– 1080p HD Street Fun! My friend Everett and I bust out our Exceed RC Mad Drift 1/8th Scale Electric Drift Carsthese things are HUGE. Here is a link from NitroRCX where we got 'em:

It's been 1 year since I have started drifting. Time to celebrate! Let's start drifting Objectsa Red Bull Can!? 确定! a Traxxas XO-1!? 还行! What about a SUPER CUB AiRPLANE!? NOW we're talking!!

Here's some specs on the rigseverything is Stock


Unique centralized low center of gravity design
Street-ready detailed and high strength drift body
Durable oil filled shock
2.4Ghz Pistol Transmitter
80A Brushless electronic speed control with 540L 2150KV brushless motor
Foam bumper for added protection from impacts
Easy access front and rear geared differentials
Includes 2 7.4V 3300mah Sky Lipo Batteries

LE/RE Model Number: TK1001/TK1002
Length: 620MM
宽度: 310MM
高度: 175MM
轴距: 330MM
Track width: 310MM
Gear Size: 12T Pinion gear
Gear ratio: 12.68:1
收音机: 2.4格兹
发动机: 236 x 65 540L Brushless motor 2150KV
西亚经委会: 80A Brushless ESC (Hobbywing)
电池: 7.4V 3300mAh Li-Po
伺服: Metal geared steering servo

I can't drift the Traxxas XO-1 because I have no drift tires for it. I will consider doing that in the future though.

Linking and Drifting objects for me has become much easier. in this video I demonstrate that feathering the throttle really is the ticket. All DiFF ARE UNLOCKED in this rig.. but the weight of the car make them so Choice to easily break free.

Speaking of weightNotice I am running DUAL 10,000mah 2s GENSACE Lipo batteries for a Total of 20,000 麻将. I can run my car for about 2 小时 – I'm very impressed!!

I got those at www.hobbypartz.com

无论如何 – hope this helpsand you guys enjoyed the video!

I think Everett did a FiNE JOB OF DRiFTiNG for his First time!!


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