This car was worth about three thousand dollars now this stuff on the engine exhaust suspension, 哦,伙计们. So here we have my great big lossy 5T. Here it is compared to an x max body. So in the last video we just ran it in Indian gear, the bigger the pinion gear fit the bigger its going to turn the width in all her beauty. A Taylor RC 30 come some of these little spacers here that fit inside the chassis and on here seriously make these little spacers here and with those you can adjust it, and if so, weve got to get this nut off screwdriver into the gear. Mesh, probably frowned upon the part, I can finish: exhaust kept coming loose all the time and its come loose again and all the some high strength Loctite, no idea how these washers work look tight and the same with this one. So one last thing before this is only about 20 公斤, so were gon na fit this so fast loads, more power lets get it in there and then go rip yep. Next we get this new Servo in and check out. The quality next were going to turn on the radio and plug in the car to make sure different thread. This is M4, this ones M3 Music. Oh my God check out the speed and power of that even the back on. Then we can take it out for rip. 是的, first little run on the new pinion gearing, so we want to run it a little bit Applause, so warm it up and well lean him off: 音乐, 外国掌声, 音乐, crew, 到处, 音乐, 你不, 知道: mate Music.

We got some damage going on here. 哦不, we dont mate broke my wheel, oh new one, going on theyre awesome and you said I can have a go on there. Yeah you can. Oh dear looks like a missile yeah. Can we see the engine 300 英里? An hour yeah from my x max on it yeah these sets are a thousand quid oh right now. Can we see the engine or is it tucked in there? The engines inside that uh look at that in there. That is the old pop up into that foreign Applause in this Music um thats Ben. That is buckled. Can we see that on oh yeah, shes buckled banana dude, whos fixing it can you then stem everyones on here come on Applause, 音乐, 音乐, foreign Laughter October, but its everythings the wrong way? This is a setup, okay Laughter, but I have no experience and then um have you not only going to simulate here? No wow upside down, Luke James, it still Vlogs over there, so you killed the lossy and now youre on this yeah foreign, 音乐, 音乐掌声, 音乐. 掌声 音乐.