They have two models: one, the lipo brushless model 276 dollars with lipo battery and the other one is the brushed motor version for 176, and that comes with a nickel metal hydride battery. So but the uh it seems to be it seems, to have lost here it is you got your transmitter, basic transmitter and three channel. I believe nice little cover here and here’s the car one tenth scale. I am not sure what to call it. It looks a lot like the lossy laser nut which i’ve been waiting for forever. It just won’t come it has a really nice tires huge tires and very very nice. Gummy soft rubber, a full complement of lights, fully damp shocks, big shocks. They look like they’re reservoir shocks, but if you we did pull it right away and no oil spilled out. So that means they are faux reservoirs or decorational. Spoiler stabilizer bars all around a pretty nice metal flat chassis looks like a three millimeter variety: nice arms, a arms, uh plastic looks like a special hardened plastic knuckles right there and um, really cool body exhaust fire. Extinguisher mirrors bro bar light bar, and this is something really cool. I love this. When people do it, it is a swivel mounted body boom. Not cool makes it so much easier to deal with. The bumper looks odd, doesn’t quite match it. You just kind of but that’s, probably fairly easy to modify, but here we go check out what we’re looking at so it has a brushless motor so 276 versus 188.

How is my math that’s about 90 dollars more expensive if you go for the brushless option, but 188 is cool because dang that’s cheap, because it really comes with a battery and charger. It comes with a charger by the way, a lipo charger like this usb. So probably a i don’t know two three hour charger and here is the battery that it comes with it’s a zd racing branded. It is a 33 milliamp hour 3 cell boom. So this is a i don’t know: 60 dollar battery 35 c 50, 50 to 60 battery and you get it for free, so truly ready to run. I don’t think they came with double a so you do need to supply your own. Double a’s has a nice little battery tray. Here everything is nicely assembled, dean’s plugs and let’s see. You know there is your. I believe that is a 540 brushless motor it’s got an esc with a massive fan or a noisy fan, and there is your receiver. 2.4 gigahertz the servo allegedly, is a 9 kg servo, so strong, not not crazy, strong, but really we haven’t had any problems and let’s see it’s on a pretty smooth. Oh obviously, obviously unlocked it’s got some differentials here, not sure what kind of fluid they have but i’ll turn it on it is the fan, is the fan is noisy and you’ll see. The punch of this is crazy, not the punch, but the power of it and speed is amazing.

So we we controlled it uh. We play within a basketball field, baseball field in in the trees and we never crashed it, which is kind of a miracle, because we’re not really fast car drivers, uh it’s, just easy to control when you launch it, it doesn’t it doesn’t, really like this it’s kind Of whoa it kind of winds up kind of like a uh kind of traction control. It does it so there might be. There must be a setting there. So let me turn it on and be prepared for. The noise of that fan, but what’s, really cool uh are the here’s, the steering, fastener huh and then the lights are awesome. How many lights do they have? They have lights in the bumpers? They have a light bar and really a nice touch. Is this uh rear lights? You never see that i have a switch here i’m pressing this it doesn’t do anything. So the lights are always on uh, not a big deal because it’s a that’s, a big battery about 15 to 20 minutes of runtime, depending on how how much you throttle. So here we go, let’s see the the the modulation and then i’ll just punch it and you’ll see it kind of winds up. It feels like it’s, got a second gear i’m supposed to just i supposed to just bam. You know jerk jerking me around, so you know um so from here. So something really cool, but the uh it seems to be.

It seems to have lost all right, so that’s, full gas hands off, steering really yeah. So we haven’t adjusted the camber or the trim. Yeah, hands off steering is straight up acceleration on braking to go straight: okay, controllable, oh yeah, i’m messing up the little park here: that’s crazy we’re in the track straight a really loose surface. First time driver not bad all right, so we’re gon na look for some jobs, that’s full speed, so zd racing. You know i don’t know what to think the um i’m pretty jazzed so far um when i started opening uh. Basically, they have this one called the v3 that’s kind of made waves what they got famous for, but you know these chinese manufacturers are interesting because two years ago they were coming out with uh copycat copycat crap. Last year they were like okay, okay, they’re, getting interesting. Getting competitive, you know the panda and some of the forgot, what kind of fast cars i got some from amazon car, but now they’re starting to develop their own brand wpl zd racing um. You know they’re on their 30th 50th car they keep innovating and what’s coming out. This year is kind of kind of kind of makes you wonder like whoa. Where are they going to be in two three years, because this is already like? I can recommend this already. Um, you know two 275 276 minus uh with the battery and charger, so it’s, really like a and like a 200 brush this car, you know if you didn’t have battery and charger uh and it the tires are pretty nice.

As you see in the footage you know they have no problem gripping um, you know it’s it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s, a legit setup and then the brushed version 175 with battery that’s, pretty good. Unfortunately meta hydride, but you know it’ll get you going so to speak. So what don’t i like about it when it came, it was poorly assembled. The the tires were like towed out like this, so you had to to turn the turn buckles right now, the my rear tires are still kind of angled like this. I am not sure why but that’s easy enough. Oh nice, nice! These shocks are nice huh um, so i want to straighten them out and the turnbuckles. You know that that hold the steering and whatnot and whatnot and and uh the camber they’re kind of kind of tiny i’m, not sure how much they’ll survive a a big crash. You know the faux full reservoir shocks um not to be commended, but it does kind of look cool um. So but the body i like the body, the design of it uh. I would love to compare to the low my low c laser nut. If that ever arrived, i’m, not even sure if it’s the same size but yeah as you see in the running video, you know it’s just a bunch of uh park stuff. We we didn’t get to the jump park, so that’s part two of the running video.