Friends.. The radio control is also of the GHz type., So this remote control excavator will have a longer range and certainly more fun.. It looks like this, my friends., And if you want to buy the same remote control excavator, the price is only around 200000 rupiah friends.. The price is equivalent to the quality of course. Lets just unbox it.. So in this toy box we get this excavator. Then theres also a remote control, which is quite big in size. Next here we are also given a battery that can be recharged and also has charging. The battery that we get is only for the excavator. As for the remote, we provide its own battery as much as 3, 个人电脑, AA batteries., Usually for the remote. It is enough to provide 2 pcs of batteries., But this one requires 3 pcs batteries friends. For adult hands. This really fits in the palm of the hand. Lets just insert the battery.. This charging cable should have the same cable as the cable inside. And because they are the same, this method will be the same between charging and connecting this rechargeable battery to the excavator.. 嗯, have the same cable head right So for how to charge it, whether its to put it into this excavator or to charge it its the same. The shape is like this. 特拉斯, a buffer over here.. So this side is different from the other side. And next to it. This is the position.

After that just enter it. Until there is a click sound.. If you want to release it, you just need to press it here. While you are also pressing, 这个. Then slide it off. 那, the way., So its the same way when we put it in this excavator.. This is finished and it looks like here. It is really this chain wheel that will run this excavator., Not like what we reviewed in the previous video, which uses four wheels underneath.. So this is really wearing a chain wheel on this excavator huh. Lets first activate the ON button on this side. And theres. A sound on the excavator.. 哇, The sound is solid too., So for the sound issued by this excavator. It will sound when we activate the ON button on this side. Friends. When shifted to the OFF button. The sound will disappear. When pressing the ON button. The sound will be active as long as we activate and play this remote control excavator.. So the way to play it is this to advance., Raise both levers up And lowered both levers to reverse.. Then the left lever functions to turn forward or backward using the left. Wheel., So the left lever moves the left wheel to turn forward or turn backward.. Then the right lever functions to turn forward or backward using the right wheel.. 然后, if you want to turn raise the left lever and lower the right lever., It could also be the other way around.

. Then this button for left swing action., And this is the opposite swing. 行动. 然后, the top button on the remote functions to raise and lower the excavators hand.. This one is an excavator hand from top to bottom huh.. 同时, the excavators hand moves from the bottom to the top. So thats how to play the remote of this excavator. After playing this excavator. I am quite satisfied with this one excavator., Because all these excavators are fully controlled by remote control.. So nothing is driven manually, friends.. Everything is in your hands on this remote control. And this remote control is GHz type., So its very safe to play, even with the same type of GHz remote. 和, of course the reach is wider. If you like this, video dont forget to give a LIKE., Then support us by clicking the SUBSCRIBE button and clicking the bell button.. Thank you for watching this video from start to finish. Friends.