We have this awesome. 看 1 14 规模, brushless buggy this things got some pretty sweet features that we havent really seen much and i think theyre really starting to up their game and raise that bar. For this type of vehicle, this things got a bunch of aluminum, a bunch of carbon fiber brushless comes with a battery and looks to be really good. 质量, 答案是肯定的, were gon na find out about that quality when we take it out and bash it. But thats going to be coming later in the video in this first part, were going to be taking a look at this thing, showing you what you get with it, taking it apart and seeing what makes it tick first thing now. Just take a look at this thing. 这是一个非常好的. 看车, i really like the paint scheme on the body. This purple on the shocks looks really nice and then flipping it over. You can see that this carbon fiber chassis that they have on here looks really good appears to be high quality and really well made how durable it is were going to find out. So before we take this body off. Let me show you what you get with this car. First off we get a rtr remote. Now this remote is pretty decent. Its got a little drop down here, foam on the wheel purple to match the car, which i think is pretty cool, takes three double a batteries and i think for an rtr, remote itll do just fine.

We get a nice 2s 2800 milliamp hour lipo this lipo. Actually feels like 2800 毫安时间, its not suspiciously light like some lipos are. This car is rated for 3s power, so we are actually going to be trying that, because they say this thing can do up to 60 miles an hour on 3s were going to find out. 我有这个 1300 ml amp hour. 3S battery were going to stick in there and try as well comes with a manual. You get a little tool kit with some extra body clips, 这真的很好, because i already lost one of the body clips. Dont. Ask me how i did that this is really cool. You get a full extra set of arms with pins extra set of wheel, hexes with the little adapters, an extra cvd and an extra dog bone charger, 然后, finally, we have this cool little bumper. This is designed to go on the front and is useful if youre gon na be doing some serious bashing, because this foam on here should really absorb some impacts. Taking a closer look at the car like i said this is a 1 14 规模. Buggy weve got the brushless esc with a fan here: a nice decent sized motor for one of these 14 规模, cars fully adjustable suspension, aluminum threaded body, shocks with plastic caps and plastic bottoms. These tires feel pretty decent theyre a little hard and i dont think theyre foam filled but well have to see how they hold up.

This has got an all steel drivetrain for carbon fiber weve got a carbon fiber front tower carbon fiber rear tower, 就像我说的, really nice looking carbon fiber chassis, the suspension pin holders are carbon fiber all the way around, and one thing i wanted to point out In this car is a lot of these cars that you get, the suspension on them is just set up terribly. The suspension on this car feels really nice in the back. Weve got a wing. This wing feels nice and flexible should hold up some impacts and then a rear bumper, with a little wheelie bar on here all right. What i want to do is i want to get this top plate off now and pull out one of these differentials and were going to take a look at the drivetrain got this all torn apart, tear down wasnt too bad, just those screws there and a few More screws here and we got the rear differential out and we have access to the spur gear and the pinion. Now you can see the spur gear and the pinion here are both steel got a nice aluminum motor mount here. Looking inside, we can see theres a decent amount of grease in there and the pinion gear for the rear differential is also steel. Got a steel center drive shaft. You can see that nice, carbon fiber down there overall everything looks really good. One thing i noticed when i was taking this apart is the capacitor on this.

Esc is actually rubycon. Rubicon is a good capacitor brand and its really nice to see that they are including a rubycon capacitor on this esc. Taking a closer look at the rear differential, we can see that it does have a steel ring gear and steel out drives. Lets go ahead and open this up while im taking these screws out once you go and hit that like button hit that subscribe button and hit that bell to get notified of future videos. Weve got a lot of really cool stuff coming up in this channel, and i dont want you to miss it. Weve got a four gear differential in here, which is nice just a little bit of grease in here. I might add some more grease here before i put it together, but thats plenty for lubrication all right, im gon na get this thing back together and im gon na see you outside were gon na see how fast this thing is on 2s and 3s, then were Going to see just how durable it is all right, steerings, 不错,快速, oh shes, lively all right lets get some speed runs all right, 那是, definitely more than 25 英里每小时. Do a couple more Applause, 那是, pretty quick one! More Applause, 40 英里每小时. 好, that is not bad. All right got that 3s battery in here lets see how peppy she is now that is quick, good thing that wheelie bar is on there whoa.

That is moving its pretty stable too, that is amazingly stable for what this is all right. Lets bring it back and check that speed 55 miles an hour all right, thats close enough for me lets take this thing out bash it see if its as durable as it is fast were at our secret test spot on the surface of mars. Right now lets see how this thing: bashes: 音乐, 掌声, 音乐, 掌声, 音乐, 哇, 音乐, 音乐, 呃掌声, 音乐掌声, 音乐, 掌声, 哇, 音乐, 所以掌声, 音乐, 掌声, 音乐, 掌声, 音乐, ive got a few packs for this car. 现在, and as you saw, this thing is a lot of fun, its fast powerful handles pretty well and seems to be very durable. So far i havent been able to break anything on it. Everythings been holding up just fine. I did put this basher front bumper on here its a little big and goofy looking, but it does seem to work. It didnt really impede my bashing much at all, which i thought it might and it does protect the front end really well, a few things id like to see improved on. It are one these tires. The tires are okay, but they dont have the best grip on a few different surfaces. I also found the wheel nuts tended to come loose, so you want to go ahead and put some thread lock on these axles before you start running other than that. Not really anything to complain about, 就像我说的, everything is held up really well, no issues with the carbon fiber ran this on 2s and 3s, and everything inside is also holding up great no problems with the servo on 3s.

This motor does get pretty warm. So if youre going to be doing a lot of 3s running, you might want to throw a heatsink on here or maybe rig a fan up between the motor and the server ill. Probably do that if im doing a lot of 3s running. 这就是说, this thing is just fine on 2s and really doesnt need 3s, 好吧, 人, 那是. All we have on this one im going to leave a couple of links down in the description to the amazon site for this, as well as relarlos website for it. If you buy it directly through relarlos website, you can get half off for the first couple hundred people that get it. Ive also got a discount code down there. 给你的, none of this stuff is affiliated im, getting no kickbacks on any of it.