The s6 has an infrared blaster at the top, which lets it be used as a remote control for various home electronics. If you look in the apps folder, look under Samsung you’ll find the smart, remote control app now I’ve already set mine up. It goes through a process where you have to pick your variety of TV, 例如, and who your TV provider is, and if you tap here, you can control your TV, your DVR or your other home electronics, using the phone now that’s pretty cool except there’s. A very annoying thing it does, which is that the Smart Remote lives in your notifications panel that’s convenient if you use it all the time, but it’s also real clutter if you don’t use it all the time and you can’t swipe this thing away. So how do you get rid of it? Go back to the peel smart, 远程, app go back to its home screen, tap Settings go down and turn off show remote control on notification panel. 现在, when you go back and go home, you’ll find that the remote will only be visible when you’re actually running it and that’s. When you really want it right.