So today we are going to unbox an rc car it’s rock crawler, so let’s unbox it Music, so let’s unbox it um. I have ordered a blue car of rock clock. Crawler let’s see how is it Music, 音乐, uh up Music Applause Music. So this is a rock crawler and that’s the side. Please order the batteries okay, 无论如何, 让我们, take it out Music. 好, this is our rock roller. The blue, color wow it’s, 惊人. 我喜欢. There are many details given in this box: 音乐, a big rock roller; 好, now let’s take it off. This is Music let’s. Take the car out come back Music Music. We are taking it out, 音乐! 好! This is your car h on desert, 好! 嗯, 这是惊人的! I love it um we have another box also so let’s take that Music. This is our control, 音乐是, our charger, and we have some batteries. The yellow battery is for the car and the small cells are for the yeah. You know remote control, so let’s take it out on it’s it’s so hard to take from that white thing. Oh no it’s just trap connecting so this is my car. 好.