We have a fire. We have a fire what’s, the Music, oh no, Music! No! Look at that no way. Oh no we’re, also going to answer a couple of questions that you guys had about this car at the end of the video. So after the esc exploded we reached out to make a fire and cd racing. We didn’t hear back from zd racing, but makefire got back to us straight away and we put their response in our community page. Some of you guys weren’t happy with their response, so we got make a fire to send the esc to an engineer, who’s going to run some tests and get back to us soon and while we’re waiting for those test results, we have two must do upgrades for Your ex07 ready to run version. Of course, if you get the kit version, you don’t have to worry about these issues happening because you’re going to be smart and you’re going to get the correct components. Maybe these ones that we’re going to suggest to you, or maybe something that’s, equivalent or even better so for the first must do upgrade to do to your ex07 is the servo man, this servo, that comes stock with the ready to run version it’s completely rubbish. It is super, slow and it’s fairly weak, so we’ve gone ahead and upgraded to a power, hd b5 and that’s gon na produce around about 0.08 seconds or .06. If you got a bsc of 7.

4 volts and the power is going to be about 16 or 20 kilograms, depending on that bec, a bunch of numbers, don’t worry, this model of the server will be linked in the description below if you’re interested on it. Now, for the second upgrade, we strongly recommend you getting a better esc and we went with the hobby wing max 6 tried and true esc, which is going to bring a lot more power to your rc, possibly even getting you to go to the speed of sound And let me have you go to the speed of sound is a new motor. Now we want to stay with the stock motor. The problem is when that esc went up in flames. It also damaged the motor and as it’s kind of all binded up so we’ve gone ahead and put in the typhon 6s motor, and that is the blx 2050 kv motor. Now it’s got a bit more kvs. So it has a little bit more rpms a little bit less torque we’re, going to see how it runs today, but make fire are sending us out a replacement, uh 1900 kv motor and as soon as that arrives, we’re gon na put it back into this car Because it is a bigger motor overall, but we’ll see how this uh 2050 kv runs today, now guys remember both of these rc’s, the ready to run version and the kit version, which is the one that we would recommend about.

Gon na be linked in description down below and don’t forget to use that discount code in order to save yourself some money, but if that is enough, talking let’s go ahead and get these upgrades installed into a ex07 Music Music is Music is Music for those. That said there, this thing blew up because of my soldering job. Well come on man, let’s have a look: let’s have a look it’s, not too bad. Soldering. Job like this shouldn’t mean that the thing goes up in flames, so i don’t think it’s my solid job. Man, you know: well, i think it’s, just the csc took out the rear disc, so the gears look like feel their spiral. What you find on the armor vehicles these days, here’s the rear, diff there’s, one shim there on the left side and none on the opposite side. So let’s take this off the first time, see if there’s any juice in here, oh man, empty, absolutely empty. So i’ve got some 10k diff load that i’m going to put in the front of rear, just because well that’s what’s in the armor felony. They seem to handle right. So hopefully this will help improve that well, there’s, the front differential, it looks like it’s got a little bit of fluid in there, but it certainly could do it for top up now. You want to wait and give it some time for those bubbles to rise up to the top when there are no more bubbles, it’s time to put the lid back on and then put it back in the cup Music.

Just all the upgrades are now installed into this beast, and you know what zd racing would have had a better chance at convincing you guys. The issue was my soldering job rather than this high end tunergy lipo batteries well joe it’s time to test out these new upgrades and see if this esc will explode with these aircraft only lipo batteries. Well, here we are at disneyland car park back out with the all new zd racing ex07. We are the only ones on youtube at the moment, i’m sure of it. I think there’s one other fella that’s got this rc, but it is a lot of fun and we’ve got those upgrades in there and i’m really excited to see how it performs now. Their new servo with those discs, filled up with some diff load and how fast it goes with that max 6 and that 250 kv motor amber. You can go first and just take it for a spin i’m going to let you go first that’s right, hopefully, hopefully the soldering job uh. I showed them the soldering job. I showed them the serene job. Hey come on man it’s, not as bad as it used to be. Please give me a break in the comments man. People were blaming me for this thing blowing up because of my solder job. No, it was not my solo job. I don’t think it was anyway and i don’t think it was the batteries but we’re gon na find out very soon.

So today we are running these. What five thousand million yep so today we’re running these five thousand milliamp six c: five thousand milliamp six s 70! To 150 c discharge, lipo battery that’s, right and we’re running two of them. What does that mean, of course, we’re not running them together. We’Ve got a little uh loopy doop thingy here so we’re just going to be running one at a time, we’re not running 12vs. So that would be interesting, probably blow up. Just like the last one and we’re running these batteries. Because look man, you saw the person if you haven’t, go, see the post and if you haven’t, seen when it blew up the car and it left a little burn mark on the battery. So we remember make sure you watch that video. So the supplier said they’re blaming this right here and i blame the battery they’re saying guys using it better it’s too much for this rc. They said that they contacted turnergy and they say that these batteries are made for airplanes only apparently they need to be at altitude to work properly. I assume he’s meaning because it’s cooler up there i don’t know there could be an inversion so it’s just you know. We don’t know, but right now, we’re going to find out we’re going to put this back in this rc with the max 6, a much better esc than what comes stock for ready to run version and we’re gon na see.

If this is gon na cause the rc to blow up again, because if what the supplier is saying is true, this rc being a ground vehicle should run into the same problem. But i’ve got a feeling that it’s gon na be absolutely fine. We don’t have a five blanket remote on first plug the battery in and turn the car on. Applause just picked up this new gps meter. I see a lot of people on youtube on the youtube using this and it seems look pretty cool, pretty accurate but better than the old school one that we got there’s the old one, oh what’s, that little tissue there’s, the old one there and the problem with This one is the battery dies so quick. I don’t understand why but um there we have it amazon, the controls of the zde x07, with the upgrades for the first time ever, take it for a spin all right, and i cannot wait to get my hands on this thing. So those stiffs i mean they’ve got 10k in the front 10k in the rear. Just like the armor felony, the center i’ll be honest. The center diff was such a mission to get till. I didn’t get to it last night, so i do think it needs some thicker fluid in the center a speed test. Oh no let’s have a look first time using this we got a speed of zero kilometers an hour. All right amber go again.

It didn’t work. Let’S go lucky. I was looking that was a trick. She’S trying to take me out see what we got here, man, what it’s all working! Oh, stop, then read here we go there, we go there. We have it 99 kilometers an hour, no got ta. Go again. Stop read here: we have it 101. I think i can get to 107.. That was dangerous. 102 at least come on 105 isn’t. It no that’s all record let’s check the 10th real quick. I think we’ve got a fire which is good, no fight, that’s, a good start. 54 degrees on the motor batteries are fine, 36.88 they’re. Okay, that one should be cool that one’s, not even plugged in esc, sees all good everything’s all good, which means it is my turn i should. I think i should get up a little bit, so we can beat our channel record at 132, but we’ll see how cool i can get this thing going, hey well, that’s one thing: the batteries have not caused the car to blow up. So i think yeah i mean it is now my turn let’s see what i got. Okay, we are starting, it is on, and hopefully we don’t hit the phone let’s see what we got. Oh, this is so fast, oh, no! No, it cannot be Music. Everything just flew off it: it’s good, okay, it’s, not broken uh responses, club reed 103.. What is that? Okay let’s see what we got now guys.

I take the win today. What wait hold on to you? What i didn’t tell anything i just held it in my hand: oh okay, hold on there. I started comment down below how many times have you forgot to start your gps meter? What 103. i try to do. Some drifting people were saying in the comments that the breakers for doing some, some like nice drifts or something so let’s, have a look. Let’S go over to these cones that will set up the wrong channel. If you want nice drifting, oh right guys, i don’t know how you meant to drift this with that button. On the controller it is so hard with the thumbnail look. I got right there and how you get to use this handbrake. You put it on and that’s it like, i don’t know, and they said the battery is dead. Well, we’re gon na go home now guys and give you our thoughts on the upgrades that we have done to the brand new zd racing exo and then in a future video one coming very soon. It’S going to be the ex07 versus the armor felidae and a drag race and that’s going to be a lot of fun. Man i’ve got to say i’m really enjoying the street rc bashing. With this zd racing ex07. It is a lot of fun and we do drive it a lot even off camera. Now, before we get into our thoughts on the upgrades and mods that we’ve done to this car, we first want to do our shout out of today, and that goes to our kiwi club member troy’s rc channel.

Thank you so much troy for being part of the kiwi club and helping support our channel. It truly does help us with the growth and worth continuing to provide entertaining content for you guys. So thank you so much troy and your first comment on our channel. Was you guys have got to be my favorite rc tubers? I really enjoy your content and that was on our x max durability, test video, which is a pretty fun video. So if you guys haven’t seen it make sure you go check it out. Thank you. So much again troy for your ongoing support. We really appreciate it. We also know troy, has an rc channel of his own, so we’re going to place a link of that in the description box down below so go and check it out and if you’re interested in joining the kiwi club and helping to support this channel even further. Consider clicking on that join button just beneath this video, and then it tells you all the details on what you get as being part of a kiwi club member now, with the upgrades, the turning servo was significantly faster and it had more power. We noticed a big improvement in its handling i’m sure we’re, going to find out a lot more when we take it out to a track yeah when it comes to the esc, i’ve got to say i was expecting more speed in this rc, but i think what Happened was i either undergeared it or we need to go back to that 1900 kv motor and put a big opinion on there and then, along with that max 6.

This rc is going to be going the speed of sound no problem, but when it comes to the temperatures this esc, the max 6 far exceeded the zd racing. First of all, it didn’t explode and go into flames and, second of all, it stayed in around about 50 degrees, which was very cool for an esc, and so did the motor stay, pretty cool as well as the battery. So there was no temperature issues at all and this in a way disproves zd, racing’s third point, which was basically saying that the battery that we use is only for aircraft because it requires high altitude well. I’M, not too sure about that statement there, but we’re really interested to hear what you guys think. So let us know in the comments down below what do you think of what zd racing had to say about the stock esc that came with the ready to run version when it went up in flames and remember guys. Everything in this video will be linked in the description box down below if you’re interested now it’s time for us to answer a couple of your questions that came up on our previous video. So one of the questions that came up quite a lot was basically asking between the difference in bodies the zd racing ex07 and the armor felony’s body. Well, they are different. The armor felony is made out of a stronger material, is thicker, stronger plastic and it’s.

More rigid, whereas the plastic with the ziti racing, is what you would find in a typical rc ready to run rc it’s just thin thin, a plastic thinner, lexan plastic it’s, flexible, and it is, i mean, there’s. A little bit of damage. We’Ve had a bit of a bit of crashes but it’s, just not as rigid or not as tough as the armor felony body. So that is. That is one question answered, and the second question was: do the tyres on the ex07 go board as fast as the armor felony, and the answer is yes, we haven’t noticed any difference in the deterioration time between this one and the armor felony yeah. I mean, if you’re going to drive this thing or, if you’re going to skid it around drift it around. Use that hand brake yeah. These tyres are going to go bull just as fast as the armor felony expect, maybe around 10 battery packs, or so now, if you drive it with less skidding without using a hand brake, maybe you’ll make these tyres last a little bit longer now, in order to Not miss when we go heat head in a drag race with this cd racing ex07 and the armor felony it’s, a lot of fun make sure you go ahead and you hit that subscribe button. And if you enjoyed this video, give it a like. And if you didn’t give it a like anyway, make sure you’re staying safe out there on your rc adventures and remember guys make sure you go check out.

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