So this is the second set of these i’ve bought, so i bought another set of my granite. These are going to go on to the sentine um, so you can gather by the fact that i bought another set. I was quite impressed with them uh, but i thought it’s worth doing a video because there’s not all that much information on the ebay listing. So i’ll just give a bit of information about what they’re like and the dimensions and everything so do various different colors and they do different sets for different, makes and models of rc cars. But what would be really useful? Is they told you the size hole to hull because you might have a car that isn’t listed here but uh? If you knew the size, you might be able to find some that fit there’s? No on the listing just to warn you, you might get charged by customers in your own country to receive the items, but i didn’t do on this occasion, but it’s worth bearing in mind that you might do so. What you get in the packet is literally just the shocks in that there’s: no instructions and no branding and no nothing so that’s. Why i thought it might be worth doing a video because say there’s so little information with them. So the only other thing you get in the packet is two spare rod ends and also you just get the little plastic spacers that go in the holes at the top of the shock.

They are well made because uh say look it’s just nicely machined aluminium, like the way the tops are all one piece: it’s all metal, so you don’t have a plastic piece through there, which is sometimes a weak point on these. So i was checking on the armor website and all the 3s range, which is the big rock scent and granite and typhon all use the same shocks so the front one here is 101 millimeters hole to hole and the rear one. There is 115 millimeters hold the hole, so these big ball, aluminium ones, i’ve noticed, are very slightly longer. I make the front ones, hold the hole, 104 millimeters and the rear ones. I make 118 so that’s just me measuring with a ruler, but they are very slightly longer if you hold them uh next to each other, so with the armor ones. When you take the top off here, it doesn’t actually get inside the shock. All that does is to release the spring and the spacers, so these aluminium ones they work in the more traditional way that when you take the top off that’s to get into the oil and says gets the spring, you need to just release that little piece there And take the spring off yeah. One thing to note is that these springs are very slightly narrow, i think that’s, probably about 19 mil, and this seems to be about 20, so again, it’s just me, measuring with a ruler but it’s.

Something like that. You could use your armor spring on. These is very slightly wider, but it doesn’t seem to come out over the end of that. So you could use that if you wanted to so with these ones rather than using preload clips like this it’s got a threaded collar. So you can set the tension of the spring, so just unscrew. The bottom i’ll show you inside okay, so once you get inside, you’ve got your piston top there’s a couple of holes in it’s, held in with it’s like a c clip e clip. So i assume, if you take this clip out, then there are o rings within this, so i’ve got a suitable tool for doing that. So i can’t look just at the moment. Anyway, it seems nice and smooth and say the previous set of these didn’t leak or anything so it’s good one thing to note: there’s no sort of rubber diaphragm here and that usually compensates for the difference in the volume of oil when the shock shaft goes in. So i don’t know if you end up with a tiny bit of air in the top, but uh anyway, they seem to work all right. So one difference to notice about these. Is these look like they’re four millimeters wide i’m gon na use an umbrella, but i think that’s, my best guess at it, and these are three i have been one of these before, but i think i did drive it into a concrete block, so i can excuse It a bit, but anyway these should be notably tougher, okay, so just looking at my granite for a minute which i’ve already got the big boar shocks on one thing, i’ve noticed uh with these well and the armor ones.

Is that it’s much easier to push it up and down the front than it is at the back, and i put the same weight of oil uh, which was 600 in this one? I think the reason is is that uh at the front there, the shocks about halfway along the arm or just a bit over halfway along the arm, whereas at the rear they are very near the ends so um at the rear, you’re pushing the spring more directly. Whereas at the front, you’ve got a bit of leverage uh over the shock, so what i’m thinking is? Maybe i should put a heavier grade oil in the front than the back. So my sentine is currently looking more like a big rock with this big rock body and the granite wheels. So what i’ve done with the center was to slightly shorten the shock lengths to make it a bit lower and make it more of a cornering machine. While it was the center and at the smaller wheels. So now that i’ve made this into a truck i’m going to leave the shocks at their standard length, make it stand a little bit higher up. So i think to even up the front and the back i’m going to use thousand in the front and 600 in the back and see how that works out. All right, let’s put some oil in. So this is the front one of the front ones of oil. Around the seal there, Music, okay, so i think most of the air has come out of the oil now, as i mentioned earlier, there’s no diaphragm on these.

So if you were to put the top on this uh with the shaft at the bottom, there then there’d be nowhere for the oil to go, and so you wouldn’t be able to push that in. So the thing seems to be to do is to do this up, but with the shock shaft fully up, so the shock shaft is being pushed out a bit by that so i’m going to need to let a bit of oil out of there screw it and Push that up, okay, it’s a bit of fiddling barely any rebound there, so it seems right. It’S got to keep letting oil out until that doesn’t spring back too much yeah it’s a bit of a faff to get the right amount of oil um. So you haven’t got too much rebound, but i don’t think it matters if there is a little bit, but as long as both sides of the pair are about the same which they are okay, so they’re all built up. I can feel the difference between the different viscosities of oil between the front and the back, but uh let’s see how they are when they’re on the car. One thing’s worth saying is: if you’ve got the hot racing pivot ball set. You get these pieces, which are the tops of the shocks, but they don’t work with these. You need to use these plastic ones that they give you in the set Music right. So all done feels pretty good um, so i don’t think the thousand in the front is too much say feels about right.

So one thing i’ve noticed that i noticed when i did the granite as well. Is these little plastic things they get put in there? Just leave a bit of play at the top there, so i did with the granite. I found some little rubber, grommets and little bits of brass tube a bit like that and they made a more snug fit at the top there. So you do notice, it rides a little bit higher than the standard shocks by a female let’s get the body on see what it looks like. Okay, so the sentinel, big rock or whatever this is nowis ready for action.