This is neil, and i am here with the techmaster rotating arm stunt car, so were gon na give this thing a try and see how this looks and works. Hopefully its got some batteries in it or its rechargeable or something because i dont think i have any extra batteries here lets open this up and check it out. Oh here we go looks like theres two boxes inside this box. So there we go two boxes box empty, 哦, and this is by i dont know remote control make it. I dont know good question: chantal chiang, hai pentagon, there you go to mix it so lets see what weve got in the boxes here. So this one here we have some remote control use manual im guessing this is the remote control in this box and good. It does come with the batteries and it comes with the little batteries and a little battery charger here and all the stuff i would need. I guess okay and then in here im guessing is the car. 事实上, it is so thats what the car looks like so were gon na check this thing out and see how it goes together. 哦,是的, its gon na need a screwdriver to get in there. I dont even oh: it comes with a screwdriver, 相当不错. 好, so lets check this out here. Let me aim down, so you can watch what im doing okay, so this here weve got the remote control im guessing.

This is whats going to take its going to take the three batteries yep, so this is going to take these three one. Two three ill screw this back in so i dont lose my little screw okay, so that should be ready to go there on lights up and flashes im, not connecting anything yet so then lets look at the car car here here comes with instructions, but neil doesnt Read instructions apparently its got a little magnetic screwdriver. You can do okay, so this is going to require one of these little batteries which im guessing are not charged, which im going to have to charge somehow. So it looks like it slides in like that and then its going to plug into a usb port somehow to charge it lets just see if it has any charge on the other one here, wheres the on button. Is there even one here? 哦, it does light up. 好, so lets put it back together. Here lets see how this goes. Im guessing youre gon na have to unscrew it every time you want to turn it on and off its a little weird but okay and then so thats on thats. On oh and there it works okay, so lets aim this thing at the ground and well see how it goes lets see if i can drive the dogs crazy with this one here. 好, so you guys can see it from there all right, definitely im getting this over stuff.

Pretty easy, too lets see yeah its got a lot of power for a little car, pretty cool there we go so there we go. So i like it so there we go oops step on the dog toy, so there we go so thats the the car, pretty cool lights up too. So you can see its got. The little lights going and everything like that seems to work pretty good itd be pretty durable. I guess so. Um theres really not a whole lot to it. Itll just sit there and roll and roll and roll so pretty fun and the remotes pretty easy to do. I mean you saw, i did it and i didnt have any training. Oh theres, a little button there too. 哦, i guess that one just goes by itself. If i push that one, oh it just does random things. I guess you can just set it up and its just going to go crazy, the little button right there. You see the remote theres that little button right there, so those are the different options. I dont know what the abc does here. It looks like theres, nothing for it, but remote looks good. Car looks good. Ⅰ, like it so lets, go your fun little toy thanks for watching ill, put a link to it in the description be sure to subscribe to my channel and like this video and ill be back with some other reviews.