Yet maybe you’ve got one, maybe you’re looking at one. Maybe you didn’t even know it existed. Yet this is the sin racing american force, edition f450 platinum, dually truck it’s, 相当不错. I don’t know what i’m going to do with it. Yet i’ve seen it. I wanted it. I ordered it came in yesterday, so i just you know, thought i’d. Give you a little bit of review what i thought of it. 我是, not gon na go and do a lot of depth on details, but just kind of what i thought of it. It does have about a 17 inch wheelbase on it, so it is kind of a long truck. Does have the american force edition wheels, they are plastic, they are not aluminum, so don’t get your hopes up on that. One would have been cool. 别误会我的意思, but probably cost another 200. If we did that, but they’re nice they’re sharp the body, it is split. It is two piece: the bed and the uh cab do separate, there’s two screws on each side, so total four screws that hold the two together um seems all right. I mean i’m not going to be worried about it. 我是, not going to go out right run. It very hard, probably just going to be set on the shelf as a shelf queen. Both the time could be an issue. If you guys take it off and on a lot. 你知道的, maybe twisting it flexing it.

I don’t know um. Maybe you can order both pieces separately. I mean that would be nice. So if you tear one up, you can just order the half um i don’t know we’ll see i’m, 不太担心. 就像我说的, 我, not gon na be driving it very much. The chassis it’s long i’ll give you that it did not come with a battery or charger, so you will need a charger or charger in the battery. I will say if your 2s lipo power wires come out the front of your battery. You will probably have to notch the case or the holder for it. If your batteries come out, the topic or your wires come out the top of your battery no big deal there. I did have to notch mine. Had some jen’s ace, uh 2s hard case batteries, power wires came right out the front. I just cut the little tab off of it got a 550 can brushed motor in it hobby wing, 刷, 埃斯克, steering servo. I have no idea there’s no name on it. No numbers, no nothing. I don’t even know if it’s metal geared, but i mean it, seemed to turn the truck fine didn’t have any issues i did have to uh turn my steering down quite a bit um. It was pushing it way. Past 100 百分之, when i turned it on, did have to pull the steering servo horn off. It was about two clicks off.

It was sitting right about there when i powered it on to be straight. 嗯, couldn’t, quite straighten it out. So i just took the server horn off moved it about two teeth: 呃, 变送器, 接收器, 男人, what a disappointment on that one: um sins racing, 放大 器, 30 控制器, 呃, 它, big it’s, bulky and man. It feels ex it just feels cheap uh i’ve had cheap controllers that felt way better than this. I just not impressed at all. First thing i did, i didn’t put a battery in this thing. I felt the transmitter. I just pulled the transmitter receiver out of it. I’M going to use it on something else, it does have a function button and a third channel i’m, not sure i i can’t see any reason why it would be on this, maybe there’s something i don’t know like. I said i haven’t really looked into it. I just powered it up one to go drive it. I want to go play. My new toy man, 我会. Take it out on the side of my driveway from the house. Uh just ran up down, ran fine, you know nothing fast, 嗯, definitely not a brushless brushless motor by any means, but i liked it i mean yeah i’d walk with it, keep up with it. The i did try to go over a couple. Little ruts i had in my driveway got it at a little bit of a flex angle and yep opposite tire, just sit there and spin, so i don’t know i might try to maybe think about locking the rear end it just i mean i know it’s, not A crawler, but it would be nice if it, 你知道的, be able to go over a little rock rut, something and not just get stuck and spin.

But i don’t know what i’ll do there may not do anything, but it does have a little receiver hitch on the back of it. If you want to build something and hook up to it, um i’d like to build me a little trailer at some point, but i don’t know but yeah i mean it’s a nice good truck. I like it um. I think they did a good job on it. I think they could have spent a little bit more better money on some of the maybe the transmitter like i said i just pulled it out. I just went with the dx4s on mine it’s what i’ve run on my uh oval cars put one in here, but i mean yeah. If you’re looking for a truck something different, you know go look these up. 我的意思是, 我认为, they’re around 379 380 online um yeah go pick you one up. 男人.