Hey guys welcome back to another video, so i told you guys i would get one so i did for christmas. I got the traxxas wrestler 4×4 vxl it’s, an amazing car um, and i, but i did buy some three cells for three cell batteries, but i never put in the pinion gear for it because it’ll make it go like 65 and you with the pinion gear. In there you can’t, like turn, 你不能, stop and then turn and then stop and then turn it’s. Just it wears out the motor and well. I just got this car and i don’t want to mess it up so i’m, 好, with my 3ds light pose here. 他们是 50 呃, 5, 200 毫安普, 11.1, 伏, 6 dc, so it’s a really good battery. The car is amazing. It sticks to the ground extremely well. The controller has this little thing right here: it’s um it’s, like stability management, it says like what most multi friction. 所以基本上, what it does is, if you have it all the way at zero, then it’s like really hard, 因为你, if you go for a turn, you’ll flip automatically. But if you turn it up to, 我想到 70, because if you turn it to 100, it gets worse. So i turn about 70, 80 基本上, what it does is it keeps the car stable from flipping over. So i would really recommend this car as like a beginner car, but don’t buy the 3s well, the 3s lipo here are my 2s.

These things are amazing. They last like up to an hour, 他们是, 真的很好. 什么? You can see like something something in there, 但他们, amazingly good, because they last a very long time now. I did have problems plugging it in so you just got ta like jam it in there. You got ta be really strong to do it, but they’ll get looser and they can’t get too loose, which is one problem, the 3s. They work perfectly fine. These things last about 45 minutes takes about an hour to charge these things take about an hour to last. About an hour so, and then the car it’s got the clip, this body show it’s kind of hard to get it off. Sometimes it sounds like i’m breaking it, 但我, 不是它的, 只是它是. 就像那样. So quick story short before i show you the car um. I went to this place um to go like drive. My car and i raced my dad, which will be his car, is in the next video i make so that’s subscribe and you’ll see that video. He got the slash 4×4 vxl, so um we were racing and i it was a pretty long road. So i went and full speed to cell versus three cell and um. What happened was there’s. This thing like that sewer thing in the ground i don’t know. If you guys see them or have them but um, 基本上, i hit it going full speed in my car.

It scratched up the front bumper and it went about 10 空中双脚, but luckily it landed on its top, but the skid plate got scratched up, but the body shell’s fine, 你不, want to mess up these body shells. These things are expensive. 那是. 为什么? I would recommend like putting duct tape like inside of it it’ll. Keep it stronger from cracking, because right here is extremely thin. 它, like so thin it’s, like only like a millimeter wide so and that’s how i broke it, 因为, when you put the body shell in it kind of, does this on one end, it’ll do like this and that’s how it easily breaks. 你有塔, be careful with that, so let’s see. If i can get this body shell off there we go. I already have see. I bought two three cells, one for my dad one for me. Um these things are about 20, 26 自 28, a piece, and these batteries were only 24 for two of them so really good deal. Now i have to clean, i clean this car out. I’Ve used it a lot. 嗯, not really too much. I took it out like a couple times but i’m going in my next video. I will take it to the track um, so yeah stay tuned for that it’s got the linen motor, the speed control, the receiver box yeah, and then this you just snap. It it’s with the batteries um it’s a 26 millimeter long thing, and you don’t really need to worry about these, because my dad was only at 25, his car and it still fit these things.

But if the battery is really tight in there, what you want to do is put your finger right here and then push down and then kind of put your hand right here and then slide it out and boom. 给你, then you can unplug the battery and get the battery out. Now i mean i would recommend cleaning the car after every use. Air compressors and compressed air is really good for them, because i take them out like i’m on grass gravel all this stuff, and it really just makes the car extremely dirty and well it’s. Either you want your car to be like yellow and um yeah nasty, looking or clean it and it’d. Look fine. This part’s the one part i’m worrying about because it did come with this thing. When you first open the car, it should have something like this. You brought buy one brand new and it’ll go on this thing, it’s this little rubber band and i took it out and it was right here. It was scratchingand i never i just left it in here, because i was like well whatever and um it scratched up my drive shaft, so i mean it’s just scratched off the paint, but with my dad’s car it has this thing on it, where it basically Covers the whole entire thing, but it’s pretty good, 但嗯. The only downside with that is you flip it up underneath it has a little thing right here where you, the drive, straps right down the middle and you like sand and stuff can get in there.

If it gets in there, he’ll scratch it up that’s the only downside with that. I personally love this car it’s, really nice it’s really stable and it’s low to the ground. So you can drift and stuff with my old car link in the description for that video it’s. Just it was awful it every single time you you had to come to like a almost complete, stop to turn so yeah. I think it’s time to go drive. This thing be prepared, 虽然, oh and i’m gon na in my next video i’m, going to take this to the track and um, which one do you guys think i should use 3 cell or 2 cell they’re both really fast, but this one’s about 30. This one’s about 50., so yeah leave it leave your thing, your guess or whatever you want to call it in the comments below and let’s go drive this thing. 好, so i hope you guys enjoyed this video and if you did please like and subscribe and before we go, it looks dirty because i took it to my track now. I have a track like probably 45 minutes away from me and it’s a dirt. I think it’s like a red dirt track. So when you go up the jumps and you don’t make the jump well, 它, it doesn’t turn out too good. Now the car is actually really clean, except for some dirt in the front there’s just some dirt like um.

I had to get some of the dirt out in there and there’s a little bit of dirt up here, 所以有, just a little bit of dirt from just going nose, diving because i’m, not the best driver. This is my first time taking it to the track on this car i’ve been doing it with the other car, which is the two wheel, drive the stampede, so yeah hope you guys enjoyed now. I will be showing you guys in my next video me taking to the track.