I think it was the s16 and uh. This thing pretty much looks identical. The only difference is being the body, but were gon na, have a look anyways and find out. As you can see, we have the brushless pro edition, which means it comes with like a dumbbell radio and all that good stuff. It is a 16 scale, its a ready to run electric four wheel, drive with a 2.4 gigahertz radio fast and furious. If youre wondering why im doing this section outside not at home, basically my lights blue, so the lightings a lot better out here, its a little bit overcast and uh. It makes the shadows real soft, also fresh, all right guys lets get down the box and see whats inside. If you do want to look at more technical specifications, definitely check out the links in the description below we can pick it up from, and yeah yeah im used to a tripod doing this, but now i dont have it. I did. I did uh already pretty much. Do all this so its kind of not in its proper orientation, dumbo radio charger sticker sheet im not too fast about putting that on today. It is a little bit windy and, of course, the rig okay. We are also at the skatepark, so were definitely going to be doing. Some sends with this thing. First, off im gon na head out there and do a speed test and im gon na come back and do a battery test because it only comes with a 1500 milliamp hour battery.

So id really like to test out how much time were going to get. I really love the look of this thing. Its got your awesome, turbos and induction systems, sticking out the front and obviously stickers, uh youre gon na have like your hoon again. It also comes with window stickers and all that got a rear, diffuser and rear wing, as well as i believe, working tail lights and working headlights make sure to check. There is no cables underneath before pulling off. The body is your little two cell lipo and here are your electronics and it is a standalone receiver for the dumbo uh. I do not know what kv that is and im not sure if that esc will handle 3s uh. The esc, from the other model looks a little bit better. I think maybe they cheaped out just a little bit pretty much all the same. This is entire aluminium, chassis or aluminum. For my overseas oil filled shocks, okay, heres, the dumbo radio. Oh doing this, one handed were going to require four double a batteries now guys. Obviously, this thing isnt made for the skate park, but i just like to have some fun definitely dont – take the skate park as a true durability test. I personally think like if youve got something like this an on road car, its not really made to be super durable at a skate park. It also has a three wire server, so its going to be great, if you do an upgrade in the future, but honestly its brushless already, you can get it in brushed as well.

It appears to be a completely metal drivetrain, as well as the spur and pinion gear. So all the way down to the diffs now lets get the body back on. Oh that usually works for kevin. I guess well have to do it manually for the speed test. Im just going to be using this wrtoys 2 200 milliamp hour battery. If you do have them, they basically fit in there really nice and snug. The reason why im doing this is, i dont want to take any charge out of this battery, for when we do the battery runtime test. First up speed, test Applause, i think i need to adjust some tuning youre actually kidding me that is annoying lets. Go find this wheel. Okay, guys ive got it back on. I did find it and uh turns out theyre pretty much all loose, so its definitely a good idea to go around and check the wheel, nuts make sure theyre tight or you could definitely lose them for good, okay, guys again track start and lets see how fast We go all right, thats tuned to be straight. If i can get it lets get it. You know what the sticker says. Full throttle, thats full throttle its a little bit slighty in the rear. End. Definitely not made for these kind of rough roads, though so well be surprised. If we get a mile or two under a desired speed Applause, he definitely does a decent skid, though i think that is going to be ample amount of tests, lets hit, stop and read, and we got 19 miles an hour now.

For my local folk it is 31 kilometers, now guys im not going to blab on about it too much. But one thing that annoys me is claim speeds and uh companies not holding it to that standard uh. So we got 31 mile, so we got 31 kilometers. Now and the claim speed was 35 to 40 kilometers an hour, so maybe on a better road. We could have got pretty close to that. I im not too bothered by that thats, not too bad ive seen a lot worse but ill. Let you guys be the judge now on to the battery test. How long is it gon na last stock battery is in okay? The battery has just been turned on so lets hit start on the stop. Watch lets have a putt around and see how much battery life we get. Some may be asking. Why do i do these little battery tests simply because you know if youre, a beginner and youre buying one of these, you know theres a chance that you dont have the money to spend on another battery. Uh battery life may be a determining factor for you. I can set up a jig where it holds the saddle evenly and whatnot, but thats not real world. Sometimes we full throttle sometimes were breaking and just going slow putting around you know sometimes were doing mad skin Music Music guys. We just finished there. 14 minutes 40 seconds, but its running really really slow and its really really hot.

So i didnt want to keep pushing it. Weve got some sending to do and uh yeah, but i reckon another few minutes out of this, and that would probably be it its time to send it theres. No taking it easy on this thing were gon na, give it an absolute rough time and uh pretty much send it so lets. Do it, oh yeah, its skate park time. I love this smooth concrete guys, especially if you want to be drifting around. I did not see that oh dude yeah, these smooth theyre smooth, like concrete surfaces, theyre perfect for dripping and driving around with these little things, see if we do that again and another fallen wheel. Oh that did not. Last long now the wheel falls victim. I think that was uh. That was another final verdict: im okay im, not actually that happy with it. If im being 100 honest with you, this here has just popped off and popped out, like i didnt have any of these problems with the last one. The last one is also like, at least in australian dollars. It is like 80 dollars cheaper and youre getting the exact same car. The only difference is youre getting a different body and maybe a slightly better radio, but honestly with something like this. How often youre going to go 400 meters away from your little vehicle? The last wheel actually broke the thread on the wheel. That was obviously my fault due to the jump.

The wheels fall off like two or three times is definitely a pain and if you lose it thats just more money, so im not overly impressed with this. I think they did a better job with the i believe, its the s16. If you want to actually see that review like we sent that at the skype, ive actually still got that im going to fix this one up at least and replace some of the parts. But again, if you do want to see that video of the s16 then ill leave a link in the description down below sorry, we didnt get to do much bashing. Overall, the electronics, especially the easy kind of, looks a little inferior. In my opinion, i believe the battery was smaller, this time around wheels falling off, which i didnt have that problem. Last time you like the addition of the dumbbell radio for an extra 80. I would personally just go ahead and buy the s16 and then i would chuck a dumbo radio and if you actually want a 400 meter range radio, if you just want this body show, you can probably pick this up as well guys. It feels absolutely amazing to be back. Weve got some awesome content coming to the channel, some really awesome stuff. We just picked up a new sponsor cant, really give details, but were basically going to have some extra money for the channel and that way were going to do some awesome stuff and some like real destructive kind of stuff as well like some pretty cool plants.

Thats coming up very very soon, so guys stay tuned. I love you all and i will catch you very very shortly.