嗯, this video is about my top 10 best RC cars of all time. Now I will say I expect it to be quite a bit of debate on these cars they’re, not all cars that I have owned, not by a long shot. Some came out at a time when I had very little money when I was a student, others I’ve been quite some way out of production, although winning all their world championships back in the day, but mainly I’m, going to talk about working, these top 10 or absolutely Iconic RC cars now they’re talked about a little bit about the history behind each one of them and where they were groundbreaking for their time, both then and now, 希望, as I explained my top 10 best RC cars of all time to you, you will see why Some of them are so connection or a special place in my heart and quite a few of them in RC car history. 不, would you say if you think this is a great earlier for a video go out and shoot your own top 10 best RC cars? They can be current ones or they can be a mix of current and not ones just like this video. So without more ado, let’s get straight down to RC car number one, and that is the simply awesome team associated RC 10. Now this was brought out as a classic edition a couple of years back to celebrate the 30th anniversary of this car.

This was iconic at its time now, where’s the team associated RC 10, so highly rated all if you check out Wikipedia and it has its own Wikipedia page, you will see the alloy composition, which was completely unique at the time and still is pretty much to this Day, you can also read out made a clean sweep of one two. Three and the ifma are world championships. 花了 27 IFM, a our victories pretty much in a row, not only that this car is one of the probably the only car featured in the Smithsonian Museum. For goodness sake, nice feeling yeah the Dead Pool that what Richie anybody remember. The King Eastwood movie, the Dead Pool with a radio controlled car, chased him down the hill and then exploded sounded like a nitro car. It was actually an RC 10 modified to mate to look like a cover on there and they actually added the note rope sound in afterwards there’s that picture of the original car you screen on there and as a child growing up. That was one that was a bit out of my reach when it first came in and even now, they’re gone eBay for absolutely stupid money, but if you want to buy an absolutely classic piece of RC history, then get yourself on our c10. I will certainly do so at some point that’s on my RC car bucket list for sure so onto number two, and that would be the Tamiya world Willie.

Now you think a reproduction of this kit, the original one, was built in the Munsters mid eighties early eighties. Now white was the sell, unique you can’t really tell from the tummy out website on it, not a great deal of information, but if you go over to tell me our base, which area tamils is well worth checking out thanks to know about the world Willie on Here, doesn’t look much to start with dead, but does it boys, but what was it so unique at its time? It’S on the back of it right? There see these little Springs, that’s a wheelie bar, because this was just about the first ever RC car out there to pull wheelies people were just blown away by this. I remember standing outside the model shop in the 80s and like crowds of people just going what the heck’s that car doing is pulling Whaley’s. Nobody ever seen an RC car pull wheelies before world Willie came along a used version of the original 80s one on ebay. The process for a really good quality one absolutely mind blowing, but worth it if you can get older one. Yours truly deserve for parler bits in the garage, but she’s gon na be a nice one. 其中一天, let’s take a quick look at that, and this is an original nineteen nineties. First edition World Willie in the process of being restored, I’ve had to buy a new body for it, but everything else the shafts teeth, even dents at us, and the wheels completely original bumper stripping the whole thing down and fit in this new stainless steel kit to It speaking of those wheels, the original world will be wheels.

A set of those are like more than a set of armor infraction DB Holmes. So if you’re thinking of getting a walk, Willie I’m, restoring it make sure it’s got the original tires on so hopefully at some point in the very near future that pile of its we’ll all like world Willie here but let’s, get on to girl number three. We had me simply awesome. Traxxas TRX for people may laugh at this choice, but this really did bring rolling to the masses out there. A lot of people out there we’re just used to fast buggies, 怪物卡车, 等. Never even looked at a crawler until trucks has bought the t rex for out. I know people that laughed hysterically that have been into crawling for years saying this is gon na, be a pile of rubbish from Traxxas, not interested whatsoever, 然后, three months later, the same people were raving about the thing online saying I’ve got. It was the performance straight out of the box very, very hard to beat. 事实上, even to this day, it certainly brought crawling out there to the masses. 在我看来, many people are into crawling now would not have gotten to crawling without the tracks. Str. X4. So love or hate tracks us occasionally may break ground for the better anyway straight onto Kona. Before we have the Kyosho infernal 18 note road, buggy kit. This is the RC car that yours truly has always wanted. 什么? Ritchie boy or if you check it out on Wikipedia that’s, how much reverence this RC car holds 18 规模, a nitro first released in 1991 as the mp3 mp4.

Now this has eight world titles under its belt. It was a year after year, as I was growing up and at university, 等. The thing is just truly dominant now. There is a reason why yours truly has not bought one of these so far. It is that price tag of six nine, 九. Ninety nine and that’s discounted down at the minute you need to get an engine on top of that, as well as all your radio gear on here, but you are buying quite possibly one of the ultimate handling RC cars over the you could ever wish to own. On the planet, 所以又来了, that is definitely there. On my bucket list on there, I regularly used to watch the results in an RC car magazines and check out the run of wins. It has got on Wikipedia on it simply awesome and that’s what gets a place in my top 10 and at number 5. We have the simply awesome Armour near of success. Blx groundbreaking at its time had three separate unlockable metal differentials, as you read on it. For most blast, wheelie drift and climb, because lockable differentials, just like the Traxxas car Derrick’s forcould be controlled from the transmitter. So on the fly you could lock and unlock the diffs meaning you could go drift him in the car. You could lock all four wheels up to go climb in with the car, although it did not make the best of crawlers on there and in boss mode with all the dips unlocked.

It was just like the ultimate hooligan of a car to drive very, very groundbreaking. Nobody had done anything like that before with the lockable or unlockable diffs in such a powerful car. 不管怎样, 在那, you could button two variants, 正如它所说, down at diff brain fitted, diff brain optional on there you had sort of been absolutely crazy to buy this thing without the diff brain and yours truly was looking off to pick up one of the first Ones in the u.s. to us a soul, the truck be clear that, to this day, 不幸, a lawsuit came along, which meant the death of the Niro anyway, 考虑到这一点, let’s move on to car number, 六, which is just remember guys if you like what You see today, 别忘了订阅, and that is the HPI racing savage one before the xmax came along the HPI savage, absolutely dominated the monster truck market, a nitro engine. If you read through the wikipedia history of it here started out with just a 3.4 cc 引擎, but now we have the big block as they call it. 1.6 cc engine on here you know the HP of savage dominated the market. The trucks as 8s x max currently occupies but it’s a no truck car on there, but HP. Oh Racing has got new investment in it, it’s out of receivership. 现在 – and you can bet your bottom dollar, somebody at HBO racing is one in that xmax crowned back and they’re, 可能去纳.

Do it with a new savage, so keep your eyes posted on this one, but absolutely groundbreaking truck for the time. If you look on the Wikipedia page again, that gives you some idea of how well or like this truck is now. She says the current world record monster truck speed is held by the savage at 74 英里每小时, not sure if it has a stock one, but if so, that’s pretty impressive on it. The original one click groundbreaking two speed transmission feature, reverse model that you could buy for it, and it went on through many different evolutions. Until you see the latest one, which is the savage acts, 4.6 big block, there is very little that will trouble this car. 事实上, certainly groundbreaking at the time and dominated the market before the xmax hit the scene, speaking of which number seven wave of the traxxas 8s x max it does everything the HPI racing, savage, does and more, except with one huge advantage over it in that the fastest Electric as opposed to no truck so it’s much cleaner to run not only, 但它是非常, very easy indeed to work on very easy to repair if anything breaks on it, but not only that it is supremely tough and you can get stupid air out of The thing as Kevin Tolbert, as repeatedly shown Lee will and as I said when it first came on the market, it really threw a spanner in the works with every other major monster truck manufacturer out there.

Nobody add anything compared to this. Maybe a few people out, there is success, trucks and then suddenly trucks us were out there with the 8s x maps. Although originally this was just a success truck itself, but once the 80s version came along, then the writing was on the wall for a lot of people. So all of all hate truck this. You got ta love the ASX max anyway on to number eight, and that is the low C desert buggy or known as de la c DB, XL a just out now in a 2.0 variant on it, 8 s1 v capable very, very different indeed, to the Traxxas 8S x max, whereas the Traxxas is probably the ultimate and Basha. This is probably the ultimate 8 s speed King on here and make a derp annalisa let’s got in the garage. Another quick look at a know: the law seen dbx lathes it’s much much lower to the ground, then a mate s Traxxas x max does so. Whilst this is what possibly the ultimate 8 s Basha now you need to bear in mind with the batteries in this weighs 33 磅. 这是, 在我的脑海中, quite possibly the best 8 s handling car out there. Yet it is not an ultimate Basha at all. Yet I have got some of the biggest air. The furthest jumps that I’ve ever gone, I’ve gone with the obviously DB, excellent and that’s. Why this one, 我认为, wins a spot in my heart in terms of the top ten.

If anybody doesn’t believe me I’ll link to someone a video of me jumping this thing down at Shell stands where the thing is probably clearing vertically in the air and about 150 foot pause in distance and it lands absolutely fine, and so the key advantage is, whilst It will do about 50 55 miles an hour like the Otis xmax, but the spectrum ABC on board. You can corner this thing on a full throttle and it will just stick to the ground and corner like it’s on Rails, where the ASX max. What might want to roll over on its side, and there are see cars which just tug at your heartstrings when you drive them? This is one of mine might not be everybody’s on there. So this is open to debate this top 10 在这里. But if you drive one of these, hopefully you will see what I mean it accelerates corners brakes jumps like crazy it’s, not the ultimate Basha, but you can jump ridiculous distances with it album LC cars. I probably use this the most when I’m on my own because of the danger level of it. You do can’t me jump in and going crazy with this thing when there’s other people around it’s car you’ve got to use really safely when you’re on your own. Speaking of which Tom to move on to car number, nine and I’m, sorry to everyone that thinks. 哦男人, trucks is fun boy, I am NOT, but they took the TRX for and they got a baseball bat and they nailed the thing out that Park with the TRX six.

They took what was buried, what are the dominant crawlers on the market and convert it to something which I’ll just climb out by stupid, stuff and drive a stupid speeds, particularly if you went through brushless motor it, like a few of us, have done but got one Of these, so let’s go take a look at it. 嗯, I regard this as just as groundbreaking as the original TRX for everybody sort of wondered with Traxxas when they come into the crawler market. Was it going to be a part of rubbish or not a big? The TRX board simply dominated, and they simply have another axle to this thing and up the game again fitting that great Mercedes mg 6×6 身体. It was just an absolutely super inspired choice. 在我看来, was it so groundbreaking, or not only you get just a stupid amount, more traction than you did with the Terek 4, which is already incredibly good, but you can fit all of your tractors TRX for upgrades pretty much without fault of this car. The only downside to this if you’ve got a TX 4 and you drive one of these. You will then want to sell your TX 4 and buy one of these without any shadow of a doubt. 所以, 在我的脑海中, as the sake tracks that’s just not to help that part when they came out with the tail rat six, nobody was expecting that certainly axial worm and their timing.

Ax he’ll come out with the Unimog 6×6 a couple of Xillia and then tractors drop the terror at six kaboom outstanding methods into my mind, 特拉克斯萨斯, but car number, ten in my top ten of best RC cars of all time, has to be the armored infraction truly Groundbreaking to my mind, in past few years, people thought up stuff like portal axles on crawlers to speed gear boxes and nitro cars, reverse gear boxes, 我, not sure curls. All of that was put in the shade when Armour came out with a car that could literally smoke the tires off the car. Now this thing doesn’t come with that body, a standard which says take quite a bit of time to paint. Nor does it come up. Two of these Poseidon 1800 kV motors, which I would highly recommend fitting and our regular viewers should be fairly familiar with this car, although not with this body on as this is the 16s twin motive infraction, but in when stops success, car it’s just so much fun. It’S own true, you can lift the car around, but as you drift the car around and the tires get warmed up, they smoke just like it’s ken Block, doing a burnout on there, so you can have so much fun with the thing. 这是不真实的, 但在同一时间, if you get for speed, you can be nudging on 100 miles an hour with the stock car anyway. But the arm infraction to last because, 在我的脑海中, that’s the one most ram, braking RC cars to come out in years.

Who would have thought that when I was growing up RC cars that you can cliff friends prefer real smoke off the tires anyway? People I’m sure you will have your say in the comments section below this video and as I say, if you want to do your own top 10 or provoke your favorite youtuber into doing it, their own top 10 best RC cars in the world, then please do So anyway, I feel like this video don’t forget to Like share and subscribe thanks for watching well thumbs up.