size, it’s a soft pack, so that’s what we get all right, guys well, that’s! Basically it on this uh one um. What i’ll do i’ll charge that battery up and uh? What i might do is just save that for a part, two video uh we’ll take it out and see how how it performs. Okay guys. So thanks for watching this quick overview on the uh pirates 2, this is the bx 8 okay, also known as the 9 0 7, 2 1 8 scale, buggy from zd racing um.

They do claim on the box too. I forgot to mention that it has a top speed of around 50 mile an hour or 80 k’s an hour, so i’ll definitely be checking out the top speed on this one later on as well so stay tuned for those videos, guys, okay, there will be links To baingood in the description below for this one and i’ll also include a coupon code that they provide me. So if you’re interested in this one, having a look at least click, the link below and uh have a look at this uh awesome. 1. 8 skull buggy.