It looks like it’s been scraped just for the girls swimming. This is the best part about running in snow too. 看看这个, you guys ask how to clean your cars. If you get your cars dirty just get them dirty through the whole year and then leave the mud on them all year until winter time. Don’T do this! This snow that we’ve been getting is pretty insane. I mean it’s really affecting the whole country in some wild ways, and luckily we still have our power and all the essentials and that’s important for our two year old daughter and us. And while we are able to we’re gon na do what we do best and that’s have fun with rc cars and um for those of us that still have the power and stuff we like to still get out and do this the best thing about rc. No matter what stage you are in your life: 它, just a really good stress reliever, when i power on an rc, whether it’s an airplane, 爬虫, 巴舍尔, anything drain drones or whatever um it’s it really you zone out. You forget about everything i can’t walk around and filthy right now forget about everything going on in the world and just focus on your rc and that’s. What we’re gon na do today! This snow is crazy check. 这出来了, i’ll show abby’s, showing you too, but watch right, so it’s snow ice snow and i think a little bit more ice on top so i’m.

Not sure how this will do on the actual snow. But i think it’s going to do great in the little rucks that we have here so let’s power it on and see how this is actually by the way uh one of my favorite crawlers it’s. 可能, i think my favorite crawler of all time. So this is the axial wraith 1.9 我们将. Have it linked in the description box below and remember. If you use those links, you help support our channel, 哪, if you agree with our morals and family values. That means a lot to us so use those links. Let’S drive this right. Here is one of the reasons i love this truck, just i like a scale vehicle, but i also like a functional vehicle, and this one is scale because of the way you load the battery in under the hood uh. You know when you get in the crawling scene, you just it’s not all about ramping in high speed and what and we’ve done a lot of that and i’ll tell you what we did that creighton video, the creighton 8s snow video and it got like no views. Yeah that was pretty depressing. I worked hard on that video. It was a good video, 所以, 如果, if people are only gon na watch, you know three, only three people are gon na watch, then we’re just gon na take it nice and slow at our pace. Here we go that’s powered on look at that you get with an axial.

You get stock ready to run headlights. This is one of the only issues i have with it. If i don’t put the battery in perfect, the hood will kind of pop up a hair. 那里, on the edge just on one side with that battery that’s, not the end of the world, but i love that it has the stock headlights and uh. You know a huge fan of the rake so still still to this day. I think this is like my favorite crawler let’s drive, 哦,是的, driving just fine when you get that snow, packed down a little bit, isn’t that perfect that’s the perfect crawler road, 好, i wasn’t so sure let’s go for a little hike here together, hopefully everyone’s okay, With a crunchy snow hike, some of you guys that watch our videos, 你们中的一些人, watch our videos just for the 100 mile an hour rc jets. I think i’m crazy to get behind the controls of something that goes so slow like this. But i’ll tell you: i could drive this rc for two hours straight easily, even in this cold it’s. Just that much fun, i think it’s a whole different world to watch a crawler and to drive a crawler, and the awesome thing is this: on the included battery. Here not included because the one that we have in here, the one we have linked in the description box below youcan drive for two hours on one charge: it’s insanely efficient.

I love that this will run so long check this out up to the right. We wanted to show you guys this that’s a pond there. You can see it didn’t get a lot of snow right there, so it’s all iced over. But all this is a pond and you can’t even tell it just looks like snow isn’t that cool yes, look at the tires. 哦, 那是, 好. Is that a thumbnail that’s, not what the maybe we’ll see so who watching owns a crawler and if you have a crawler what’s your favorite thing about crawling versus other rc’s? To me this is peaceful. You come out here if anybody likes to go on hikes and enjoy nature enjoy, maybe a park even it doesn’t have to be in the middle of the woods like this. I really like how peaceful and calm this is, and when you take a crawler out, 你可以做到这一点. You can also play ac dc rock and roll andand really you know, go a little bit nuts in like a scale kind of way. But for me it’s the peacefulness to it. So do you own an rc crawler? 如果您这样做, which one is your favorite this one truly is my favorite it’s a it’s, a very overlooked forgotten about rc. Look at this look at that yeah that’s, 有趣, that’s cool looks goofy too um yeah. I don’t know why people like don’t talk about this one more than than what they do, which is very little because of all the crawlers.

We have and have had over the yearsand i mean i’d say we’ve, probably had 100 crawlers over the years right. We got to be there 10th scale and small ones at least well, if you count small ones, yeah it’s getting up there got to be getting close to 100. If not already there um this one stands out to me. It really just truly. Does i like it more than that traxxas trx4, and even some of the newer axials that have been out for a while, uh and and the newer ones? I i just like this one super fond of it. I want to get the black and green one too. We should go down to the other pond. I think you can get down to it and drive around on it a little easier than right here. You want me to drive on it. A small pond, yeah let’s walk back over okay. So if we head out behind us it’s, just more trail let’s see if we can get over to the we’ll walk with you guys. Who knows how long this video will be? I don’t know it’s just a crawling video one of these days. I want to get two gopros on abby take one. I take one it’s been a long time since we’ve done that and uh let’s go for a hike, and you know it would be cool if we could do it live, but we probably wouldn’t have service where we would be so maybe maybe we take you guys Along for the whole, the whole hike here’s one.

This is the best part about running in snow too. 看看这个. You guys ask how to clean your cars. If you get your cars dirty just get them dirty through the whole year and then leave the mud on them all year until winter time. Don’T do this that’s how you clean your cars? If your name is nathan saylor, if you’re lazy, you’re lazy, but it seriously works, it cleans your tires extremely well, and you got ta admit every time. Winter’S over our cars are the cleanest they ever have been. So look at that see clean the mud right off. A little faster yeah and do you want to drive, i want to drive it on the ice. 好, 好吧! 嗯, this is like the perfect trail, 太有趣了. I worried a little bit. Is this even going to work, because if it didn’t work, we wouldn’t have had a video today? This is our only idea for the day, but it’s working now to get down there. It would have been able to drive on it, 虽然, but this is working out better than i thought right here. 你去那里. We go yeah all right if we make two more rods, walking. 好, this actually like hurts to walk in in this booth. The ice like stabs into my ankles, 好: this is a risky thing to take my favorite crawler in the world out over the pond. I mean you can do it if you want wow all right, let’s go here: oh you’re you’re not going to do it you’re! Actually letting me i do want to it should be thick enough.

It’S been freezing freezing it’s supposed to get nine degrees. Let’S go it’s like 20, something right now, so this is as far as we can go, but the truck is so light. It can just go so i’m gon na have to zoom, but it can be done. Should i get close to the sticks? 是的? 哦, i would have that’s what i would have wanted to do. Little dead trees now we’re in digital zoom, so we’re losing quality. We don’t got much closer, but look at that we’re eight times zoomed in right now get where there’s no snow we’re. Almost there, oh you’re, going to the ice. You want me to or no yeah go for it. I don’t have to get stuck no go ahead. We can always throw rocks at it, leave it to abby to always push her limits and boundaries she’s like no the trail, not enough we’ve got to go, pushing it and do crazy things. I just want you to see how far out we are focus. 好, so through those tree branches, it’s going to be hard to see that’s what crawlers are about, though guys it’s like getting out and exploring, and if we can be quiet for a minute, listen to the birds. I don’t know if you guys can hear nature, but i like it there she goes. I was nervous yeah still on ice, though you guys, you are yeah, still hey. Everything is ice right now.

This is the pond that we’re on so cool now like we could have seen it. We could have taken the creighton or something on this. 可能, i think it would have been okay, 有, your donuts there’s, such a big variety in the rc world. Like guys, a few years ago, we used to have rc sweepers on our channel, the robot sweepers, so for us to go from a creighton 8s to this and 100 mile an hour jet back to this again it’s, 什么, 我的意思是, just so normal for us, Because the whole hobby it’s cool, if a person really gets into one part of the hobby, they’re really good at something like racing that’s cool, but to the guy that races dirt buggies around a dirt track. Why haven’t you ever even tried a helicopter or a crawler? That’S what you got ta do you got ta, not limit yourself, 它, 好, to be good at the one thing, but at least try the other stuff too. They can see the ice under there. 哦,是的, i think so yeah kind of clear it form nice. We need a little snow plow for the front of mine like a couple inches on top of this last night, just enough to drive the rc yeah just enough all right, let me get it out there on the pond a little bit that looks like fun. 好, i think i’m gon na maybe go try to stand over there.

哦, 好吧, you want to stay in here. Do you want to go over there with me? I’Ll go with you all right, different side. You see the truck way down there. Perspective that’s, where we just work over here. Let’S get it over here. There’S actual exposed ice here, i’ll bring it real quick. I just i just love taking a couple crawlers out. I know we only have one out today, 但我们去那里. Is it slushy or is it ice it’s ice? 嗯, i might have a little slush on top of it. 哦,是的, quite a bit of water, so a little little sketchy here, not a lot of like can’t. Do any donuts or anything look at all the water coming off the tires. Yeah isn’t that cool i lost you, 好, 它, 都很好! That is just awesome to be able to drive it around this very cool. Oh it’s awesome. Do you think we can get the truck to come up this way? I’Ll bet we can take a good hill let’s, try the steeper part first before all the water has made no just turn into slugs yeah, 好, a little too steep, i think over here there was this channel that abby and i, when we started our channel, we Kind of liked to watch that was massive and they would do little hill challenges on trails like this and we got so addicted to watching them just try and fail and try and fail over and over and over hoping for success and i’m, not feeling the success Here, it’s just not getting any up any higher it’s, just too uh it’s too slushy right there.

So i think let’s go off to the left here and see where that gets us. I see one more spot over there. That looks a little less poop right there. Maybe might be going back the other way: oh yeah it’s, just not gon na make it i might have to take it out of the water let’s see if i can walk down. That course i bet i can just get it right here. You think it’ll get up right here. 不, i just might grab it right there. Oh that’s about it tires are all wet, so it’s not working as well. 哦,我的天哪, oh yeah got it. I feel like i should say this in case there’s, any youngsters watching or just if you forget, do not walk out on frozen ponds or lakes ever just don’t. 做吧, even if you lose this, if the battery dies out in the middle, get a big stick. Go home figure it out make a pvc pipe thing get help, especially if you’re by yourself just never go out on frozen water. I think that we should remind you of that. I thought it might be fun to drive on this basically untouched snow. Now that the tires are wet, the snow is sticking more to them. 我们开始吧. I don’t like how it looks it’s kind of funny at first, but then it just doesn’t look cool all right, so i asked you guys what your favorite crawler is now tell me, maybe you’re not into the crawling but you’re watching this video just because you like To get a little taste of other rc, sometimes that’s what we do on our channel what’s your favorite type of rc.

Are you an rc plane person and you are just going crazy right now, because it’s hard to fly? Do you like bashing, or do you like crawling what’s, your favorite style of rc? I like talking to you guys in the comments it’s part of it’s part of what makes youtube awesome. You know you’ve got your account. Some of you guys, i know and have known for years and years and some people are new to the channel and you may watch once or twice and move on that’s fine. But we also might become friends. Ten years from now and and just look back and say this wraith 1.9, you just took that little stick down yeah! 哦,是的! Look at that crunch! 哦,我的天哪! That’S impressive! I love the wraith 1.9. 你们觉得怎么样? Should i get the the black and green one? Should i treat myself to that or have we uh outdone ourselves with that recent felony on the channel you’re paying for that one for a little while, 我认为, 哦, i love this truck. I want that black and green one, so bad it’s, just so reminiscent of my very first crawler, very first rc that you ever bought me was the original wraith. We bought ourselves together, the iron track spatters and they were just trash, and then we got into some really good rc’s because of those well. 我想是, probably time to wrap this video up abby and i we could do this for a couple hours straight but i’m, not sure how how much you guys would want to sit and watch watch us drive this in the snow.

So you know i’m, just really grateful i’m grateful for this opportunity to get out here and drive but i’m, so grateful for just everything that you guys allow us to do on the channel for our youtube channel the size, the growth that we’ve seen and just everything I’M, so so very grateful so for that i think the big guy upstairs and i’m also extremely thankful to our patreon supporters, because without you guys, we just wouldn’t be able to do what we do on the channel. So a massive massive thank you uh from the bottom of our hearts. We truly mean that you guys are awesome if you’re interested in my favorite color truly truly is my favorite crawler. For so many reasons, this guy will be linked in the description box below in both colors, also the battery that i’m running on. Although it does pop the hood up a little bit on one side, i can get a nice hour and a half to two hour run time, one which is just so awesome the charger that i use and i’ll also link a budget charger in case you just Want to get into the hobby and just drive one vehicle i’ll link a budget charger down there too. That will get the job done and you don’t have to think about it at all. All the good stuff is linked in the description box below we’ll. Have another video of my race 1.