HiGH PERFORMANCE 1080p HDThe "Prodigy D" RC Drift Club is located in Calgary Alberta, 加拿大. 最近, the RCSparks Studio & RC ADVENTURES was given an invitation to come and check out some VERY COOL CARS! 嗯, we were happy to come down and support this growing grow of hobby enthusiasts, who have a Passion for the RC DRiFT Whips. With over 20 RC Drift cars in this video.. I am CERTAiN you are going to find one that you fall in love with. JEM and I made sure to get get some really cool shots.. of these magnificent RC machines

For Specific Information about RC DriftingCheck out the website. There are Many happy and helpful members and a growing community of RC Drift enthusiasts!

My friends.. this is LEARNING TO DRiFT PART 10, and I hope you get as much enjoyment out of viewing it, as we did making this film for you.


T-SHIRTS & Hoodies! .

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