My name is jay and today were gon na look at a new bash ramp um. Originally i wanted a t bone racing ramp, but anytime i had the funds to get them. I found they were always out of stock um, so i did a little searching around. I know theres a few that make them out of diamond plate. I just didnt want something heavy. I wanted something very light and a nice lip uh adjustable was also bonus. So after searching around i found kcrc is who makes this bash ramp uh. They are out of quebec canada, a little pricey um. This one cost me 330 dollars with shipping um now lets get into the ramp itself. It comes with these large grip tape pieces that you do have to put on. I did put the decals on myself. It also comes with the black and yellow grip tape for the sides. 再次, you have to put on yourself. Full assembly is required when you get it, it is adjustable as well, very lightweight and i have not tested it out yet so today were going to do a quick little test and see how it holds up. We are going to be rocking the x maxx, so lets get that going. 好吧, xbox is good to go. We are gon na move this, 正如你所看到的, very lightweight, picked it up with one hand, and i am not struggling with it. We will just set it up here now, like i said you can adjust the angle, but i did not do so sounds like my gears have been uh been eating up a little, probably from the last run, with the x maxx.

I will do a running video with my xmax. I have more time as per usual liking. The ramp seems to take the x max rather well. As everybody knows x, maxs do you have a little bit of weight mine with all the upgrades and the batteries is? Is roughly about 30 pounds its a good thing? My neighbor doesnt mind me getting his driveway full of grass Applause, 音乐掌声. The angle is very good on. The angle is very good on the ramp. I like that nice launch. I havent tried any of the other settings. Obviously this is the first test on this ramp, but it does send it very nice and level for the most part. Music max is a little a little punchy right now, um for any of you who have not watched my previous videos, i am running the smc 9700 milliamp 120c lipos. I really like them its the only ones i run in this truck. Actually lets fix the body Music, 所以呃。. One thing i do find with the xmax to go off topic from the uh kcrc ramp is uh. When i put the rpm hubs on the front and the hinge pin uh holders, i found it kind of kind of messed with the turning radius on a on the x maxx itself. Why not for fun backwards, jump for fun? Oh there we go so far. Hasnt! Really moved from where i put it, it is kind of sitting on the grass there and i really dont have much of a run up all right.

The jump and the x maxx are taking the abuse. The mild abuse right now, 刚刚好, but anybody who has an x max knows they can take a lot really liking. This ramp definitely an upgrade from my my homemade wood, 坡道, 音乐是的. 目前为止,一切都好, i do like it. One thing i did find when i bought it, though im pretty sure its because of shipping is, there was little marks on it right there. The plastic was lifting a little and then i had another one right there but, as i said im pretty sure its because of shipping comes in a very thin box, very thin box. Obviously assembly is required uh, it did not take me long. The instructions were pretty easy to follow. 音乐. Oh and there goes the body. This body has taken a lot of reviews. One thing i hope traxxas does: is they make a conversion kit that has the same? It has the same mount as the sledge, which a sledge is just a blast to drive and jump handles so well now. 这是关于 30 pounds with the batteries in uh. I would i will be doing a video with my 8s creighton, which is almost 40 pounds with the batteries in just to see if that extra 10 pounds hurts this ramp at all, but im thinking probably not so far liking this ramp guys. I like this angle, that its at, as i said you can adjust it uh.

How many adjusters are there six different adjustments? You can change it to currently im on the third of six, depending on which way youre uh going but uh yeah very well made id like to see under there to adjust. They are butterfly butterfly nuts on all three. It is a firm plastic same with the top itself. It is uh fairly thick so far, its handling, the abuse of the x maxx and the weight of the x max. I should say thats why i picked a bigger truck to really give it a a good go and the grip tape is holding on. They do say that once you put the grip tape on, obviously you need to use alcohol to apply and make sure the surface is clean. They say give it about 12 hours to really take, which i did give more than 12 小时, just to be sure. Um kcrc, they do sell um, just the grip tape separately. If you ever do um, if you ever do uh break the grip tape or it splits or starts coming off Music uh. If anyones wondering about what upgrades are done to my x maxx, please go back and watch my previous video Music, but so far guys really liking this ramp um. They do have different widths uh. One last thing i will say about it: uh i got the 36 inch width just so theres a lot of room to hit it and not miss.

They do make other sizes, 我相信, 呃 24, and something even smaller and from my previous videos, you guys have seen the kind of cars i have. I usually have one eight one: 五, 一, 六, 一, 七, whatever one, whatever you wan na call the x max and the 8s creighton, but usually one eight, 是呃。, the smallest ones i have um other than that. I see a little piece of the grip tape. Is starting to come off already so thats, 不好! I might have to do a little a little patchwork on that little one right there and there so its not liking the top. But it looks like the bottom is holding out well, 但无论如何, guys thats, gon na be todays video uh, 如果你喜欢它, 评论, subscribe and like, as always um if you like the ramp, go check out kcrc, 正如我说的, theyre out of quebec, 加拿大, and They have everything in stock, so no need to wait for t bone racing or any other place that uh that makes uh bash ramps anyway, guys that is gon na, be it for today.