I put the race truck cover on it or shell um, so yeah in this video, i’m gon na be showing you how i did it and what i did so here it is. I have kind of bad lighting. Forgive me for that, but um i did the best i could um here. It is now i’ll show you under the show. 好. 所以在这里, you can see all your electronics esc servo with a dc motor it’s kind of weird. 实际上, i love the chassis full metal chassis. I like this little bowl here, 它, really cool here’s, your charger connector. I don’t remember what kind that is, but it’s for sure toy grade 180 电机在这里, um yeah there’s underneath so yeah. You can kind of see everything. I also put a holder on here so that i can use pins and hold that on um. I put this wheel in the back, 因为这是一个 118 scale cover um a shell, 所以, 正如你所看到的, 它, not quite as long as it. So i put that wheel in the back for um. Maybe good lucks make it look a little bit better, so yeah and you guys might be wondering where the battery goes and yeah i’ll show you that okay, so here are all my batteries. Ah here’s the battery. 好, so here is the battery um 7.4 volts uh lion battery pack, it i don’t understand it because it doesn’t say the milliamps anywhere on this.

So but the box does say: 它有 50 运行时间分钟数, so yeah suspension, you know um and then here is the um. Here is the uh. Where i keep the battery. I just put this little strap here. So let’s get that and done then, 音乐. You put it right in there. Maybe you guys can see sorry. Everything on the camera is backwards, so the webcam is a backwards. One um, so yeah it’s kind of hard okay. 因此,我们去那里, got the battery in i’ll, plug it in and show you guys what it looks like. 好. So just in case you guys haven’t seen um my last few videos. This is technically what it looked like Music when before i took that off, 但那是, not quite what it looked like, because the back is raised, because i got this back tire but yeah. So it got it plugged in Music, 嗯,让我们, get the thing on and show you guys what it’s like okay. So here it is put the thing on you guys saw in the starting of the video i’m pretty sure but yeah it doesn’t. 看起来太糟糕了: 嗯,有, 你们, 但嗯,是的,它是, not that bad at all looks like a real monster truck. I also put a little guy in there. I don’t know if you guys can see him but yeah he’s in there um yeah and also i used to have lights on this um because but they broke because just a few hours ago my brother used this and he broke the light.

那是, omar, 嘿,伙计们, hope you like this video, make sure to like subscribe, comment down below ask questions in the comments below and if you didn’t see the videos um from before about this particular model.