I just reviewed this uh zd racing pirates 3, also known as the tc10 as you can see, it’s a lamborghini model of their on road vehicles, and i really do like this car guys. I just tested it out a few minutes ago. I’Ve, let it rest in between that video and this one, but in this video i’m going to do a 2s and 3s speed run now in my review, it did get 50 kilometers an hour, as you can see, i’ve still got on my phone uh with the Standard hard pack that they give you it’s a 2400 milliamp hour, 25c 7.4 volt, 2s lipo all right guys. So this is a great car guys, as you would seen in my previous video, that i just filmed previous to this one um. It has good grip handles really well and it’s, pretty quick out the box even with this uh standard 2s lipo here, but what i’ve got in it now is a florian lipo. It is a 5200 milliamp hour, um it’s, a hard pack as well as a 30c discharge, so we’ll see how that performs with the 2s see if we can get a bit better than 50 kilometers an hour guys all right and then i’ll put a 3s lipo In it so today’s just going to be a speed run on this one. Now, in between that video of having a break and uh recording this one, i did raise the body posts a bit guys.

So if you get this vehicle, you might want to put it on. The third uh put the pin through the third hole on the body post down uh. It was set default on the fourth one and during my uh test review it it ended up getting a bit of a chip there, which is no big deal um. You know i wish it wasn’t there would have. You know the body would have looked better, but uh it’s no big deal really. It did bottom out just then uh when i, when i reviewed it so um what we’re gon na do is uh get into it. Now, we’ll give it a 3s. A 2s speed run and then a 3s speed run all right guys. Okay, i’ve got the car powered on let’s set this one up, so it was 50 kilometers an hour on the standard 2s go to track and start put that up. There see how it goes. Music Applause see if it gets more than the 50 k’s an hour to me. I don’t really see much of a difference to be honest with you, but who knows the gps will give us that result. Come back again goes in a nice straight line very stable car, one more that way, it’s a bit fair. You got the headwind in the tailwind all right. All right, let’s bring it back. Oh great! Looking car love the look of this car too. All right so we’re in range here stop and read and 51 kilometers an hour guys out of this florian lipo all right, so we got 51k.

So as i suspected it, didn’t look really that much faster on this uh aftermarket florian pack uh the discharge on this uh fourion pack that i got in it is 30c rather than 25. So not a hell of a lot more discharged burst, but uh anyway, let’s uh put a 3s pack in it and we’ll see. If we can get that 60 kilometers an hour that they state online. Okay, guys i’ve got the 3s in it last run of the day before i head off home, as you can see four wire plug there, so 3s balance plug. This is just one of my old um, 2250 packs. It’S got a 30 to 60c burst discharge. All right so we’ll see if we can get that 60 kilometers an hour all right, uh, we got 51 out of the other 2s, so track start and we’re ready to go, see how it goes on a 3s skipped on something there twig definitely faster guys. Definitely faster look how straight this car stays awesome really handles. Well, just that was me moving it, but if you leave it don’t touch the controls. She’Ll stay in that straight line. Do that just make a little bit of adjustment get away from the curb all right. So that should do it, so the 45 amp esc can handle a 3s. I think that would have hit 60. What do you guys reckon before i look at the phone? I think she should have got there by now.

Let’S have a look be surprised if it didn’t stop read 70 k’s an hour guys. Hopefully you can see that very hard for me to see the phone through the osmo lens, but yeah 70ks an hour guys so did exceed what zd racing do claim. Um yeah got the uh 70ks an area out of that one average speed there was 37 k’s. You know when i was turning around at each end, so let’s uh go to the imperial measurement for you guys in the us. I’Ll put it up on the screen for the previous runs anyway guys i always do been following my channel. You know i always cater to both uh measurements of units 43 mile an hour guys that’s, pretty decent out of the box stock standard. You know so there you go awesome car guys, you can get 70ks out of the box, just throw a 3s lipo in it and you’re good to go so um for a car of this size being 110 scale, plus it’s got a bit of weight to it. Guys, it’s all metal, you know it is a. It has got plastic in it, but for the most part it is metal and uh. So it’s got a good way to that’s. Why? I think it hugs the road really good and, like i said in my previous videos, guys i’m definitely going to play around with this and get it to go pretty darn fast. I want to see this thing go well over 100 k’s an hour i think, i’ll easily get there.

You know with the base that it can do. You know off a 45 stock esc. You know it’s only a 45 amp erc there uh for it to do 50, 1ks on 2s and 70 k’s an hour on 3s, just by slapping a 3s in it um. I think i’ll easily achieve over 100ks an hour but we’ll see that’s half the fun of it guys so uh thanks very much for watching this uh speed run test of the zd racing pirates. 3 tc 10 lambo really do like this car guys. I like everything about it, actually the look of it and how it performs on road, so uh. If you’re interested in this one guys uh be sure to check the link below and i’ll put a coupon code there. I think these are currently going for around 230 bucks, us or 240 they’re under 250, anyway, without a coupon code, so i’ll be putting two coupon codes in the link below guys. Try them both if one’s expired. If the first one is expired, try the second one they’ll guarantee you a 10 off. So if it’s at 20 240 bucks take 24 us off, this you’ve got a 200 and just under 220 car here you can have a lot of fun with so uh yeah, guys thanks very much for watching. If you’re new to the channel feel free to subscribe. Like comment and all that good stuff and i’ll catch you on the next one guys all right during this video i’ll have two my two previous videos pop up on the screen and also at the end of the outro after this video is done, go check out.

Those uh two previous videos i’ve done on this car, the my detailed overview and unboxing and the video i just shot before this one: okay, which is the driving test review with a stock 2s lipo speed test. Well, that wraps up this video of the pirates – 3 tc 10 from zd racing, uh, 2s and 3s speed run. So i hope you enjoyed it and uh thanks very much for watching. I sure do appreciate you guys tuning in video after video and week after week. I do appreciate it a lot guys so uh i’ll catch you on the next one until then enjoy the hobby and as always, happy assin catch you soon guys bye for now. Music Applause, Music Applause sure is quick on 3s Music, oh, my god, Music, Music Applause.