It actually has a italian shock tower and i did a little switch up a little while ago and yeah so now, 我. Switching it back again, so i’m gon na show you guys how to replace the shock tower in the event that you do need to replace. 一, whether you know you break it whatever so go ahead and start with replacing the shock tower, 正如你所看到的, there’s a smaller shock tower. This is f. This is for italian that’s on there. All right so got a couple. Tools got a little two wrench set, you got um little allen keys, 得到了一个 2.5 and i believe a two and i got um. I have a drill, 我会, probably be using on it um. I said it may be easier ways to do this, but this is how i’m going to do it real quick. So here we go so i’m going to try to keep the video nice and short, so i may do some cutting or some fast forwarding. So i mean i could take the whole thing out of the unit, but i like to pretty much bring it over. I like to pretty much um i’m gon na. Take it off piece by piece to just swap it over also while we’re at it. So i may have to readjust the body mounts because i did um mess with them with having that different shock tower on there, but for now i’m, just gon na bolt it back up where it came from or this way you know it should go.

I should say all right: keep everything nice and neat. I want a bunch of screws everywhere. I don’t mind readjusting after the fact at least i know what the screws are accounted for, and everything is nice and neat, especially if it’s your first time can be a little tricky. 所以好吧, second one off, so i could you to use the drill as well. I usually don’t use the drill too much but depends on the day. If my hands are a little tired, i just go ahead and grab the drill guys. I just go to work with that, so you guys to have the creighton v5s out there um, you guys run into standard diff, lubes and all that good stuff. You guys have you know stuff custom done up. You know what kind of setups you guys have going on with your v5 guys all right, let’s grab this next i’m gon na have to use a drill on that guy, get the shocks off all right, so i’m gon na start using the drill on this guy. These are a little tight just to pop them off all right. I forgot you got these uh spacers here. 嗯, all right don’t want to lose those back with the other one. 那边, i don’t lose anything guys all right space on the other side as well. Keep them all together, guys all together all right, that’s there that’s there all right so now you can start either shocks if you want, or you can start loosening up these other screws go from there all right make sure you remember how these things go in all Right take them out pretty much put them kind of where it should go with the new new one.

Just you have an idea again, it’s your first time. You definitely want to keep everything together. All right hold tight, 人, 你好, guys i’m back now how to step out real, 快速, all right so back to and bam guys. I should have take taken off the the shocks but um it’s, 都很好, get that here. All right so again put these screws back where you think they they come out of all right. The other screw is hidden down in there somewhere there we go all right now, let’s move the shock towers. This way it gets a little messy guys got parts falling out everywhere, all right i’m, just going to stick that door back right. There tighten that down in a second get the next one all right, and then you got ta turn this guy off as unscrews from the from that screw all right, 所以现在, 我, pretty much done with the italian shark tower again. I know why is the italian shock tower on the creighton it’s, just something i did with it guys? I had a different look on this guy, but now i’m going to switch it back to the crate so basically ready to go drop back in so i’m gon na go tight, i’m gon na tighten this down real, quick and then we’ll reassemble alrighty actually see. I should have um have something to clamp down on this hole down on it, but that’ll work also, 好吧, 所以这是, good and tight.

I just drop one of the screws down there all right so now we can reassemble guys pretty much put it back on. Like that and then insert the screw so so that she’s another screw down here, two more i’m going to get those screws here at the end just tidy it up and then now to reassemble the um. The shock so let’s put the little collar on there, and then you could slide the shock over like that now. This one still has everything intact, so actually then hold in place, and this one actually has to go over all right. Things got a little tricky all right. 我们开始吧, they got the kids up there. Jumping around guys got one coming downstairs right now, all right i’m back just tightening down the screws for the shocks all right. Now the shocks is on all right. So now you can do the um control arms all right get the pins in there all right. This will probably be the tricky part. Putting these pins back in there let’s tighten it a little bit. Let’S tighten it down. I guess and i’ll slide it in. 毕竟, right this one, two all right a little bit get an extra space. I put the spacers in all right so looks like we are pretty much done. I put these clips in and that’s pretty much how you change the shock tower out. I didn’t do a whole lot of talking.

I’Ll probably show much of anything i kind of zoned out and was kind of just trying to get it done a lot of times. You work in a car just want to just just get it done um. Hopefully i did show enough of the process, so we understand the concept i said it’s probably easier way, better ways of doing it, but that’s just how i did it all right, so it’s pretty much shock tower back on. We put these clips back in these shims. I should say all right, one and all right got that one in i’m gon na tighten it down. I think i need one more on this side. Let me do the other side all right, tighten that down all right, we’re good to go.