So here is the box. The uh box is packaged quite well. Let me get this out of the way it’s um. Now the specific, the specific one i got. Is this one made by zee, chong or hito. I don’t know right: 那里. I’Ll have a link in the description, but this specific one i thought looked the best and it was the only one that would arrive before christmas and had free shipping so yeah. The reason i say that is because there’s multiple versions of this same plane in different paint schemes by different companiesit’s just a big old messit’s just the two channel cessna glider. This is the basic one. 在我看来, this one looks the best. It looks the most realistic, so i would definitely recommend this one now i try opening this. Obviously i’ve already opened it wow. This is a tough one, 好吧. So when you open it, this is how your plane would be be sitting there like that. 嗯, 您的发射器, your batteries and well here’s the transmitter and your batteries, and this little bag of goodies will be in there along with the charger. So once you get your plane up, you’ll see you got, you know just a basic little airplane um the landing gear. Does not come installed so you’re gon na have to you know, put the landing gear in and this specific one that i got came with two two extra sets of landing gear and like a bunch of propellers and it comes with a propeller remover um.

So that was kind of surprising, because i’ve gotten one of the cheaper ones before and it didn’t come with any of this and i had lost the landing gear and i had never had a replacement. So i just never had landing gear, and i must say landing gear makes your flying a lot more fun. You can take off. You can try to land and yeah. So let’s talk about the transmitter, i guess so to turn it on you push it. It blinks and uh. I’Ll show you how to bind it with the airplane in a moment here, but uh yeah here’s throttle, which will also be your up and down here’s. Your left trim and your right trim. The battery hatch is right here. You also have high rates and low rates, which is basically um, turn quick or turn slow. So when you press it, i heard two beeps. That means we’re in high rates. One beep means we’re in low rates, so you turn the transmitter on you’re automatically in low rates, so you’ve got to press it to get into high rates. I personally like flying in high rates it’s good practice for me uh. This would be your throttle up and down. This is left and right and in the flying, video i’ll show you guys how i control my my altitude while turning because this plane will descend in a turn aggressively. So you have to be a little bit careful, but let’s go ahead and turn that off for now um.

So here you’ll also get your battery it’s, a one cell 3.7 伏 350 毫安普, and all you got to do with this little guy. 是, i probably got ta move this. You just got ta plug it in to a normal usb. It could be on your computer. It could be a plug, and you just got ta line up these pins and push them in it will not let you push it in backwards, so don’t force it in it should just slide right in, and this light right here will turn on saying, it’s charging And it when it turns off, that means your battery is fully charged, something i will say to avoid, is having your battery plugged in and then plugging in the usb always plug the usb in first and then the batter just a little bit of advice, 好吧. Where was i okay um the disclaimer real quick? This does come with a propeller on the front it just spins it doesn’t it’s, not a motor. It just makes it look better mine broke, so this will probably break pretty quick um. So i just teared off the rest of it and left the little hub on there it’s, not that big of a deal it does make it look a little less realistic but that’s all right, it’s a little plain and it probably saves a little bit on weight. So here is the flight control. Thingy um you’ll see there’s an on and off switch here, but we’ll get to that in a moment.

So to open this there’s a little clip here, you push it down and open it. So you can see that little clips like that, and then you got a little compartment in there got a lot of room. So then what you’ll do is we’ll. Take your battery, but first turn the transmitter on and you’ll take your battery and plug it in and once again it should just slide right in. If you have to force it it’s, probably in backwards and then what i like to do is just push it in there. I actually got ta turn it around there. We go it just slots in and then you just close this little compartment now um. You want to find the switch it doesn’t really show up on camera, but it’s there and you just want to push the switch. And then you get a blink here and a blink here oops. 那么, what you’ll do is you’ll, go full throttle and back down and now they’re, both solid meaning, they’re connected and armed uh. 也, one thing is this little antenna sticks down, so i like to bend it just to protect it from the ground. 好, now that you have solid, the plane is now active um and when you have the motors on that’s the stabilization same for up and down and then when you push the stick over, both motors will spin, but this motor will spin faster. If you push it to the right so that way the plane gets pushed over and that’s.

Why this airplane, doesn’t glide very well, is if you glide it with no power, you have no control and if you try to turn it, then you’re adding power. So if you go up really high, it is difficult to bring it back down because you can’t just cut off the power and steer it back down to the ground. So i like to stay a little bit lower than i would with my conventional three channels or four so that’s just a little advice. So this guy is for calm, very calm ones. I wouldn’t fly anywhere smaller than a gem and, if you’re brand new, i wouldn’t even try it there. So that’s the little review thing and now you’ll see some flag footage and i’m. Just not remembering this plane is super super strong, like you can hit it or whatever, and if you see your planes flying and you’re at full throttle it won’t climb, you can actually just bend this tail upwards. Like that just kind of work into place. You can also twist the rudder or twist the elevator. This foam is very strong and if it cracks, you can just hot glue it or super glue it back together, so yeah that’s the cessna glider. It can taxi not very well. 好. Here we go take off just full throttle and now you’re in the air right now, i’m in low rates. So if you click that button now i’m in high rates, which allows me to steer a little bit quicker, so i’ve been flying rc for almost three years.

So i’m kind of used to flying in a small space i’ve only had one other two channel like this one um. So i do have some practice and i have been flying this one for a bit too. So this is not a beginner pilot flying it, but i did have my older brother, who is pretty much? No flying experience fly it and it was not that bad for him either. He just wasn’t very good at uh when he would turn he would constantly descend, which you can see here is because of the lack of pitch control that you just just got to get used to it. When you turn, you got to turn shallow and add power. So that’s a little sesame glider. I hope you guys enjoyed a little review video and i hope you guys pick one of these up because for 30 bucks you get a pretty half decent little airplane, but i would recommend, if you’re buying oh almost hit myself. If you are buying a 35 或 30 飞机, just spend an extra 15 to buy a a a three channel, i’ll link a three channel i do not have, but i would recommend instead of this um it has. It has differential like this one and it’s a little bit bigger too, and it also comes with a elevator, so i’ll put that one in the description too.