While we were out bashing that uh that our rc cars came in, but i ran into a dilemma: the back’s all full so got to make it safe. I seat belt that the lossy in which only left one thing she has to ride home on the roof. I i there’s no other way to do it. I i don’t know what i don’t know how else to get everything home, but i think this should be safe. 让我知道: if uh do you think chloe will make it home, but you got to protect the gravedigger, might lose a child over it, but you know i can adopt all right. 欢迎回来, got a little unboxing for everybody here for the new years. New year’s is coming tonight so wanted to get these two rc’s unboxed before the new year get the video up um, because these will be the last two rc’s. I unbox for 2020. um in a crazy covet year and uh i’m gon na have my daughter because she wrote home on the roof of uh. The van i’m gon na have her do the unboxing. The son of a digger is gon na, be her rc and the gravedigger is gon na be mine. Hopefully these are as fun as ccxrc has made them out to be uh i’m, not really a crawler monster truck basher type of guy, but i do love a fun rc so and i think uh we can have real a lot of fun um with these two Rc’S so let’s go ahead and get uh son of a digger unboxed i’m gon na have my daughter, unbox hers.

这里, stop never pull towards you. You got to do the other side too. 是的! 不, just leave it right there. 那里. These things are really bigger in person. Let’S go ahead and uh get those side boxes out. 嗯, actually get the remote out this thing kind of see those nails they just put it up here. My daughter decided she was gon na, do go ahead and grab the rc i’ll hold the box pick it all up, 继续, put it on the table. It should be wrapped around the tires so slide it out, keep blocking the light. Let’S switch sides. You keep blocking all that light running out of room over here Music here package it up nice hold on you, can’t just rip the plastic off yeah. You got to do the nice little slow pull from this corner. So we can see this body. 哦,是的, can you guys hear it the slow pull? Can you smell it? 这是什么东西? The wheelie bar that’s a weird way. 看看那东西. 哦看. The body is bolted on there’s, no uh roof sliders either. Oh look at that already scratched from rubbing in the box. Look at the decal i’m telling you losi lately with the super baja ray 2.0, their decals really aren’t as good as uh. They should be, but i think i can fix that. I can heat that up. Peel it back that corner’s got a little bit too, 还不算太坏.

All the other stickers are really good. They’Re nice and you can see like tonywas talking about the black is kind of a gray kind of kind of grayish. I do have some light shining on this thing just so we can get a good look at the rc. I like i like the decal. 这里, 虽然, it looks like hollywood it’s, literally smooth flat, it does have wire hanging out the bottom, so let’s take a look at the this thing is really cool with them. Look at the wheels that’s very cool. Do some writing. In here son of the digger stickers bennett, you can hear it on the rim on the inside this one doesn’t. Do it as much, but this one really loud, looks weird god, the the blue, it kind of looked purple on the box, but all this blue with the chrome grille the little man on the inside pretty cool. Looking man look at all the decals down at the bottom, you can see the spectrum motor the exhaust hanging out the side. The links this thing really looks well made. It really does. It’S got a little number on the front axle yeah. You can see the double vent holes, look how the rim is just reinforced on the inside the drive shaft, 哦, 那是, a clear plate. This is a clear plate on the side, with all the decals on it, with a metal, brace metal frame. Just low c makes things so well: 哇, that’s beautiful guys, really truly is oh, not much shock travel, though not much travel at all hold on body wool, 是的,它是, 它, really stiff it’s, not flimsy um yeah, 绝对, definitely no shock travel.

那里. Look at the blue headlights, oh and it’s got a light kit. The lights literally got wires behind it. So these will light up. The clear windshield definitely love that wow. This is impressive guys. It truly is look how strong this this plastic front link looks. Everything looks so strong, just like tony was saying: servo that’s, 非常酷. Look at how big everything is man that that definitely doesn’t have much bounce to it. Let’S uh clean up the boxes over there chloe, so we can make room to unbox this other one. But let me know what you guys think literally. The only problem with the decal was up here and up here in the little scratch right here, but i can buff that out not like they’re not going to get scratched because we are going to use them and that’s uh that’s pretty high for that solid wheelie Bar and that is on bearings right there. This roller is plastic, 但 – and this is all plastic on the side mounted to this metal here but yeah you can see. I can push down on that thing and it does a pretty big wheelie before it hits that wheelie bar pretty cool, 很酷, definitely definitely a cool. Looking rc right there go ahead and put that next to the other box. 哦男人, 哦,是的, 好吧! 让我们, do the slow pull again slowly. Oh man move it move it again. Look at that sticker is flawless.

哦,其实, this is paint it’s, not a sticker, not a sticker. This is a sticker right around the windshield, but this on the roof is not a sticker. Now this gravedigger is a sticker, so this gravedigger’s a sticker a little bit of wrinkling in the back, but we can heat that up, get that down get those bubbles out of there. But let’s get this thing shining towards the light. Wow shadows, sorry about the shadows! Man that is uh look at them wheels same clear plate same exhaust motor on the side. 哦,看对了. There it’s just a finish work. I thought it was torn, but it’s just uh, some of the clear the clear stuck on the body right there. Nice and clean let’s check the other side. Look at the red headlights a little flimsy in this corner, so i’ll probably shoe goo these bodies and drywall tape. Them is this one that see this one’s not flimsy at all in the corners. These are nice and sturdy, but this that’s really flimsy compared to the son of the digger son of the digger fenders don’t don’t move like that, probably because of that grill. So this is yeah. That’S that’s really flimsy right. There guys chassis is going to be the same, not much not much travel at all. 我以为, there’d be more travel back, doesn’t really feel like there’s fluid in it. The front does so you can tell the back is thinner on the fluid.

Even this is uh painted on so only thing. That’S a sticker up here is these little flames over these headlights. These are stickers. Do you like how the body is uh a little bit of scratching right here, same thing with packaging, these uh bodies are rubbing in the on the sides of the box, but they’ll uh looks like they’ll come out overall losi. Does such a fine job with these got ta give the tires a squeeze test body rock see not much, not much body rock at all, really really sturdy. So the green in the back versus uh, the blue sounds sounds good, but uh there we go guys there’s. The unboxing of son of the digger and gravedigger very beautiful, both of them they’re, 相当大, 他们是, really really a good size. I think i thought they were going to be a little bigger but they’re actually big enough, so grab one of the bigfoots down there. 我是. Going to grab the traxxas uh stampede bigfoot, so we can compare size and you can see it makes the bigfoot look like a little foot, so there’s a size comparison for you guys now let’s get out here and get these things ripped because i’m excited to uh. To pop these things open check out the insides, get some batteries installed into them and get out there and just rip it like. I said i do want to shoot. Goo up. That is really really weak right there.

You can see the other side flexing too wear this nice and sturdy so, but still gives you enough flex to where it’s not going to break off, but we’ll see we’ll see how long they last i’m. Definitely before i run this, i want to shoot you up that make that a little stronger. I really don’t want to destroy these bodies, but we are going to run them they’re, not shelf queens, so there we go guys, give it a like subscribe comment. Let me know your thoughts and, 是的, my daughter did make it home safe because she did do the unboxing um happy new years to everybody wanted to get this up before uh new year’s end it and uh.