We just picked up a axial rift last night and we’re gon na unbox it and then kind of do a little size comparison to the lucy laser nut that’s sitting over there. Where’D, you see the rift at wyatt. I forget the place you place that one too it’s, not something like this. Hmm uh are those things in the bag. Oh look at that thing. Get two guys, 这一次, two men and seat yep, oh they’re, about the same size, 所以有, the laser nut and the rift side by side. You want to apply it talk about it. 你, like it yeah, 他们是, different vehicles. 右. 是的, they do different things. They both run on 2.2. They both have spectrum smart esc’s brushless system. The guy said they could like drive through, like the tall grasses and stuff, like tall grass get anywhere this one where these are might not yeah ground clearance, definitely a lot bigger on the rift laser nuts, 不错, but laser nuts. She said it would like push through like, but you got to be careful of this thing, especially in cold weather, 四轮, independent suspension on the laser nut. The rift has the solid front and rear axles. Even has a metal diff cover on it. Is it metal? I thought everything up here is plastic, that metal that’s metal, yeah metal over plastic what’s. The bottom look like it’s got a metal shield where’s that flat no that’s metal four length set up front trailing arm.

哦! Listen to that. Why does it sound like that? 那是? The ears and the servo huh yeah, am i breaking the servo that’s normal. Listen to that yeah that’s, just the gear that do that the other one yeah well it would except for the steering, is broke. Oh will the back one. 这样做? 不, the back tires! Don’T turn: oh just move around. You want to show off the articulation of the rift. 什么? What is me? What does that mean? How much the suspect just left the rear tire yeah that’s, pretty crazy lots of articulation on that? 好, so it does do different than laser nut, it’s different, 它, different right it’s. Definitely it looks exactly the same. It’S gon na drive a lot different than the laser nut like. I think we would have been just fine with just louise or not it’s fine to have one, but now we have two that’s dumb. This is the same. Well you’ll see it’s, not the same: okay anyways. It does run on 3s and 4s. So i don’t know what you want to run it on first what’s up under here, let’s look under there that’s, where the battery goes well, 让看看吧. 好, you got to look under here. Oh it’s boring that battery just lays in little tray put your ec5 plug there’s some kind of vent here, 那是, the is that a metal thing. This is where the speakers that is the speed control that is yes, are these batteries right there? 不, 是的, it is that’s, not a battery that’s, some sort of transistor battery capacitor.

You mean that stuff’s all the stuff that makes this thing work, 没错, 哦酷, 它, all up top for a little better cooling. I guess i don’t know that’s weird nice, but look in the laser nuts. Those are all fake things. They don’t do a thing. 不, those don’t do it. These do real stuff yeah. The laser nut has that same speed control, but it’s just inside. So you could take this thing apart to fix it. This is real metal. That is the speed control. You mean the servo, no that’s the speed control yeah that’s. What makes it good look down here, something’s down there where’s that that’s, the servo that’s. What makes it turn on what’s it come with what kind yeah i don’t know, probably not a great one, but that’ll need upgraded at some point. It doesn’t even say what it is. 嗯, 是的, probably maybe a 15. You kilograms never know you guess and you’re always wrong could be, but you never know there. It is right there, spectrum 614 s was it. Is it a 15 don’t know you don’t know, but oh here’s a cool little detail. If you look in there, it’s got little brake, rotors and calipers. I know those are cute. Do these actually work? No they’re just for looks but they’re neat. Looking you see the front ones a little better. Pretty neat actually turns up. Look how that thing turns when you move it forward.

这东西: yeah watch out that’s, pretty neat it’s on 2.2 super swampers laser nuts, also on 2.2. These are maybe just a touch bigger than the lasernet 2.2 轴距. The rift is actually just a hair longer. So laser nuts broke right now, so we won’t be able to go out and run them side by side, but we broke it two times two times broken twice: we’re waiting on our second set of parts once was when wyatt hit it on the concrete in the Snow and the second one is the steering thing yeah i was jumping it and broke it. Did you show the picture of the breakage? Look at that this broke bell, crank broken, and then we broke it right in there somewhere from here bumper mount when white hit the deck on concrete anyways there.