But we’re going to be racing, some modified classes over at ss hobbies, but first let’s go see how slow i can go on this thing and not die not another day, not another night don’t you hesitate. I i i need Music right next to me. No space between skin on my Music tell skin Music Music right Music. Tell me that you want it right. 音乐, 我, 音乐! 嗯, so far i didn’t kill myself. Today we went really slow, but we had a lot of fun. A couple guys that were out here said hi, so i appreciate them getting a little newbie like me up and going make sure i’m, not killing myself, but um that’s gon na, be it for today, i’m gon na quit, while i’m ahead, because i feel tiredand I know if i go out again: it’s just gon na be bad i’ll load, this puppy up and get ready for racing tomorrow at ss. Here we go so we are jumping right into the fun of it here today, at ss doing their modified class experience um. 为止, so good grip is a little bit lower today, so i’m immediately jumping into and just trying to experiment with a couple things here, try to get the car to settle down. So i can put this crazy amount of horsepower down um for those of you that are curious. I am running way too much motor. 我不知道. If i can see the turn number there yeah, you can kind of see it there on the can.

Oh but it’s a 6’5 a little bit too much for two wheel, actually a lot bit much pretty much any time i get on the gas it’s, just the wheels light up and spin. So maybe i could deal with some radio settings and dial it down, but i don’t know i need a 8 0 或类似的东西. Really what the answer is maybe turn the timing down on the end bell. I don’t know let’s see him play with it, but the other thing that’s exciting today, uh oh i’m, going to get him on the video he’s eating a sandwich, alessio what’s up people. 为什么? Why am i actually here today you can answer this question. I called ryan out on messenger about four wheel drive. He finally got wait. Where is it here? It is got his wheeler together his dirt. So this thing can get nice and dirty it’s, not your carpet car, so it doesn’t matter carpet. I don’t even have it right now. I just sold my car, but the bottom line is: i could not let him race today without me here to keep him in check because he’s talking a lot of smack about his formula. He is who started all of it. No yeah, 不, this started at beast line and you were like bro, my four wheel’s, so good and then yeah but it’s been a it’s, been a uh. What would you say? A civil fun, not real rivalry, but it’s a thing that we just joke about on social media anyways, so he’s gon na try and make it happen today and we’re running 13 5 在那里.

So otherwise i would be running a mod, because actually the title of this video has something to do with me: racing mod for the first time so i’m, cheating running but i’m doing it for you so we’re about to go up for a round. When are we up next, 哦, 好吧, so i should probably go get ready, 是的, so i’m gon na get ready so that we can get through that and then get on to the rest of the goodness here. 你在干什么? You’Re going you’re going down, alessio let’s go jamie, 哦,我们, going holy crap all right, never mind one more on the left side; 音乐掌声! 谢谢: 掌声, 掌声, 音乐, 嗯鼓掌, 嗯, 好吧, 神圣的废话, 音乐掌声; 哦掌声, 掌声, 音乐, 哦掌声, 音乐, four Applause, 嗯, 哦,我的上帝; it would help if i had it in the right mode. These are soft. I don’t know if i could get anything that would work like a whole lot better consistently like if i went with a super soft, 也许, but i feel like it would just get really sketchy. Sometimes thanks man, 都在这里. We Music right go Music, 音乐, 嗯, 音乐, 音乐, 右, 是的, open up Music, 音乐掌声; 音乐; 天啊; 好, 掌声, 音乐, 掌声, 音乐, 谢谢; brian Applause! 谢谢; 音乐! 啊, 音乐掌声 – 哦掌声, 马歇尔, in the corner. No one sees it of course: 好, 音乐, 好, 音乐, 音乐, 音乐, 嗯, 音乐, seven seconds Applause; take it off; take it off, take it off.

Yeah i’m done: 音乐掌声; 音乐; 好, good run, paul Music, 音乐; 好吧,我们是! It looked like it was a rough weekend for the uh wait what’s your last name, safaro uh race program, 是的. It was definitely what happened. Tell us about it! 嗯, i started off on wrong tire compound. I brought to the track today, the four wheel race. I fell asleep on the start, started to catch up to ryan, and then you are you ready couple mistakes and then i ended up. Some of the traffic is just not very here i got hit into a pipe and then corner marshall was like just sitting there for a while looking at it. So i was like you must like the paint or something i mean the paint we got. I do love the paint yeah. The paint is nice, but it’s a little bit of a rough day for all of us out there. Just a lot of you know: traffic and race situations going on, but um i beat you so i’ll see you oh wait. You won’t even show up no i’m going to super cross, so i won’t be a super cup, so you got to hold it down for super cup. 好, i got you all right, 但嗯,是的, 这是去纳, be it for the mod racing adventure. Today we did okay, i podiumed in both classes, so i can’t complain about that. But definitely i mean it’s one of those days where i felt like the cars had more in them.

I just didn’t get them there. Yeah that’s always frustrating, but we’ll get them next time. So i hope you guys liked our modified adventure and they got to see me riding my dirt bike really slowly. At the beginning of this video it’s, incredibly underwhelming slow, intro any words for the people subscribe. You heard the man do it? Do it work so hard man? 我愿意. I literally do sometimes he he over focuses the camera work from his cars i’m. Just saying, 是的! 是的. I probably put more work into this than i do my car sometimes but it’s for you guys.