Well in front of me, i got one of my uh latest purchases. I purchased this one from makerfire and uh. This is, of course, the zd racing ex07. The large 1 7 scale mustang unicorn. Now um i’ve been wanting. This one as soon as uh, i first saw pictures of it online and i believe it was on banggood uh, but then they deleted it for a while, and then it came back uh this one i purchased from makerfire so i’d like to thank them for sending This one out to me, rather quickly after i paid for it and uh yeah guys i haven’t had a chance to take it out yet last week when it arrived, it was constantly raining. So i just thought: i’ll do a quick unboxing of this one. This is the rtr version. You can also get the roller version. If you want to put your own electronics with it, i just decided to get the rtr version. I can always upgrade it later if need be, but uh they do claim. This one is a it. Can do 130 k’s an hour out of the box, now i’ve seen a couple of videos where uh some of the guys that have reviewed this so far, there’s a few videos out already, of course um the last month or so they’re getting over the 100 uh And 10 kilometer an hour, so you know it can be a cheaper. You know the 130.

I haven’t seen anyone hit 130 with it yet stock out the box anyway, but uh anyway yeah. I just wanted this one to do a bit of drifting, a bit of speed, running and uh yeah. It just looks like a beast so i’m just going to quickly unbox it today guys and then another video i’ll uh take it out. For his first run. I haven’t ran it yet and i’m really eagerly to uh to test this one out actually and have a bit of fun with it all right. So uh let’s uh have a look what’s in the box and uh show you this car all right guys. So once you open the lid of the box, this is what you see. We have the decal sheets. Okay, even though i don’t think this is a licensed uh product. We have all the you know: gopro, all the all the sponsors we got, the monster stickers ken block 43 castrol edge, so we’ve got all the sponsors uh stickers. Here, hoonigan zd racing got some ford badges there. Okay, just to make it all look legit there we go dc shoes which ken block, i believe, owns that company all right, so so i’ll probably stick around the car later on with those we also have, which are zd racing, always packs these uh b3 chargers we’ve Got a b3 charger here, imax rc! Now, if you, if you knew the hobby and you don’t – have a hobby grade charger, these will work.

They will do the job at balancing your batteries uh. They do take 2s and 3s i’m, not even going to bother taking it out. There’S no point: you know: i’ve covered these battery chargers, time and time again, but uh. I do strongly recommend you use hobby grade charges if you uh, if you already got one or purchase one, but as an rtr kid it’s good that they provide these particular charges. I’Ve got a whole heap of them guys, so i won’t be using that one there. So um in this bag we have some badges to put on the front grill. You could put the zd1 or the mustang. You know the horse we’ve got extra velcro straps for the lipos okay. It looks like some more decals here as well and uh. This looks like a leaflet to show you where to put the stickers. We also got some cable ties and some small little screws just there as well all right guys. Here it is the ken block, unicorn mustang, now um. This is a rather large car. As you can see, this is uh. Actually the dimensions of this one is uh 740 millimeters in length, uh, 345 millimeters wide and uh the wheel base on this. One is 324 from center hub to center hub uh and 196 uh millimeters in height, so it’s a pretty decent sized car guys and uh i’ll just take off the actual uh body clips here now, um at first i was wondering where the dumbo rc controller was Uh last week, when i first had a look at this one and when it arrived and they’ve actually packed it in here, this is so so this is a dumbo rc controller.

They packed underneath the shell. Now let’s have a look underneath here. I’Ll just take off these leds because i did uh test it out before and had a look at the lights so there it is there guys a nice shell and it’s made out of pretty decent uh lexan. Just there love the look of this thing. It’S pretty big to put on camera, actually is that big put it in the frame but uh really nice? I love this shape of mustang. I always have done, especially when i was younger, so there it is okay guys. So i just readjusted the camera a little bit: okay, um! As you can see, this one has dual lipos: just there now they’re both 3s lipos connected in series, okay to 150 amp esc. Now this one looks a bit like a um surpass hobby esc we’ve got twin fans on the motor. Now the motor is a uh 4282 motor 1900 kv it’s got twin fans. There is the standard sized uh servo on this one. You got your receiver box on top with a dumbo rc um it’s, probably the i don’t think this one has gyro, so it would be the r f g, r, f six. I think uh receiver in that one and uh yeah it’s in series guys. So these are pretty large, now it’s plugged in because i plugged it in before just to check these are 5200 or 5000 milliamp hour lipos they’re, both three s lipos.

Now i did check out the cells on this, because a couple of guys have had problems and said these are junk these lipos, but these ones checked out fine they’re, all at uh, identical okay with the cell voltage they’re, all at 69 um percent each cell on Both batteries, so these batteries seem to be pretty healthy out of the box. Okay, now i do know that the racing uh lipos can be a little bit out of whack. Um i’ve had a couple of rc’s from a while back that they’ve had a bit of uh balance issues um, but uh. Now these ones checked out. Fine, as you can see like i said, it’s in series, so 3s and 3s it’s run off a 6s system. Okay, we’ve got some nice shocks here guys. You know pretty beefy big bore shocks. Okay, so it seems pretty stiff. Let’S have a look at the motor on this side, there’s a motor that is the uh. Like i mentioned, this is the 42 82 can size motor with a 1900 kv and we’ve got the twin uh fans. On top. We have another servo here for the brake. Now i haven’t got batteries i’ll just you know i haven’t put batteries in this yet, but i believe the handbrake or it’s like a handbrake. You can control it from this uh channel here, it’s a channel four and it actually acts as a immediate break. So um i’ll be sure to test that out later on guys, okay and uh yeah nice tires on this one street radials pretty hard compound.

Here i really like the wheels they’re exactly like the real car got a nice um diffuser on the back here as well. Okay, so yeah guys really looking forward to taking this one out mesh sounds alright and uh we’ve got the led lights that plug into there and also here as well for the front. I believe this has different modes of headlights as well, which i’ll show in another video guys just wanted to quickly. Show you an unboxing of this we’ve got these plastic side trays here with the velcro here so they’re already pre installed. We just have to rip that off uh actually peel. This whole velcro off put this side here on the actual shell, and that way we can secure the shell in place as well all right, um, nice, solid chassis, brace here, okay, i believe the felony only has one so this one actually has two. I do want to get the felony one day, but i decided to buy this one because it was more affordable. You know um, so yeah. I just put a bit of money aside and decided to purchase this uh zd ex07. Okay, so i think i’ve i’ve zoomed in too much there, so there you go guys um, just a quick look at it um it weighs 7.5 kilograms. Here, it’s telling me the ratio of the reduction gear is 8.5 to 1. it’s uh. You know it’s got a lot of uh cnc machine parts, as we can see here.

Yeah so it’s also got cnc machined chassis plate here and we’ve got those tabs. I just noticed that now for droop screws let’s see if i can get a shot there. Just there see the drip screw, this has got drip screws, so you can lower it, but it’s pretty low anyway. I don’t think i’ll be lowering it at all, but there is an adjustment there if you want to and um yeah i’m just looking forward to taking this one out guys i’ll just sort of show you a quick video. I post this up on my facebook page and also on my community post. We have the center diff here as well. It’S a three piece shaft, so you’ve got a long one at the front, a small one in the center here. Hopefully, you can see that small one in the center here and another one going to the back diff. Okay, so yeah guys pretty keen to take this one out, that’s for sure um, hopefully in the next couple of days, i’ll be able to take it out and uh yeah all right guys. I went and uh put some batteries in the dumbbell rc controller. Okay, so turn that on see if she fires up okay, so let me lift it up it’s on there. Okay, i just noticed that fan. Oh, i just touched it that fan stop, but just a bit of a spin touch there and it uh. It started again.

So fired up nicely um, so yeah guys that’s, basically it for this video. I just wanted to show you my latest purchase. You know um. It arrived pretty quick from microphone so i’d like to thank them uh for sending it out as soon as i paid for it guys that was here within about six to seven days guys. It was really quick, so yeah big props, to make a fire for sending it out so quick. They do send express shipping for all their orders, guys. So take that into account. When you look at their website um, you are gon na that it does include express shipping on anything you buy on the website, so they’re pretty good at that, and also, if you have any problems, they’re really good at uh. Getting back to you um, you know you just show them your problem and in most cases, i’ll, replace or refund you, your purchase, okay, so it’s, something worth to note in any way. If you want to use make a fire so uh anyway, guys hope you enjoyed this quick unboxing. I just want to show you my latest purchase and uh if you’re interested in this one guys i’ll put links to where i got it from which is make a fire. Obviously, in the links below you can get the roller version too. You don’t have to get this ready to run version by just decide to get the reach run version uh, so i don’t have to buy.

You know all the parts to get it going uh, but if i want to upgrade later i’ll do so, i might put a better esc in it. I’Ll see how this one goes. I know a few guys have problems with it, blowing up straight away or so forth, but this one, as you can see, is perfect and i’m really really happy that the lipos uh seem to be very healthy, lipos straight out of the box. I know that can be an issue with this car or early release models of this car. Now this car’s been released for about a couple of months. Now i think so yeah i think they’ve uh possibly settled those uh issues. You know, as far as the lipo voltage um being out of whack in some cases and also the esc issue, that a couple of guys had earlier on that i actually saw videos on so all right guys so uh anyway, like i said, links are going to Be below if you want to have a look at it yourself, you check out all the specs and so forth and uh have a great day. If you’re new to the channel, you know feel free to subscribe. I sure do appreciate it and um yeah i’ll catch. You on the next one guys so in the next couple of days or so i’ll try to get this one out this week. I’Ve got a few videos to film this week.

I’Ve got to catch up because it was raining last uh last week, good portion of last week, so i’ve got a few videos to bring out uh this week. So, and this will be one of them. I’Ll, take for its first test, run and see how it performs okay, guys so pretty happy with this purchase so far. I know i haven’t ran it yet, but uh so far, i’m pretty happy with it. Alright guys thanks very much for watching and i’ll catch you on the next one. Until then have a good one cheers and uh happy hour seeing bye.