Today i got the ecx tournament short course: truck brushed im um. This is a short course truck its all its brushed. The brush brush esc is pretty good in it. This is one of my um kids trucks. I bought it from one christmas, never really ran it like that. The tires on it. I changed the tires on it. The factory tires are horrible. These are the factory tires that it come with, but they too its too hard its too hard its hard to drive with the tires them kind of tires on here. I just put these tires on here. This uh slash tires for short course trucks. You know they work out just as just as good, actually better than the factories. This is one tenth scale short course truck. The body is nice. Ⅰ, like the body i go to chassis. I believe this is the factory system thats in the fast factory motor, 所以嗯 15 把 550. This esc, i really cant, remember exactly what it was, but that uh well. 基本上, this takes two to three two to three s: batteries light bulb. It has has all plastic chassis, the transmission is all plastic, 变速器, 你不能, 看到它, but the transmission is all plastic, it has plastic shocks, all plastic vehicle which gives it that flex. This is underneath the chassis, its practically practically new, like you can tell this truck, has it hasnt been run hard, but today is going to get a hard run.

You could say this is the first badge of this truck because i havent bashed this at all. It been rain, 但还不错, like im a bad im not going to push it hard im going to put a 2s ovonix battery engine 5200 milliamp 50c. You know i dont want to do. Dont want to burn nothing out. All right lets check her out now. Lets see how she does im, not even going to start this out on 50 with this brush. All right got some speed to it, 虽然. 或 30 miles an hour this, this isnt a bad beginners truck, i mean its pretty fast. It is still pretty fun. Its still pretty fast got ta take easy on them turns, plus the wind is trying to hide a day, though i really dont trust the radio not too much trust the radio, but this car could be upgraded. You know what i mean i like it. 我喜欢, this is my son car, 也许那是. Why he dont drive me. I dont even have a road, so oh i pulled off a willy. 是的 15 把, 虽然, so am i pulling off sideways with this too lets see if i can pull off the sidewall hell? 不, but this is my first time this is my first time driving this its much better than i thought. 好, if you flip one more time, dont do like no im, 不去纳. Do a um dirt thing im, just sprouted in the concrete.

I know i keep flipping this this car. I keep flipping lets, see how it does grab come on. 你可以的. You can do it see. Of course you can you cant, take the high grass dont have enough power. The wheels is fine, because um the wheels is fun its just the power, its not going to be able to conquer it, but it should be able to take it a little bit. I may upgrade this in the future, but at some reason the tires are not its kind of holding it back, see how it stopped. After i let off the game, i mean let off the throttle, then it kind of stoppedand this is the braking is on. I dont think its breaking, though boom. 哦, it held the willy in my videos, the upcoming videos, im gon na have a couple more cheap, 断续器, this wasnt expensive at all. I think this was maybe 150 60, but its not bad. I give it props only thing. This thing the um radio aint even that badi mean its, not a good radio, its the stx2 spectrum. You got a spectrum um receiver in there you can upgrade the receiver though, but its holding out so far is practically new because they havent been driven like that, but um its a good car, 其, 不是一辆坏车, not a bad beginner car. I just didnt like the tires it came with, they were too hard.

It was like hard plastic and thats. 没有, 你知道的, 我说真的. Couldnt take riding on dirt at all im. Quite sure these can probably take some dirt tracks and it holds a willy keep forgetting no hard turns got ta watch some hard turns with these short force trucks. He just wanted to give yall a quick view of this car. 哦, come on dont get stuck, you can do it hit that like button, so i can continue to bring these okay videos its just my experience in the rc world. Oh we did a little recovery see. The thing is the suspension.