I got cringed out. Look at this comment. It just said: luigi gets cringed out by donna mcschmidt. So why did you? Let me watch that video. We have another one, but an rc card, thats flashing. So you have to turn this thing on and does it does? Does it work yep? 停. 它的工作原理. 好, so lets test this tesla okay. This is like a tesla but awesomer luigi. I dont think this is a good idea: 好, mario its a good idea: 好, 好. Ah we wont okay trying to sit down what the oh this things so heavy. Like i cant walk. I cant even i cant, even stand up, got the controller mom okay, so we got the controller okay, 音乐. This is bad yeah. It looks crying over nothing Music. 哦, it actually works for some oddly reason. What the okay! 所以, where am i supposed to go? Am i supposed to go right here right here right, keep on doing it? Am i supposed to go this way? I should go backwards right. I can what im stuck, 什么? Why did it just turn off its a possessed? I dont think we have to do this uh, i think its possessed by the devil. 马里奥. I think this is a piece of mario luigi youre, just lying its good its good. I think the product is broken its like. I mean okay, theyre gon na work. This time out, is it gon na? 哦, is it gon na work this time like and go okay like it go im, not playing with you no come on? Why is this thing not even working it doesnt have a battery what what Music? 是的? It does because its a piece of no wonder the product is bad.

They brought this for stupid. No dumb reason. 哦, this is stupid. Why work just work already? 好, 好, i swear god. If this doesnt work, then then what the i was about to do that? 好, okay lets turn say goodbye idiot toy Music. I think this we have enough. We just had enough. We have enough were having enough its, not its, not its just enough enough is enough. Nothings enough with these stupid products going in in this stupid, stupid timelines.