So, with that in mind, today were going to be reviewing the 7d racing ex 16 four wheel, drive 3300 kv brushless motor speed over a top speed of around about 35 to 40 kilometers, but thats, not what this car is about, but as youll see from that Body, its very honey gun in style, which might give a clue as to what this zd racing ex16 is all about, and speaking of which youre going to see later on in this video. Just what this things capable of lets see what we get for our money. I will say the last zen racing car i had in the quality of which was absolutely second to none a few stickers there. So a little bit of self assembly required the car itself which, with the body film removed just like that, looks pretty good, but i think we really do need the stickers on and speaking of those stickers. Youve got full instructions as to where to put all of the decals on the car. So let me do that like this. Looking pretty damn hot, like this, absolutely loving the look of this thing, it is not obviously an original cam block hoonigan replica, but you can see where it gets this inspiration from so with the body sorted. What else did we get for our money instruction manual? I shall look at that in a little while two channel radio speed switch. What im assuming is speed, dual rate steering trim on there on off and you can even reverse the steering on there not too bad at this price.

Point compact battery charger for a 1500 milliamp, 15c lithium polymer battery. Now you can use that charger or do like im going to do and put it on a fast charge. Now we mentioned that this being a two channel radio, as there are two variants of this car, an o1 and an o2 and the 01 version of this car has a four channel receiver and a comp and a separate esc and receiver. The o2 version has a two channel transmitter and a combined esc and receiver, which is exactly what were going to find inside this car, which, as i noticed when i was putting the stickers on also as front and also has front and rear lights. So with the body off, what do we get for our money? Well, quite possibly one of the best looking rc car chassis out there on the market. The last one i thought was stunning, this one equally, so with the milled aluminum on there, four wheel drive deans connector on there battery slips in from this side, and we have a steel center drive, shaft, aluminum top plate and aluminum shock holders, both front and rear, And now, and the suspension on the car well sprung as opposed to well damped, but i do believe zd racing do upgradeable dampers on there not sure if these have got much oil in there with front and rear diffs, as well as the added benefit of bearings And steel driveshafts all around and controlling that 3300 kv brushless motor weve got a 30 amp esc combined receiver.

Well as the benefit of a three wire servo thats. All there is the connection for a ritchie whoa moment, because ive got two sets of lights, both front and rear, and nowhere to plug them into so need a little thinking on that one now i did mention they did this in two versions, this being the o2 Version it actually weighs around about 12 to 13 percent less than the 01 version does, which, to my mind, is quite a good thing, but i do know the radio has got no jarrow function on there. So if this thing drifts as good as i hope – and it should do with that 3300 kv motor, which is designed for bottom end, grunt as opposed to the top end speed the now good, you are drifting its down to how well you control it. Okay, my batterys charged im all ready to go with the zd racing cx16 ill put a link to this car below the video. If anyone is interested first of all, im gon na test it on smooth concrete surface inside then im gon na, take it outside and do a second test on blacktop and sarah handles on both surfaces so lets get to it. Richie, just remember guys, if you like what you see today, dont forget to subscribe. So is it a drift monster? Well, as i said, its got no tsm or abc on it, but lets see yeah a little bit tricky break well, but that was with the dual rate: dull, fairly well low down acceleration the full throttle.

Oh yeah weve got plenty enough power on there to drift, and this is concrete is maybe not the best surface to try out on because Applause it is very slippy indeed, but Applause not too bad at all. Im thinking might be better to take it outside and test it on the black top, but ive dulled the dual rate down a little bit on the throttle there so slightly less throttle on there, but a little bit more predictable in terms of being able to drift. It quite tricky to catch fast and the first thoughts are. I cant help thinking itd be good idea to change the esc, so i can fit a separate receiver with a gyro, because i have a feeling. This thing could then be a drift god, but anyway lets take it outside on a blacktop and see how it handles nice. Brushes cars go its a little bit stiff at the start, then, once you give it a set of steam, its got more than enough power. Music to bang into ritchies foot definitely think it would do with a gyro on it to make it an absolute blast. But you can have a lot of fun in a small space with this car, not sure if i can hit that 35 to 40 kilometers an hour top speed. But that is not what this car is about for sure its about being able at home with it. In quite a small space – oh quite a large one, if youve got one now youre, you do have to be quick to catch it on the throttle.

I have to say the back end when it comes around comes around fast. Almost there with steering jill right rather than throttle jill right on there well, like i say, its fairly easy to fit another receiver, an esc in the car, but overall im quite impressed with the first performance of the zd racing hoonigan car. Not certain itll hit that 35 to 40 kilometers an hour top speed but ill put the gps on it in a future video. So if you dont want to see how fast it is, then dont forget to subscribe anyway. Oh, do you like what youve seen today its a cracking little car very well engineered indeed and im sure, with a bit of practice, i may be changing to receive it with a gyro in its gon na, be a blast to drive well thumbs up. If you like this video guys post any comments, you might have in the comment section below the video and hit the circle below to subscribe and if you do it, the circle.