This is the mini q, they’re really popular. This is a do it yourself, kit that comes with, like the motor the tires the wheels. The controller gives you a little bit more specs and information about it. These are roughly 58 在亚马逊. 现在, when i purchased it, obviously prices can vary um. It came in like a bunch of little parts like a kit, so this one’s already assembled obviouslyor we couldn’tget it out here and have fun with you guys, 呃. It came with everything from the car let’s take the magnetic body off the receiver, 电调, 电机, the gears, the dips, 万事, obviously a battery, a charger, and then only thing you needed to provide is the four aaa batteries that slide right in there. I really like that that’s kind of cool uh and then this one is actually full proportional steering and full proportional throttle. So this is a track. Oriented car you can see has really grippy tires. Not the drift tires. Uh the body slides right on in in the front and then it’s magnetically, held in the back, but let’s quickly throw the battery there’s a little rubber uh guard right here. That kind of keeps the battery in here. Uh we’ll just quickly plug it up. There is an off and on switch on here, 我, just gon na quickly plug the battery up like so we can access that pretty easily and then we’re gon na slide the body into the notch.

第一, all the way and then into the magnetic part in the back it’s got a little bit of space. It’S got full springs on all four corners. It is open dips on both front and back um. It is uh gear relatively low, 就像它是, made to be a little carpet, racer or carpet track car right um, so let’s go ahead, obviously the charger. Hopefully i mentioned that uh you did get a book. They did up give you a screwdriver which was really really cool. 我喜欢, and then it came with like a different uh. It came with extra springs for the stiffening of it in case these were out, and then it also came with a wider bumper and side plastic clip things depending on like a different kind of body for it. So you can’t change the body. You can use i’m sure mini q wheels there. We go so let’s see how this little carpet guy racer, 无论它是什么. 哦, that turns really bad. I didn’t realize the grip, so when i this one only has 3.7 伏, 所以它的, not very powerful it’s meant to be like a little carpet racer. So what we need is the funny part is. I have tires very similar to this, so the other small cars could have been perfect for this track and of course i dropped the ball that’s on me. No one else uh, 但是的. You can totally rip this track.

We’Re gon na see who has the fastest laptop i’m gon na put these tires on the other car. If you have that line within reason, you’re gon na have to obviously you cross the line a little bit, but you’re gon na have to stay within the track. 有, this top speed run right. There come in you always wan na go wide and then come in short on this. You can see the little oh i’ve bonded there i’m holding in the throttle full throttle the whole time. I never once hit the brake yeah. This is how we’re gon na do this, so this car is cool. Ⅰ, 喜欢它, let’s bring it over here. It’S not bad, but i hate to say it as fun as this car is we’re gon na totally steal the tires and put it on a more powerful car and we’re gon na drift it and rip it around here and see who has the fastest track time. I guess we could use this as well, but i think the other one’s gon na be much more interesting, 它, 不错. It handled really well. It took the turns it wasn’t, 最快的, being 3.7 伏. There are upgrade kits and upgrade pathways to this that’s. The cool part they’re full of hop up kits it’s, a very common uh 128 scale line that has like different bodies and everything else you could possibly want so that’s really cool. So i wanted to share that with you guys i, 喜欢它, 58 块 钱, it isn’t bad for fun and the cool part.

Is you get to build it and you get to understand how an rc car basically goes together. You know set it all up, so i think that’s really really cool. 哦,是的, the battery is 450 毫安普. 3.7 伏. I really wish this was 7.4. It would have really woke this car up. I don’t know if they can handle it. The connector is this weird connector you would have to solder or change this out. 理论上, you can use a the board off of this. One right here will theoretically plug right up. You can actually use this very same motor see this is the plug for the motor. You can literally, you can plug in the servo right in here everything. 显然, this is a five wire servo. This is a three that’s, no problem to replace the servo it’s very easy to do so. 理论上, you can get parts off of this like the 10 安培埃斯, two and one you can obviously buy that as a combo, probably with the controller or theoretically has a bind plug long as the wltoys protocol, so that’s an interesting little fact. So we’ll see what we can upgrade, what we can do with this car make it maybe make it better and revisit it and we’ll go from there.