These are systems. We’Ve been looking forward to for a long long time, so let’s go ahead. Flip the camera around here and take a look at a couple different things. So, first off we want to show the previous top of the line model. This was the compustar pro t12. An absolutely awesome system, it’s been fantastic, it’s, been their top of the line, probably for the last couple years. Of course, it does lock unlock displays the temperature inside of the vehicle. If you wanted to can tell you how long the car is going to continue to run for three year, remote control, warranty lifetime warranty in the parts that go in the car crush resistant and waterproof remote control, rechargeable battery with great battery life, just an absolutely fantastic System with up to three miles of maximum range, the best in the industry, if you wanted something that worked really well, this was it, of course. It also also included the drone mobile smartphone module, so that was the best let’s go ahead and take a look at what is now the best so we’re to walk around here and head into my office. We’Ll take a peek at what the newest latest and greatest system is and what makes this a game changer. So, first off it’s the copy star pro series t13 and pro series r5 of course, copy star. Pro series are available only from copystar pro series dealers, not all copy star dealers are able to carry the pro series.

These are only available at the best of the best retailers throughout the united states. Of course, sweet sounds here in mankato, we’ve been a pro series dealer since pro series dealers first existed so we’ve been very proud of that fact. We’Re also the combi star regional dealer of the year winner for the last 16 or 17 years in a row, that’s an award given out to a dealer with the highest customer satisfaction and lowest defect rate in our five state area. So awesome systems let’s get right down to it. So this is the new t. 13 remote control, very, very cool, very sleek, very gorgeous display thin doesn’t. Take up a lot of room in your pocket water resistant, remote control, usb rechargeable on there going to give you up to a couple of months of battery life. Of course, this is a full true, two way, remote control, and what that means is. You can also use it for your alarm systems if you want to also but let’s, go ahead and go through this remote control. Show you how it works. A little bit talk about some of the features on it. So, first off both of these systems are the first in the industry capable of proximity unlock. What does proximity unlock? Do? Proximity unlock allows you to walk up to your vehicle and the vehicle unlock simply by walking up to it with this remote control in your pocket. So you no longer have to get your keys out.

You no longer have to push a little button anywhere on the vehicle. You simply walk up to the vehicle you get within a couple of feet and it’s going to go ahead and unlock for you very, very cool feature. This feature will work on both newer cars with push to start ignition systems in it, and it also can be used as a retro fit on your older vehicles or even new vehicles that start by turning a key so a great great feature. So this remote control now has only three buttons on it: that’s different that’s, something unique to this. This remote control, so with this remote control copy star, introduced the ability to use soft keys kind of similar to how you use your smartphone. So let’s do a couple things here: hit the lock button doors lock up. One chirp tells you locked up, shows the lock symbol. Really simple, of course, hit the unlock button vehicle unlocks, just like you’d expect shows you unlocked padlock confirms that it’s unlocked let’s say we want to remote start it that’s the center button here let’s go ahead and press and hold that for three seconds. That will send the signal to remote start just like it appeared on the screen right there. This system takes about eight seconds to start up on this particular installation. Once it starts up, it’ll respond back to us and turn the screen on indicating the vehicle has successfully remote started.

It tells you the remote start. There you see the little engine symbol down there, and it also has a countdown timer to indicate how long the vehicle is going to continue to run for all great features, very easy to use once again three miles of maximum range. The best in the industry best warranty fantastic features, let’s go ahead and talk about a little bit more of the inside of this remote control. First, off let’s go ahead and shut down the remote start, which, of course, we can do on all copy star remote start systems and let’s get in to the soft keys and see some of the different features. So, first off you can change the vehicle that’s displayed on this remote control. If i want to show an suv, i can do that. If i want to show a pickup, i can do that or if i want to see a sedan, i can also do that. You can do it at a time going through some of the other features on this thing, let’s say, for example, we want to go in and change how loud it is so right now. This probably sounds fairly loud on this recording that’s, because i have the volume turned all the way up on it. So right now, it’s on volume level. Three i can go down to volume. Two. It gets a little softer volume level. One gets even softer. Of course it has a vibrate mode, so i just felt that vibrate and i can hit it one more time and i can turn that sound and the vibrate completely off.

If you don’t wan na, have any noise or any vibrations going on i’m gon na leave it on three here so it’s very easy to hear what’s going on with the remote start, while i’m going through and demonstrating this few other features on this. Of course, you can change the brightness of the display the screen time out. This is a great feature coming up here and that’s called second car mode. If we install the system in two of your cars, you can use one remote control to control two different vehicles. You do not have to carry on to remote controls to control two different vehiclesvery handy, very nice feature along with that, and, of course, that proximity unlock i was talking about is in here also allows you to turn the proximity lock on and off. Just simply from the remote control so highlights on this t13 remote control. Obviously a beautiful display three miles of maximum range, the newest latest and greatest proximity unlock, which is a great feature. Something i’ve personally been looking forward to for a long time. Compustar had an earlier version of it was kind of an add on. It was okay. This system is significantly better it’s, extremely fast to use and it works really reliably so that’s the t 13 remote control. The t 13 system comes with two handheld transmitters, so you get the lcd remote control. You also get what they call an r5 remote control.

This is the companion or the secondary remote control, that’s included with the system and then also includes the drone mobile smartphone option. Also, this is a simple one. Button, remote control, very, very small doesn’t, take up. Hardly any room very thin also has a rechargeable battery in it. So it’s going to give you great battery life, you never have to go to the battery store to buy new batteries, plug it in standard micro, usb charges it up two hours at most to charge. The batteries works great super easy to use, so let’s go ahead and tap the button here. One time we’re gon na get one flash one chirp, we just locked the doors, one tap locks, the doors double tap like that unlocks the doors and, of course, if we want to remote start it, we press and hold that button for three seconds. That’S going to send the signal to start the car once again, this car takes about eight seconds to start up once it starts up it’ll, send us a signal back and show us right on the remote transmitter that the vehicle has successfully started and we’ll get the Audible trip to go along with it, you’re going to notice those light flash across the top, and they will continue to flash once every five seconds indicating that the vehicle is currently remote started and it will go from four lights to three lights, to two lights. To one light, to give you an idea how long the vehicle is going to run for and, of course, being a copy star systems, they also allow you to shut down the remote start after it’s been remote started, so that is the r5ss once again.

This is also proximity unlock capable. So even this tiny remote control you can put in your pocket and on your keychain and walk right up your vehicle and the vehicle is going to go ahead and unlock when you get within a couple feet of it. Very. Very cool another feature that you can add on to this very soon is going to be the compustar key locker. What is a key locker? Well, many many of the new push to start fobs are really really large. They take up a lot of room in your pocket, they’re not very comfortable to carry around so this unit, in combination with the key locker, will allow you to leave your push to start fob safely inside of the car and walk away from the car and lock The doors up your car will be secure, even though your push to start fob is inside the car. How does that work it’s, a very, very cool, unique feature from the compustar system, so with that you can literally have just this remote control in your pocket. Go about doing your stuff go to your shop whenever you want to come back to the car walk up close to it. The vehicle is going to unlock, because it has a proximity unlock system built into it. Once you get in the vehicle that key locker box i was talking about, is going to go ahead and turn off which will allow the car to see the signal from your key fob from your smart key.

Allow you to start up the car and drive away. Get your next destination: you can do the same thing, so a safe and secure way to leave your push to start fob inside of your car that’s a compatible option that we can add on to the r5 or the t, 13 copy star systems. So the last way to control it is through copystars drone mobile lte, smartphone module compustar builds the best smartphone module in the industry. This system, of course, should give you full capability, lock, unlock remote start. Tell you, the temperature inside of your car and a host of other features, also things like ability to have gps tracking installed on some of the higher end subscriptions. So the compustar drone system includes 30 days of free service to try it out and see. If you love it now here in mankato, not everybody necessarily needs to use a smartphone module, that’s fine! You can use it for the 30 days for free and going forward. You can just turn it off and leave it in your car or if you want to pay for it month by month and just use in the winter time, you can do that. Also, you can pay six bucks in december pay again six bucks. In january, six bucks in february and just pay 18 bucks to use it for those three months, the winner. Let it lapse and go ahead and start using it again next winter.

If you want to go ahead and do the subscriptionswhich of course i do recommend they are fantastic, you can do one three or five year subscriptions. You do all the way up to the five year subscription it basically breaks down to just 2.99 per month. If you work it out, so even if you’re not going to use the drone module every day, it’s something i highly recommend to leave in the car, because it gives you the ability to have access to your car in case of other problems. So i have to admit, unfortunately, like many people keys have been locked in cars before so. What are your options if you lock your keys in your car, so couple things you can call home, hopefully somebody’s there, hopefully you’re, not 200 miles away and someone can bring you a key and unlock your car if nobody’s home you’re, not by home. What are your other options? Well, you call a locksmith or you call a tow truck and they come out. They show up an hour later. They pop your door. Hopefully they don’t damage any of your vehicle. While they do that they charge you a hundred dollars. Then you get to go on your way. Of course, you had a hundred bucks you’re out an hour hour and a half of your time, and once again, hopefully nothing was damaged on your car with this device installed in your car, even if it’s not currently active.

When that happens, you can grab any internet enabled device log into your account. So you can do that via a smart phone, a tablet you can do it on a desktop browser on on a pc or an apple computer log in activate the system. Once again, six bucks right just six bucks to activate it. For that one month hit the unlock button and boom your car is unlocked so literally within three or four minutes. You can log in unlock your car and you’re on your way. Even if you locked your keys in your vehicle very very flexible unit, once again, gps tracking is capable on this and some of the higher subscription plans and a host of other features. So that makes up the t13 package. T13 gives you the t. 13 remote control. The r5 remote control and the drone module very very cool packages. Now we need to talk about the r5 system. The r5 system is going to give you two of the r5 remote control. So in this box you get two of the r5 remote controls right and you get the drone smartphone module. So you don’t get the t13 remote control, but you get two of the r5s once again, full 2a capable this system is capable of up to two miles of maximum range, not quite three, so it’s, almost as powerful as the t13 two miles maximum range. With this system here and the drone smartphone module and, of course the r5 remote control is capable of proximity unlock, just like the t, 13 walk up to your car get within a couple feet: boom door’s, unlocked you’re on your way, works, absolutely fantastic, and that will Be compatible with that key locker version.

Also both remote controls, water resistant, both equipment controls have the rechargeable battery in there, so that, once again is a t 13. A couple things really need to talk about as far as purchasing these systems, so first off t 13s are extremely short supply in the united states of america, and i mean extremely short supply right now. This is an early release product that we have in stock, that we’re showing you. There are only 400 of these in the united states of america right now. That means only eight per state. We happen to get two of them right off the bat, and that has something to do with us being a long time. Compustar high end pro series re retailer. We got 10 of the r5 systems in right off the bat, but we have options for you to be able to buy this right away. I’M, not going to get into that on the video. If you’re looking at buying one of these right away, give us a call at sweet sounds that’s. The best way to talk about it. Sweet sounds 507. 345, 8863, minnesota, 507. 345. 8863. We have options, for you know how to get this thing right away. You want more information, we’ll have this up on our website very soon. Of course, our website is available online you’ll be able to see that soon. Last, but not least, i definitely want to make sure everybody is aware. These are part of compustar’s pro series systems.

These are protected products not available at other retailers and not available for online sale. So i know for sure that this video is going to be viewed all over the united states of america, probably all over the world. I know we’re going to get emails we’re going to get calls we’re going to get requests to buy this thing to ship it all over the world. I can tell you right off the bat save your time. Don’T request us to ship it to you: mail it to you, we’re not going to send these things out, we’re not allowed to do that. No copy star pro sealer d. Pro series dealer is allowed to sell these online if you’re interested in them go visit. Your local copy, star pro series dealer, if you’re anywhere in southern minnesota, even central central minnesota or northern iowa, go ahead. Give us a call sweet sounds mancata, minnesota. 507. 345. 8863. We can get you set up once again.