I read the comment section even in my older videos, i do my best to go back and respond to some comments. 它, not mathematically possible for me to respond to everyone’s comments uh, 但我得告诉你. I do my very best and what i see is recently there’s been some requests for me to get out with my traxxas bronco, get out on the backyard trail park and to have some fun. So i invite you to come along with me. How many times have we pulled up to this starting gate, my friends so many times eh. 事实上, if you’ve been with me for longer than a year watching rc adventures, i want you to tell me in the comment section right now sign in do whatever you got to do, which video do you remember seeing first or one that sticks out in your Mind from the rc sparks channel. Let me know that i’m always curious. What got you started into the hobby? That kind of thing you know here we go in three two one down. We go i’m in the crawling gear. My differentials are completely locked. Look at these oversized tires: 嘿, 是的, you’re hearing a rumbling, sound box in there. It is up front. I know there’s mixed reviews. Some people like sound boxes, some people, don’t that’s, the beauty of this hobby. You can build the truck the way you want and if nobody likes it screw, em have fun anyway.

是的, let’s rip up onto the teeter totter giant, oversized capo tires just known as rock kings look shock towers. You guys get the irony in that up on to the teeter totter, the seesaw it’s weighted at one side. I’Ve had this in my park for several years, one of my favorite uh obstacles, because each each truck does it differently, because it’s all weighted differently see on this side. I’Ve got that hanging chain, that’s full size chain. 哦, my dang dang carburetor i’m on an angle here best part about using wood and how it naturally twists like look at this one. Even though it’s coming down it’s not straight it’s, all kind of twisted off to the side, then you got to use the weight of the vehicle to help you on your descent. A lot of people flip over there or they’re, 不是他们, 不呃。, nimble enough to get out of here in time and it flips them over because the counterweight and then just an uneven surface. I used to have a side hilling area here, but i love watching suspension, so many people will say in the comments to me. You know over the years what is the best trail truck you’ve ever come across or what’s the best rc. For you know this amount of money and i always say to them, and they always kind of get upset when i say it, but it’s so true, this hobby there let’s just go to the word best number one.

The word best is a word made up by another human to express personal opinion. What’S best for one person may not be best for another, so that’s tough to say: 哦,是的, 看看这个. I say the best rc, for you is the one that makes you happy and smile and fits within your budget, and these days this hobby is more accessible than ever, like there’s rc’s for budgets of all kinds, bigger smaller. They got them for all come on. We can get up here yeah. I just need to let that rip a little bit: hey Music, 音乐, 啊, the hill of doom Music, one handed driving my friends, people say why don’t you stick a gopro on the bottom of your radio. Have you ever thought of that in 13 years and the answer is oh unlock differential? The answer to that is, i actually use a large camera there’s no way i can fit it on the bottom of my radio, but i love the quality that it provides. So i just keep going with it besides. Driving one handed is a cool trick at the at the pub anyway it’s. Not the only thing i can do, one handed: what does that mean? 音乐? Sometimes i just got ta shut up and let us enjoy the rc to be quite straightforward. My friends, when i hear about what’s my favorite rc, i think about you know. What are we going to be doing that day? Are we going out trailing? Are we going out, you know bashing? Are we going out flying or boating that kind of thing, and really, like i said budgetis a big deal these days and because there’s so many uh companies out there? Oh dead, carburetor dang it at least i got it started again.

Yeah i’ve made it down wesley pipes because there’s so many manufacturers out there. You really do have a lot of choice of what you want to get. Look at my poor backyard trail park. Hey everything’s been so beat up just because of the weather: hey raven: where are you going she’s, so camera shy? Raven come here. 来吧来吧, 说, hello to everybody. Come come on. 不用担心! 你不知道! You don’t have to worry about the rc. You know that come here come get it pat, 哦, 那是, my good girl that’s, my good girl we’ll just stay here in the sunlight all day, long wouldn’t, he huh yeah, 好吧, let’s see if we can get up the tire and over the pipes and we’ll End this strong, 嘿, you good girl, 好, coley down she’s like an amazing family dog, 加油. We can get up the other side unbelievable. This is an old tractor tire i have. I thought it would be great in the park and it has been. I just cut it in half Music. Oh up over there, oh slippery. We going to end up with a spectacular crash here: oh bad driving. Can i pull out of that here? 我们一切都好, we’ll back up a bit more. The reason i’m struggling is because of this knot on the front there once i got over that Music fail round deuce now take it nice and slow here, focus on the driving and the wheels slipping off.

Watching all the tires that i can watching the position of the tires on the pipe making sure it’s not sliding correcting early and Music well there, it is my friends, a good video with the traxxas trx4 bronco. This is one of my favorite uh rigs to drive. I don’t say it’s the best but i’ll say it’s, one of my favorites that’s for sure very capable. 正如你所看到的, i was able to put larger size tires on there with some aluminum rims. All i did was move the bumper out two slots and move the back bumper out a little bit. 也, i adjusted the preload on my suspension just to lift up the body, but you can see it really. Didn’T affect the articulation that much at all, and hopefully you guys were inspired to get outside and have fun with the hobby of rc if you’re able, 如果没有, maybe you can stay inside and build one modify one. You already have heck wash it and paint the body who cares. Just have some fun and we’ll see you in the next episode guys bye for now.