So anything related rc or if you just need some hex screwdriver so uh these have four different size, so i originally bought them because i wanted something to work on my scx 24. 不幸, the smallest one, 这是 1.5 这里, just doesn’t doesn’t work for the smaller screws, 所以它的, not the right size so for the scx 24 and micro crawlers, you need 1.27, 所以 1.27 毫米, so anyways just thought. I would bring to you guys a review anyways on these uh little screwdrivers, so these are titanium nitride coated, so i paid the extra for a little bit of golden color there. So i thought they would did look a little bit cool, so you also have a cap which you can store some screws or stuff like that in there. So if you want to put some extra screws, so o ring seal a little cap there, so don’t know why you would need to store some extra stuff in there but it’s there anyway. So it makes it super light too. So that’s one the good thing about it: 呃. It also comes with a little wrench here with a couple different sizes. So you have well, 你们, could see there, seven millimeters 6.5 millimeters and you get two other size which they don’t mention, but it does fit with the smallest one. It does fit for the scx 24 and that little nut there so i’m guessing. This is a four millimeter, this one and this one maybe 5 或 5.

5, or something so i since it doesn’t, say there, but it does fit for that screw for that uh scx24, 所以, which is nice but uh. When you buy the rc four wheel drive wheels. It comes with a much better uh wheel, ranch shell. 不幸, this style and this size doesn’t work for something a little bit bigger like. Let me pull back here so like for something like the arma creighton, 所以你 110 规模, so arma creighton right here, so i’ll show you guys the wheels and with the biggest size schweink it just doesn’t fit in there guys it’s it’s, not big enough it may It had so since this is uh 7.5. You need eight millimeters, so unfortunately it doesn’t fit for the armor creighton. So but the screwdriver guys uh these screwdrivers. So you have four different sides, 所以你得到 1.5 毫米, two millimeters, 你得到 2.5 millimeters and you’re three millimeters right here, so yeah four different size available. So mostly this is gon na be for your drones. 你 110 规模rc汽车, even though the wrench i wish they had. You know a little bit better sizing so a little bit larger too, for the for the for the cross there so a little bit longer for the four millimeter. 所以你可以, 你知道的, really go undo those wheels because, with the uh with the uh bead lock wheels on the rc4 wheel, drive it’s kind of awkward to get in there, so it doesn’t doesn’t work properly as good as the uh rc.

Four wheel drive wrench, but for your 110 规模rc. So let me ah this stuff flying everywhere. So let me put my crate in right here. So let’s pick a screw right there so i’m guessing this is going to be yeah. This is going to be 2.5 millimeter right here, so it works perfect, 因为你知道, your 110 规模, 就像我说的, uh there’s gon nabe enough room in there to uh to be able to uh. You know enough size to be able to work on your on your uh 110 scale vehicle so for 110 scale guys this thing is perfect, so let me just unscrew this one just to show you guys how it does so you can really torque down on it. So you guys see it’s turning right there so i’m, just going to put that back and crank that puppy up a little, not too much but yeah guys. So for your 1 10 规模. This is perfect uh for your micro crawlers. You need a smaller size diameter for this, so but you know for most a 10 scale vehicle that’s all you’re, going to need if you’re going to have a 110 scale and if you’re going to have uh, you know some uh, some micro, some 124 呃. Incidentally, for the uh for the wheels on the rc four wheel, drive uh the beat locks uh, the 1.5 millimeter just fits perfect in there, so i don’t know why axial couldn’t make uh 1.

5 millimeter all around. That would have been so much easier instead of using different size like the 1.27, and now this thing is kind of stuck in there, so it fits. It fits really good in there it’s, just nice and tight and you’re gon na have you’re gon na have plenty of torque to be able to put there, but i wish axial they could have went one size, bigger and wouldn’t have made a difference, 和 1.5 Would have just been bigger, beefier and just all around there’s a couple of screws in there for the motor mount and for the um for the spur wheel, 正齿轮. And you know a couple of screws in there guys inside the motors and a couple of other places where you’re using 1.5 millimeters so they’re using 1.5 毫米. But i don’t know why they need to use 1.27 for the other screws there. So it’s kind of it’s kind of useless in my opinion, and they don’t even pro anyway. This is not going to be a video about axial uh. This is going to be a video about the hobby parks, guys so i’m, just getting getting carried away here. So but the hubby parks uh. What do i think of them? Good design, 好, looking good quality from what i can tell so far i put some you know. I did a little bit of torque testing on this and so far no damage on the blade here.

Everything is still nice and perfect, so this is the only 1.5 needed to do a little bit of torquing on there and everything is still good, still gucci so guys if you need something a little bit more complete because you’re going to be using uh, 1, 24 和 1 10 规模. I am going to leave a link in the description for this one. This kit, including this little wrench here and i’m, also going to include a link to a more substantial kit, that’s going to be 30 那是, going to have more uh. You know more stuff in it, but you hobby parks they have tons of stuff related to rc. So i’ll leave a link in the description guys and when you go on the amazon page i’m, going to leave the link to the amazon canada page, you guys can go google it on the amazon us page for hubby park, but guys they have a bunch of Different tools that they make for rc. They also make accessories. They they make a ton of stuff. Like let’s, say for the actual cx 24. They have a brass uh brass wheels and brass uh. You know uh gear casing, 他们得到, they get some diff casing. They get a couple of stuff that’s rc related, so they don’t just make tools for rc. They have plenty of other stuff uh. Of course guys. This is made in china, but what isn’t? These days, everything is made in china whether it’s dynamite, whether it’s axial, 无论是, you know everything is made in china.

So as long as the quality is good, guys and machining is good and you guys can see there. The machining is just perfect everywhere, 很好. Looking it looks, professional doesn’t break the bank and you know what: what more can you ask for guys so i’ll leave a link in the description uh, also going to make a review on another kit that i bought, which is not from hobby parks uh. That is more complete that has six screwdrivers and i’ll. Give you my impression on this so anyway guys link in the description. If you want to buy these tools uh, you know wait for my other review, then you’ll see uh for the other kit. If that one would be preferable to you, but guys for the money, uh great tool give it two thumbs up, and you know you can’t go wrong, so you can also get the ones that are just silver, that don’t don’t have the titanium nitride coated. So it depends on your preference if you want to save a little bit more money, it’s like two dollars less so it’s 16 bucks anyway guys link in the description.