Well, as you can see here today, i have a new product in for review. This is the zd racing rocket s16. I believe this is one of their latest products, guys uh. This is a 1 16 scale, full drive electric on road car. Now i guess you could use this for just uh running around. You know on on tarmac on the road or you can use it as a drift car. I think they’ve basically made this to be a drift car. It does have rubber tyres, um and not uh plastic uh drift wheels, so you can use it some sort of like multi purpose. You can use it for whatever you like to uh drive this. You know particular car but uh yeah it’s from zd racing, guys uh it’s, 2.4 gigahertz. They call it the fast and furious model. Here, 16th scale reader run it’s, electric powered, obviously um there’s two variants of this one guys you get a brushless model and a brush model. I end up getting the brush model sent to me today and uh. If you want to check the links below guys, you can see both models in the description, all the specs and, i believe, i’ll be receiving a coupon code to take some money off this particular product. Okay, four wheel, drive uh suited to 14 years plus on the side. Here we have the different uh color combinations here, so you can get it in the uh blue red and the orange.

I have the orange one in this particular box. The brushed edition and the brushless, so i have the brushed edition version with the 380 motor and the orange one. As you can see, it is a 911 porsche design. So it looks pretty cool guys all right so um on the other side of the box quickly. It shows you the aluminium or aluminum front deck uh, the upper deck chassis, brace here, and the aluminum or aluminium chassis, it’s, all really lightweight, and it actually looks really good guys um. I had a sneak peek of this beforehand and it looks like it’s all well. Machined uh cut so very nice vehicle all right, guys, i’ll open it up, we’ll see what we get and then later on. I’Ll take this out for a drift session. Okay, i’m! Really looking forward to trying this one out, okay, guys i’ve, got everything out of the box now quickly. Um here is the the porsche 911 itself and, as you can see, i’ve actually taken off the clear film uh. Just now – and you can see this shell looks pretty awesome – i love the orange guys. I really do that’s why i decided to choose the orange color so it’s, a porsche 911 um got some nice white mag wheels here with soft rubber tyres street tyres. Okay. Now these actually feel like they got uh some foam to them, and i believe these are the seven millimeter hex uh type uh arrangement on this particular one because being 116 scale, but yeah guys.

You know you got a black hood on the front and we have a carbon fiber. Looking uh roof panel, there, nice rear wing so yeah. This is Music, very nice. Looking porsche now, as you can see, there is no um decals on it, but uh that’s, where they give you a full decal sheet guys so i’m gon na have a bit of fun, putting all these decals on. Okay. Also, you get a couple of cable ties here. The 3m double sided tape there as well. Just in case i guess, if the esc, you know it comes loose or something you got some extra padding there and we have behind that. The zg racing booklet, this uh i’ll just quickly rip this open we’ll have a quick look at the booklet. It should have part numbers and exploded diagrams, and we also got the user manual here guys. Okay, it’s got this d16 model, which is an older model. I believe of the road car that was released maybe last year or a couple of years ago, and just looks like a pretty generic uh it’s got the older model details in here uh, i don’t know if it’s relevant to this model, though now it’s. Basically, the older d16 model, so i can’t really find the s16 in here, but it could be well in here. Let’S have a look, not really no guys, but i guess these are very similar cars, so you probably could use explode diagrams in there anyway.

That’S, the booklet, no one really looks at the booklet, let’s face it guys. We just want to charge up these cars and get out there and drift them around and thrash them around. Okay, all right open this box here and we have a wall charger with a dean’s plug now, you’ll notice, this one it doesn’t, have a balance charge uh female plug on there. You know to charge from the balance lead that’s, because the brushed version i don’t know about the brushless, but the brush version comes with a nickel metal hydride, which i’ll show you in a second guys. It doesn’t come with a lipo it’s, also thrown in this uh. This is probably, i think this is for american adaptor lee, because this is uh european um. I do have the the australian one, so i won’t be using that, but that’s handy that they uh throw that in let’s have a look at the controller guys now. This is your standard uh sort of it’s a rather the cheaper, more basic controllers from uh zd racing. Okay, you basically got your steering trim a speed switch, but what that is that’s just a throttle trim. So you can turn that right down uh, if you’re, if you’re giving this uh rc to. Maybe you know a young young kid or maybe you just want to get used to. Maybe this is your first rc car and you want to get used to uh the speed of it.

So you got a speed switch there. Um we’ve got an on and off button. Okay, a switch rather and steering reverse okay, there’s. Also an auxiliary button on the side here, maybe for a third channel um. If the esc allows it probably won’t work for this one guys because it’s a brushed model, two in one esc, but uh there’s a button there it’s more than likely non functional, fully proportional controls, guys and fully proportional trigger. I believe this will take two yeah. Two double a batteries guys and you and you put them in uh vertically on this particular remote. All right, let’s have a closer look at this one now take the body pins off and i’ll. Show you underneath the hood okay now first off. I just want to point this out that’s why i think they gave the fast and furious title on the box here. This one comes also with some led lighting, guys so that’s pretty awesome. We have a red, jst female plug and, as you can see, it’s taped to the shell here we’ve got an led strip on that side and also on the other side. So this is going to be a really cool car to drive around at night. We should have a really good glow coming out of that shell. Okay, all right here, it is here guys, let’s, have a look at the chassis already covered the wheels um. You know, they’ve got the rubber tyres, they do seem foam filled guys.

So you like, i think, there’s a really thin layer of foam there, so should be pretty pretty good uh on on the road on the tarmac. We’Ve got uh a little bit of travel and suspension here. It is fairly low to the ground because it is a meant to be a drift car. An on road rc car we’ve got uh. They are friction shocks. They do look like friction shocks. There will be no oil in these because it’s so tiny but uh. They seem the spring rate seems pretty good on them. Okay, so it should perform pretty well on the tarmac. We have a large. Rather, you know soft um foam front bumper there for any impacts, which is nice i’ll, really like the front uh aluminum tower bracing for the shocks, as you can see, that’s a nicely machined, uh top brace just there guys and uh, underneath we’ll look at the chassis Plate on this one it’s also machine cut like a warning there read before use so yeah really nicely finished uh chassis plate. Here they got counter sunk phillips, head screws on this one. You can see the spur gear in there or the reduction gear. Everything else is plastic guys, so we’ve got our control. Arms are all plastic. Steering linkages are plastic, as you can see there, but uh yeah, very lightweight too guys very lightweight car. I believe i don’t know how much it weighs i’d have to look at the specs, but uh very lightweight 116 vehicle.

Now we’ve got the battery here, it’s just held on with a plastic clip. I won’t even bother taking it off, but it just held on with no pins. Just a plastic retainer clip there – and here is the battery here with this particular brush model, guys so 1200 milliamp hour 7.2 volt nickel metal hydride battery okay, i’m. Not too sure of the run time on this one, but uh probably going to get well over 10 minutes uh, depending on how you drive it. Okay, this is the six cell uh nickel metal hydride battery. I believe i’m not 100 sure, but i believe the brushless version will come packaged with some sort of lipo. Okay, so i’ve already charged this up guys using that wall mount uh charger that i showed you before. Okay, all right! So, as you can see, the plastic uh, the the spur gear is plastic on this one, but we do have an aluminum drive shaft. I believe this would have ball bearings throughout okay. I can see a bearing just there where the shaft coupling goes into the diffs. The diffs i’m, not too sure, if they’re metal or plastic it’s hard to say guys uh. These outer cups are metal not too sure if they’re actual cvds. It looks like dog bones to me, but the diff cups look to be plastic, not too sure about these uh yeah. I think the dog bones might be it’s hard to say, they’re pretty hard.

These dog bones here i’m, just pressing on it, they’re not not really flexing, they could be uh alloy as well guys, okay, but uh yeah as far as front diffs and rear diffs on this one i’m, not too sure if they are um metal, geared or plastic. Okay, if i find any information, i’ll i’ll put it in the uh on screen, okay or in the description below we have a 380 motor here, guys 380 brushed motor just there powered by zd racing, so yeah guys uh, the servo i’m, not too sure of the Rating of the actual servo i’d have to look at the. I don’t think they have their gram rating on that, but there’s a servo there. It does have a servo saver just down there. I don’t know if you can see that, but it does have a servo saver seems pretty smooth, should do the job rather well, and this esc receiver combo try to have a look at it here. I think i saw it before it’s a 20 amp there. You go 20 amp brushed esc receiver, combo all right guys. Now. I believe the brushless version has a 30 amp one. Okay, all the details have been in the link below anyway, and we’ve got an on and off switch all right, so that’s about it guys. I don’t want to carry on too long with this uh. First impressions unboxing overview um. What i’ll do i’ll just quickly off camera, put the decals on the shell and uh off.

We go i’ll catch yous out at the uh at the field, maybe at the bar. Well, i’ll probably go to the basketball court. I think and we’ll see how this one performs all right guys. So until then i’ll catch you then all right, i’ll just get it prepared all right guys. Well, this beast is ready to run now, as you can see, i’ve applied all the decals on the body, shell and it really looks the part now i’ve done a couple of little changes to what’s on the box, but otherwise i’ve copied it exactly the way it Should be and uh yeah she’s ready to run now out at the uh basketball court, as you can see, i’ve turned the vehicle on the porsche 911 and it’s got those led strips underneath for the under body glow and uh yeah she’s ready to run now so Uh i’m gon na see how it performs now and we’ll see how it drifts so guys, i’m gon na uh put a couple of double a batteries in the tx and i’ll meet yous out at the basketball court. Let’S see how this 911 porsche from zd racing performs out there, so i’ll catch yous out there guys they’ll be coming up right now: okay, guys so i’m. Here, with the s16 rocket from cd racing, the porsche 911 drift car now um, i was going to go to the basketball court, but there was a lot of road works going on.

So i couldn’t access that area, but it worked out for the best because i’m at this uh sports club venue and i’ve got concrete floors here. So this will uh be a lot better for drifting and being in the shade. You can see the underglow of those lights so let’s give it a go guys. Okay, so i’ve got the trimmers all the way up got that one in the center for the steering. Okay, awesome he’s got a it’s got a 380 pound brush motor it’s. Rather quick. Awesome got plenty of power very easy to drift this one around. Oh yeah. This is awesome. Okay, i just knocked my camera there. This is a lot of fun. This one plenty of power. Look at that just no i’m, not even turning awesome plenty of power from the 380 brass got a good 380 motor in there from zd racing. This is awesome, guys great little car let’s see. If i can do a flick turn yeah flick turns you just had a gyro in it. It would be even better as it is a lot of fun i’m just kneeling down, so i could get as low as possible. So you can see what’s going on. This is a perfect sort of surface of smooth concrete, very similar, similar to like a indoor, basketball, court or gymnasium. This is a lot of fun guys. The last uh drift car i tried was a couple a couple of years ago: okay, so that’s, full power let’s bring it down a nice just to see how it is still very fast.

Now i’ve got it the trimmer down halfway. Let me bring it down a bit more okay, so that’s not right down to the lowest point, but uh very controllable. What an awesome little car i just took the all right, let’s, bring it right the way down, that’s the slowest speed. Okay, bring it up very fast now they claim this is a 45 kilometer in our vehicle. I don’t know about that being the brushed motor version, but pretty quick, oh that foam bumper would have taken the impact there on the chassis. It’S got a fair bit of powerful nickel metal hydride battery. Imagine this on a lipo. This is awesome great car from zd racing, Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music, uh, okay, guys well that’s the end of the run uh running out of battery the car slowed down a bit so i’m, not going to run it till it’s, totally flat but yeah. This is zd racing, guys, uh, s16 rocket porsche 911 drift car is a heap of fun. You can see. I had a lot of fun here, especially on this concrete surface. This is perfect, uh surface to run this vehicle on and it can drift pretty well no i’m, not an expert at drifting but uh. A few goes to this i’ll probably get a lot better, but uh a lot of fun guys. I highly recommend this one. Even in its brushed form, i can imagine, the brushless version would be even better but uh yeah.

It had a lot of power even on the nickel metal hydride battery, which was surprising in a very long run time. So i was out here, you know, run this thing for a good over 10 minutes, i’d say before the battery went flat and it’s, not totally discharged, but i stopped while it started to slow down so uh yeah definitely recommend this one for the fun factor, guys It’S got a lot of power from that 380 motor did. It does feel a little bit warm but uh. You know that’s to be expected because i was running it non, stop full throttle, so yeah guys uh definitely check this one out. I do recommend it. I’M. Definitely gon na run it a lot more. I might try a lipo on it if it can handle it. I’Ll look into it first to see if this um, this uh particular esc, receiver combo, can accept a lipo and if it can i’ll run on a lipo. Next, but a very fun car guys good controls very responsive on this uh transmitter here, even though it’s a fairly basic one uh, you know zd racing, usually pack, those uh dumbo rc ones these days, but uh. Some of their new models like this one i’ve noticed, have got this controller, but now fairly simple, easy to use controller and very responsive, so yeah guys hope you enjoyed this video. If you’re interested in this one be sure to click, the link below all the details will be there and a coupon code and uh thanks very much for watching guys if you’re new to the channel feel free to subscribe.

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