Today we are at emberton estate, which is in hillcrest just outside durban. Embossed in the states have built this. What we think is a bmx track or a scooter track or a hoverboard track, but today we are making it a radio controlled track. We are going to be racing now. We’Ve just been trialling the track to get used to it, it’s actually fantastic, but you got to be very careful how you handle the track. You can’t just pull the trigger because you get too much power and you spin out it’s all about control, all about keeping your car on the track, all about traction and it’s all about preciseness, as i say with all my videos. So today we have in the race corner the blue car. All these cars are exactly the same: spec zooms, along 9125 spec cars running 7.4, 2 cell lipo batteries; 4×2. We have on the right side the triple b, the big blue ben. We have rhys rhys. What are you devil, reese’s red devil? We have jack the flaming prince right, 所以今天, we’re going to do the best of three laps and the winner of the three laps is going to get 100 bucks so guys we are testing this track out because we’re going to be importing these cars and selling Them with all the parts and everything we’re going to start a race club we’re going to use this as our race quarters and we’re going to have guys racing we’re going to have trials we’re going to have team races, we’re going to have best of the best Time on the track and there’ll be prizes and everything that’ll be coming with us and we’ll have the eliminator races, we’re gon na come up with the whole rules and race speculation.

所以今天, we’re trying the track to see how we go so today, we’re gon na start with the best of three i’m gon na count down. Are there any rules, guys that we should be considering the rules are if your car turns over you’ve got to go and retrieve it, to put it back on you’re not allowed to follow your car, because you might stand on somebody, you might stand. You’Ve got to stand off the track anytime, you’re light on the track is if somebody’s car turns over or your own car turns over. As i said to you, the best place to be is actually in this center island over here, because you can see the entire track that’s my recommendation. 好, so if your car comes off the track, it’s got to go back on exactly where it came off. 好, guys we’re going to count down. I hope you guys are ready on the 5.. 好, 记住它是, not about speed it’s, about preciseness it’s, about keeping your car on the track. Turn your wheels right left this check jack. Are you going right, everyone’s ready? 五? 四! Three two one and we go and the triple b is coming. First he’s leading the pack and triple b swings out triple b, coming first whoa hot on the hill since flaming prince the reese’s red devil. Triple b is surprising. Everybody benjamin’s big blue, coming first he’s keeping the best grip on the track hope he can hold it together.

第二, flaming prince third recent red devil, 音乐, half a lap gone down, we’ve still got two knife to go: benjamin’s big blue is coming first let’s hope ben holds it he’s doing extremely well. Keep the car on the track. Keep it straight. 不要, pull too hard on the trigger the big blue bend is coming. 第一, big blue bend is taking everybody it’s surprising everybody here today, can’t believe it keep going big boo blend on his heels: reese’s red devil, flaming prince came off the track down. The dungeon he’s got a lot of ground to make up flamey prince coming third benjamin’s blue big blue ben coming. First he’s done his first lap onto his second lap, amazing skill showing by big blue ben right on his heels. His reese’s red devil, 音乐. Reese’S red deal span out off the course having to correct big blue ben, showing the most consistency today showing unbelievable skill here on this track. Oh and the big boo blem hits the curb got to get back on the track and reese’s red devil. 现在, on the lead, now in the lead coming to the second lap here comes laney prince just done. His first lap got some serious ground to make big blue ben coming up the back coming. 第二, he’s going to come up to reese’s, flaming, red red devil, reese’s, red devil, coming first showing the most consistency. It shows you oh and lisa, spun out big blue ben hot timmy’s heels.

好像是, 大, blue ben reese’s, red devil onto the third lap onto the third lap, nearly finishing flaming prince coming up blaming princess coming up. If he holds it nice and straight, he might be able to catch them. Reese’S, red devil, benjamin’s, big blue beard, the triple b, 哇, lovely skill, ramping that ramp and reese’s red devil he’s coming up to his face left almost gon na win, but he’s turned out he’s fighting out. The big blue blade is catching up he’s catching up. He might catch him. Oh the big blue man went off the track. 哦, 我的上帝, whoa and it’s reese’s, red devil wins the day coming first on this three left track well done: rhys hot in his heels, big blue ben, showing exceptional skill, had one unfortunate incident where it took him off the track and the rhesus red devil caught Him well done ben coming, second jack’s flaming print hot in the hills. 不幸, jack had one incident down the back and they put him out for the day and that just shows you how you can hold it together or you can come seriously wrong right. Reese! Well done reese first today in our tile. 嗯, how was that guys? Do you think this is going to work? Is it going to be fun awesome guys so again, all of us we’re importing these cars, plus all the spares plus all the batteries. You guys can come and race with us here at emberton estate on these two wheelers we’re, also importing four wheelers they’ll be coming in soon so we’ll have a two wheeler uh contest content.

Con competition and we’ll have a four wheeler competition plus there’s a whole lot of other models that we’ll bring now we’re.