The controller is already a lot better. So let’s start with speed, so first i’m just going to take off down there. This one’s four wheel, drive i’ll, show y’all when i, when i get it back Applause, oh now, the the special thing about this is that it’s got these plastic wheels that are very good at sliding, which i probably need to change. The wheels got a nice little spoiler, so, as you can see, this one takes turns very well i’m. Just going to do a good, clean, a good, clean run the hardest the hardest thing i don’t know why it’s so hard it’s so hard to drift. To that giant, walkway Applauseoh there we go now. This one has another special feature: it’s it it has a break to where it locks up the front wheels for a second. So so it takes it into a swing. Oh here, i’ll show you now now we’re gon na check out the toy grade one and get out of our video here’s, the toy red it’s, a nice police car it’s got a nice design it’s one of the first actual rc’s i had. That was actually good. We got a little thing. Oh this one charges into the wall. I forgot about that. Just switch it on the controller is 10 times different. Got this little button up here. So first we’re gon na do speed Applause terrible at turning already the other one just cleared corners Applause and the controller blinks.

For some reason i mean like it’s good but it’s i mean like it’s great at turning it’s great at turning bright but terrible. Turning left, yeah see it’s, always a toy grade. If, if it’s got this let’s try to spin oh yeah, and this one’s only real rear, rear, wheel, drive and size difference here, let’s bring this one over here this one, this one’s smallest, this one’s, actually pretty good. For a toy brake it’s got an it’s got a 2019 or 2020 design i’m a model let’s try to drift in it. The front wheels are a bit off center. No, no! No! What would make this better if these light bars lit up with the light bar lit up now i’m, just going to kind of go freestyle, bring this back over now turn around. I want to do a 180., so i’m gon na be driving backwards.