Let’S see a snap roll, 嘿,伙计们, welcome back i’m, eric and i’m john and welcome to john’s rc, and today we have a very beautiful plane to show you guys. This is the e flights ultimate 3d from horizon hobby. 照常, john will be talking about the specs for the plane and then afterwards, i will talk to you guys about the build and any challenges that we faced during the build and then, 在那之后, you guys can go and watch the video of john doing the Maiden for this plane, i actually haven’t decided yet whether i’m gon na give this plane a shot, but we’ll see how it goes so, john. You start first so, like my dad said, this is the e flight ultimate 3d biplane from horizon hobby, and this plane has full 3d capabilities uh, whether you’re using a 3s or a 4s battery, and the battery of my choice for the maiden will be a spectrum. 4S 2200 millimeter smart battery, and in order to achieve that level of performance, this model is actually using a bl 10 brushless outrigger motor and that motor is attached to a 60 安培频谱. Avian smart esc. In order to have the biplane handle the crazy maneuvers. I can do it’s equipped with four high torque metal geared service attached to ball linkages, to give you that precise control and the pre installed receiver is a spectrum ar 637 ta receiver with full range telemetry.

So this model is a bind fly model. So that means you have to supply yourself with your own transmitter, your flight battery and your flight battery charger. My transmitter of choice is my spectrum nx8, and the cool thing about the nx8 is that i was able to download my own profile for it without having to program anything in and it was cool because there was two profiles. There was one profile with the reversing for the ultimate and there was one without the reversing and my dad will talk to you about the reversing later, so this model has a wingspan of 954 millimeters a length of approximately 1082 millimeters and yeah. Now my dad will talk to you about the build all right. 约翰. Thank you all right guys. So let’s talk about the build all right, 人, here’s the way you start the build. You start the build with first installing the landing gear. So let me flip the plane upside down for you, so you can see so the landing gears are pretty easy. So if you come over here and take a look, the landing gear is one piece, so you don’t have to install the wheel. Pants it’s already come pre installed, it’s one solid piece: you just bolt it on with three m three by ten screws so that pretty much locks the landing gear in place. 然后, 在那之后, what you have to do is let me put the plane back up on its side right side and what you have to do is you have to install the horizontal stabilizers and the way you do that is uh.

There is a spar in between the horizons, 它, not one piece that you can just slide in, so these are actually two hands. Okay and it came with two spars. It came with a carbon fiber spar and it came with this solid steel rod, spar and my understanding is if you’re going to be using this plane on a 4s. You would use the solid steel bar spar and, if you’re going to be using this on the 3s, then you would use the carbon fiber one i’m, 不太确定. Why other than the fact that you know, obviously you know if you’re going to be using a 4s, it might be heavier so you’d want to. You know compensate for the weight with a steel bar and plus the fact that the steel bar is much much stronger than this carbon fiber. So in order to take the the excessive g that this plane has to go through so again, 这是它的, basically two pieces. You push them in together with a spar in and then you just put in four pieces of this clear tape: 好, 所以有, really no gluing and there’s there’s no screwing on the on the horizontal tail, then what you do was once you get. That done. Is you install the bottom half of the biplane wing? 现在再次, this wing is a one piece swing and you basically just slide this thing in place. 现在, 答案是肯定的, there’s going to be some aileron cables going to be two aileron cables that you’re going to have to fish through from the fuse all the way back into the receiver.

Now the receiver is inside here uh, you cannot access the receiver from the top of the plane. So once you lock this plane once you get the wing installed. 好, the only way to access that receiver is to remove the entire bottom wing again and again, 再来一次. The way you install the bottom wing is it’s, just it slides in through a guide, and then you use this. If you come over here and show you there’s a locking, 针 – and you basically just turn this pin about 90 degrees and that locks the the bottom wing into place, 好, then we take our attention and we focus it on the top wing. So let’s put this back all right so now the top wing installs the exact same way right. So if you look over here, there is another locking pin mechanism. So you just you just rest it. Okay and then you turn this about 90 degrees and that locks the plane now. 显然, this little thing is not going to be enough: okay to hold the swing in place, 所有正确的家伙, so let me show you guys how to lock the the bottom wing with the top wing. So let me turn the plane to you, so you can see and go over to that side right. So if you look very closely over at this plane of the wing, there are actually four locking pins there’s one here, one here, 一个在这里,一个在这里, and so let me show you how this works.

So let me take out one of the locking pins for you, 所以你可以看到. So that is what a locking pin looks like and the way it works is you have to shoot it through this brace inside that hole and it has to go through that guide and it has to come out the other side. 好, so what you do and it might take multiple tries because it took me, multiple tries, but you basically put this on top okay of the guide right. Then you take your locking, pin you put it inside okay and then you have to squeeze this down while you’re pushing this down. Okay and there you go see so it locks into place okay. So you do that. You do the same thing for this one. You do the same thing for that one and you do the same thing for that one, so that’s how you lock the bottom wing with the top wing. 好, so let’s uh let’s open the plane back up, so i can show you guys some of the electronics all right guys. So if you come a little bit closer, let me show you the inside of the plane. Now again i told you that you cannot access the receiver from the top, 正如你所看到的. So this is where the battery goes. 正如你所看到的, we are using that 4s 1200 电池. 好, so that’s the actual battery compartment. 所以, 正如你所看到的, no access to the receiver and it is using an ic3 connector so that basically just slides into place okay and then you connect it all right and then you just close the hatch um.

One thing i do want to talk to you guys about is the uh, the installation for the prop. So one of the challenges that we did face was the installation of the prop. So if you guys come and take a look at this, so this is part of the manual right. This is the an update for the manual. 正如你所看到的, you’ve got the uh we’ve got this prop shaft or they’re, calling it the collette and then you’ve got the the spinner the back plate. Spinner then the prop and then a washer and of some kind and then the nut and then the nose cone itself so for this buildand i don’t understand why i had to leave this this back plate spinner, because every time i tried to install the spinner, I could not get the nose going screw to go in no matter how tight i make this bolt, no matter how close i made this prop, you know to press against the back plate for some reason. I just could not screw the nose cone in place with this installed, so i had to leave this one out so i’m, hoping that there’s, no detrimental thing that’ll happen. Hopefully this prop doesn’t spin off during flight. But again i could not get this thing to to install all right guys since then. Just some final notes on the installation. Now the manual did call for uh 89 millimeters for the cg and again that’s 89 millimeters from the top of the wing from the leading edge top of the wing back.

So i did mark that 89 millimeter cg with this gyro tape here. So the cool thing is, i did not have any issues with the with the cg. So when i put in the 4s battery on the stated cg i mean plus or minus 2 毫米, we were able to get the plane to balance on the 3s. It was leaning towards you know the on the on the tail side, so i think really the recommended battery for this one is probably best at 4s 2200 that that’s, where the cg was uh was it was dead on. Okay and lastly, if you guys don’t already own a pair of balling pliers, i highly suggest you get one, because these little ball link things that that john was talking about. 好, they’re very cool they’re, very precise and they’re very strong, 但他们, also very, very difficult to take off and take and put back on using your thumb and index finger, so you’re going to want to invest on a pair of balling pliers. 好吧, john. Any uh last notes, 是的, 嗯. This model also has as3x and say select, so a3x is to just compensate for the wind and safe select. So when safe is on, that means you’ll have limited freedom in your bank and fit so you can’t do a roll or like loops upside down when safe is on. But if you take safe off, you won’t have those those limitations anymore and you’ll be able to do anything.

You want with the plan, and you guys all know that i can only fly planes if safe is enabled. If you guys watch the last video that we did on the t28 trojan, i was only able to fly that plane because uh john was able to switch between safe on and safe off, so yeah let’s go flight, 伙计们好吧, 人, we’ll see the flying field. 所有权利的家伙, we’ve got the ultimate 3d all plugged in we are using a 4s 2200. So john let’s just do a quick round check. Give me a right, ailerons, left ailerons. Give me rudder in the elevators. Give me a little bit of throttle all right. 让我们! Try out the ac the safe, select, safe off, safe on see all right, while we’re here let’s do the uh. The reverse throttle test. Give me a forward throttle. 好, give me a reverse throttle, 非常好, 好吧! John good luck to you all right. I have um all my rates on mid range, so hopefully it flies well i’m going to be taking off on safe. 所以,我们开始吧. Take it off. 好. First thing i see very fast, 非常快, indeed looks like it’s kind of drifting left. Let me take off safe, so i can trim that. 哦, 不, that that’s just safe, 好, 好吧, safe likes to make it drift left. I i i don’t like that, but it’s pretty balanced, 有, no trims for pitch to be made all right.

好, 是的, 我! Not going to be using safe because uh safe likes to ruin the flight it likes to drift left on safe, we do a knife edge, 好, 好, 嗯, do a low pass. It’S very stable. Does knife edge very well whoa? 好, let me try another hover. 是的,我是, not the best with hovering. You have to practice with that, 但, 正如你所看到的, it can also go very slow, it’s good uh. Let me try high rate all right. We’Re now, on high rates, start c let’s see the roll right now. Oh yeah is definitely an aerobatic plane. Let’S see a snap roll very, very nice man. It looks so good yeah, 好, that was a definitely a better hover, um yeah going back on mid range. Let me try a loop. I haven’t even done a loop, yet such a nice plane very, very nice plane, my new favorite 3d plane Music, all right landing. 在这里,我们去音乐, 音乐, 音乐, 好, kind of hard taxiing; 它, 好, 没有好吧, 是的! I like stuff like that. Just left well texting, but all right that was the main play on the ultimate 3d. It flew very, very well uh. I was able to do all my maneuvers. I was able to do my hovering upside down loops rolls, but with just one thing when i was on safe, it like to drift left and i’m, pretty sure that’s not ideal, so yeah definitely try to fly this out of safe or i’m, 不确定.

If this is just like my model, doing that, but yeah death safe doesn’t seem like it should be on this plane, but yeah all right. 嗯, that was a great flight and now that i know that i won’t be able to fight unsafe, 有, no way i’m. Gon na be able to fly this at all, then so not on my skill level, but uh exercise on excellent flight.