Rc was the first to say first in one of my recent videos and thus wins a shout out. So congratulations. What do i got for you? This is the new fx 820 su 35rc airplane. It is a two channel rc airplane, which means you have control of direction and going up or down via the throttle uh. What how this works is. This uses uh differential thrust on these two motors. If you want to turn to the left and give it command to turn to the left, this motor will spin faster than this motor and push it to the left same way. If you want to turn to the right, this motor would spin faster than that motor, and it would push it to the right. If you want to climb, you increase the throttle that increases the lift and the quad or the airplane goes up, and if you want to reduce throttle and come back down, just reduce throttle and the motors will slow down and the aircraft will descend now. Why am i interested in this aircraft? It is cheap for one thing, but another thing is: it supposedly supposedly has gyro stabilization now this is another aircraft that had two channel aircraft that i previously reviewed. That has two channel stabilization, which worked very well um. This is that c 17. I still got it. This is a quadcopter 101 keeper by the way, but if this has it, you know this is much more aerodynamic than that c17, and it should be a better flyer if, if it has gyro stabilization, why do i say if well for one well, it looks like It theres a flight control board there, but um the only documentation that i saw that this has stabilization was deep inside the manual.

I didnt see it anywhere else, but how what that does, 虽然, for stabilization with most rc aircraft? If you dont properly balance them, you start to get fugoid oscillations where it goes up and down up and down the stabilizer in this varies the thrust on the motors to prevent that and, if i hope well find out actually if this has stabilization the first time It gets into the air. I can tell you right away so enough. Jabber lets get the air and fly. This thing hope you enjoyed this flight okay to fire. 这了. You first turn on the airplane. 顺便一提, 这有一个 220 毫安小时, 3.7 volt white, low connector battery very common. You can find spares relatively easy and then well turn on the receiver or the transmitter and bind it with an up and down just like you do with quadcopters, then were going to give it full throttle and hope it takes to the air by the time it Gets to the end of that runway, Music well, 我, seeing some fugoids and maybe thats meant to do that. Lets turn it to the left. Its just climbing lets reduce the throttle, reducing even more. It goes into steep climb on high throttle im, reducing the throttle, cutting it back even more. It wants to climb im still seeing a little bit of fugoids, but actually theyre stabilizing that im trying to get back low again. You want to do turns like this.

This is how you turn these two channels. If you turn it try to do it proportionally, it just dont work in a lot of these and this one dont you know theyll hard over is what im saying, 但它在那里. I want to do a slow but flyby if i can im going to walk over to it as im, trying to turn a little more throttle increasing throttle. Maybe if i go down the other field and then come back the other way, i have to give it more and more throttle seeing fugoids if it is stabilized its not very well stabilized Applause lets turn it to the left, see if it comes back on the Left not too bad turn to the left again too slow flyby. Now this is a not a windy day flyer. If youve got wind this, 我现在可以告诉你. I can see this one having problems out of the way coming around the other way. Interesting little airplane, bringing it around the other way. One more pass, then im going to try to send it up high again, increasing the throttle slowly gradually and it climbs not hard to fly it again, its a beginners airplane. This is how you turn again. Dont give it watch watch what happens. If i try to turn it see im going to try to try to dive to the ground. If i try to give a proportional well, maybe i can well no see itll make a rapid dive, so this is the best way to turn it like this.

These and again, this is true for a lot of these two channels. You know turn it to the left like that: little gradual, oops, 好, coming back down again reducing throttle, reducing throttle even more turn to the left. I want to bring it toward me at a lower altitude, reducing throttle more now giving it throttle to stop its descent. Music turn to the left increasing throttle that 220 milliampere hours, probably getting tired. Now so were going to call quits after this next turn and land it. I dont want to wear out that battery until it dies, so there we go and my front wheel came out. I think i see it over there wait a minute. Where did you pop out at maybe it popped out in the air? I dont see it well find im gon na look around in the ground, but that was it flight. The su 35fx 820. so hope you enjoyed it this quadcopter 101 signing out. I found it.