. I made this list based on my personal opinion and are trying to list them based on their price quality, durability and more. If you want to see their price and find out more information about them, you can check out the links in the description below 7. rock ray 1 10 规模. Rock racer, the rock ray rock racer, is incredibly versatile. Not only can it take on rocks with ease, but this monster can also bash over pretty much anything anywhere through mud and water at staggering speeds over 40 miles per hour asterisk, based on the losi baja ray platform, it features a new roll cage and body work That looks just like the full scale vehicles from rocks to water to mud, you’ll experience next level, awesomeness drive after drive 6. arrma rc car 1, 8 typhon 6s v54wdblx buggy designed fast and designed tough, the arrma typhon 6s blx 4wd rtr speed. Buggy is now equipped to deliver even bigger and better 1 8 规模, bashing thrills, with a spectrum, slt3 radio, dual protocol, 接收器, smart esc, 强, servo and more experience. A thrilling new level of bashing performance with the 1 8th 刻度, ready to run arrma typhon 6sblx4wd, 速度, 马车, designed fast, designed, tough and now outfitted, with a versatile spectrum, 3 channel radio system and firma, brushless electronics, it’s all set for fast action on all terrain. In all conditions, 5. arrm arc truck 1 8th, kraton 6s v54wdblx speed monster truck the ready to run arrm a k, r, a t o n 6s blx 4wd speed monster truck now comes equipped for even greater all terrain.

1. 8 scale bashing thrills with a spectrum slt3 3 频道收音机, slt dsmr, dual protocol receiver, smart esc, stronger servo and more driven by an updated 6s capable power system and supported by a strengthened chassis design. The arrmakra t0n6sblx4wd speed monster truck is ready out of the box to reach incredible speeds for thrilling all terrain: 抨击: 4. loci 1, 10th night crawler se4 wdrc rock crawler, brushed rtr. If you love scale crawling and night driving the low c knight crawler, ser tr will rock your world it’s, built on the proven lossy night crawler heritage, but offers more lights and a new exoskeleton cage. The cage and body provide impressive scale details without compromising performance or durability. Additional front and rear rock lights will make it easier to see obstacles in your path and brighter led light. Strips will further light the way this crawler feels most at home on rocky terrain, the rougher, the better and it doesn’t shy away from mud or water, either 3. team losi racing rc car 110, 22, 5.02 wd buggy. 的 22 5.0 is the next evolution of the 22 2wd buggy platform. Optimizing the 22 5.0 specifically for carpet and turf tracks, we’ve been able to narrow the setup window and maximize performance. 22 4.0 nailed the rear end maximizing adjustment in rear grip for all surfaces, but the team losi racing development team knew the 22 5.0 could still be improved. Turning focus to the front suspension, we found a way to make the 22 5.

0 significantly easier to drive, while still giving the car more mid. Corning steering 2. traxxas rustler 4×4. Over the last couple of decades, the 2wd traxxas rustler has become one of the most iconic bash vehicles in history for 2018 traxxas upped their ante with an all new rustler four times. Not only does the latest rustler sport an aggressive 4wd system, but it also has a burley vxl brushless power system to go along with an entirely new chassis design, 1. low crc truck 1 5th dbxle 2.04 wd desert buggy brushless rtr. The original dbxle set the world on fire as the go to vehicle for large scale, bashers and enthusiasts alike. Its agile handling, 开箱即用, speeds and durability, make it a fan favorite. Now the lossy dbxle 2.0 continues to build on the legendary status known worldwide. For their dominance in the gas one fifth market, especially with the five iv et 2.0 loci, has built the dbxle 2.